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Unread 01-23-2013, 10:21 PM
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Mars-Uranus in harsh aspect

Although Greybeard's original thread has been removed to the Celebrity section, I am placing this post on this board because it refers to an aspect between two planets in general rather than to John Denver's chart in particular. It is, however, in response to Greybeard's general understanding of a Mars-Uranus aspect.

I didn't mean to 'ruffle your feathers' when discussing the Mars-Uranus conjunction as per 'death by accident' in Denver's chart, Greyboard. I added how I saw something similar occuring through other natal aspects that, to me, seemed just as relevant. In your original post regarding John Denver, point #1, you didn't say then that the Ascendant was 'the point of life' which, in your opinion, added extra weight to the Mars-Uranus conjunction implying possible death by accident.

The MC and the Ascendant are not the same thing. The Ascendant represents the body itself, the life; the MC does not. A Mars-Uranus contact (any hard aspect between them) anywhere in the natal chart could indicate a sudden accidental death, simply because Mars-Uranus is prone to impetuosity and accident

Isn't this the opposite of applying extra special importance to the Ascendant as 'point of life'?
Mars regularly forms harsh aspects to Uranus, ranging from weeks to months ar a time. It more or less implies that every individual born during such a period is susceptible to 'accidental death' other than each time they cross the road or get into their car? What about health issues that fall outside that range? It seems a very broad statement to make, even with 2 charts out of millions which have the aspect. But that's just me.

The aspect appears in 4 out of 5 of my immediate familyís charts.
I have /Asc=!!
My Aquarian sun-Ascendant son has r across the 2nd-8th houses. I take heart in that the aspect is wide (8*) and separating. Mars is past exactitude. Also that he is divorced from his Libra sun ex-wife.
He does show a very competitive spirit in team games.

My youngest daughter has a close in the 2nd house. Other than bladder infections, I havenít seen it play out in a detrimental manner. As a Libra sun, impetuosity is not part of her nature.

In my husband's chart, the Mars-Uranus-MC conjunction DOES square Ascendant, yet he did live to tell the tale after his serious accident.
Am I to be concerned that, according to your teaching, he can still die as a result of an accident? He is more afraid of a cardiac arrest, as per his dad.

3 of my granddaughters have the aspect; in semi-square, trine, and sextile. The semi-square does give way to irrational anger.

Should I still worry for all of us if, as you say, Mars-Uranus could cause accidental death 'anywhere in the chart'? Such an aspect can refer to many things, and not all bad.

I assume your "adverse and highly volatile aspects aspects to the conjunction are not shown on the chart offered" refers to the transit chart compared to the the natal chart.

No; I was referring to the natal chart; i.e.:
could it not be that it is the Mars-Uranus-Asc. inconjunct(stress) aspect to an 8th house Sun (in Capricorn!), as well as Mercury in 8th house sesquiquadrate (and ruler of) Asc., and (within orb) inconjunct Saturn, ruler 8th house, that are more prominent towards showing any 'possibility' of death through (a manner other than?) acccident.

I don't consider the Sun as inconjunct Mars-Uranus (wide orb), but he is certainly inconjunct the Ascendant

Yet Sun-Mars-Uranus in the chart presented is well within the 5 degree accepted orb for an inconjunct aspect from the luminaries. I don't know if you have ever heard of Karen Hamaker, astrologer guru of my country. She now plights for a 5 degree orb between planets for an inconjunct aspect. That's going a bit too far for me.

What are your views on planets that are in the 12th house within 5 degrees of the Ascendant, or within 5 degrees of the following house cusp? Do you 'pull them' into the following house as functioning there, or take them at house value? I have difficulty with such reasoning, especially if it involves a retrograde/direct planet that, by progression, may never reach the following house until late in life or during the natural life span.

Alternative perspectives does not need to be an issue, does it?

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Unread 01-23-2013, 10:59 PM
Frisiangal Frisiangal is offline
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Re: Mars-Uranus in harsh aspect

Caro wrote on the Denver thread:
Frisangel interesting about your husband and his accident. glad he is ok.
was the accident the same time as this fatal accident?

No; it occured 6 years ago last week.
When checking with his chart later, I was quite surprised that there was very little going on in the secondary progressions/directions, considering how it has since affected his way of life. Any aspects that might have been considered 'relevant' were already out of orb.
However, from the 6th house, in 10 was almost exact!

Sec. progr. 5th house cusp was exact degree conjunct solar arc Mercury in Pisces in the 6th house.

The transits for the time of the accident were, however, spot on. sition:- (accident happened from roof at home),
tr.S.Ain 6th. ( The surgeon said that his ankle bone looked like apple sauce!)

Thank you for your kind good wishes.
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Unread 02-15-2013, 09:08 AM
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Re: Mars-Uranus in harsh aspect

my tightest aspect is mars uranus aspect
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aspect, harsh, marsuranus

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