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Relational Astrology Relationships and the astrological methods of interpreting them are discussed here.

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Unread 08-01-2021, 07:32 PM
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Toxic relationship bound to last? Convenience marriage?

All set, thanks

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Unread 08-01-2021, 08:04 PM
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Re: Toxic relationship bound to last? Convenience marriage?

Originally Posted by stellapolaris View Post

Hi, I would like to know if you think this relationship will last.
seems an ideal question for our RELATIONSHIP HORARY board


consider phrasing this as an Horary
Ask and answer any horary questions
and discuss theory and technique.
opportunity to post a chart on that horary board
of the time, date, and place you asked the question.

Please do not ask the same question repeatedly
hoping for a different result:
horary works best when you ask the question ONCE
and then interpret the chart
that results from when the question FIRST came into your mind.

Horary forums are ONLY for discussion of horary charts and techniques.
Natal charts are not required on our horary boards

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Originally Posted by stellapolaris View Post

After 17 yrs married and having lived with hardly any communication for a year, he tried separating from her last year and thatīs when she started being on top him. She suddenly stopped ignoring him and being really kind upon the realisation that he might leave her. It seems that she (outer circle, red) did a love spell to him (inner circle, blue) about a year ago to bring him closer to her, and now he is supposedly clean from this energetical work. In spite of her manipulation, they are still together. I get the impression there must be some really strong forces that bring them together because they are not in love and donīt like each other that much, but yet are together. Or a convenience realtionship. *Please note her birth hour is not exact (I put midday) so just analysing those planets that are bound not to change so much within 24h...
If you want to read what someone analysed below, feel free to add anything. Or you may just want to comment without reading another opinion, without any conditioning. Thanks

************************************************** ***********
"It seems that they have a highly karmic-complex and even "once in a lifetime" relationship, no wonder that itīs difficult for him to break up! I think that the main "culprits" for this fatal attraction are Pluto and Saturn, with lots of interaspects of these 2 planets in both charts.
The two of them have natal moon in hard aspect with partnerīs Pluto and ther Pluto is also tightly conjunct his IC (which is similar to Pluto-Moon), his Pluto squares his Venus and conjuncts her Saturn.
Saturn is strongly aspected between the two charts, too.
And if we consider aspects by sign (instead of by degree) we can see that they have a lot of interaspects in Virgo (including Sun-Moon, which is a highly significant aspect for a long term couple).
Moon in Cancer and Virgo are in compatible signs.
Her Sun-Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius activates his 5th house, this is a very positive aspect. And there are also other aspects like her Jupiter conjunct his Moon, Sun-Moon, her Mercury trine his personal planets that give good feelings-understanding.
But there are also some other aspects that suggest that there might be some cruelty or coldness between them, mostly from her cold Saturn-Moon conjunction towards him (her Saturn is conjunct his Pluto and square his Mars).
On the other hand, the sexual chemistry between might be amazing (his Mars is opp her Venus, her Mars on his ASC, conjunct his Uranus, etc), Pluto-Venus, etc. Some aspects suggest that there might be criticism, control, etc between them.
We cannot know how evolved they are (individually and as a couple) to handle in a positive way this Pluto and Saturn influence, but considering that they have been together for many years would not have to be so bad, otherwise they would not have been able to have such a long relationship. It might be that both of them have an understanding of each other on a deep psychological level and/or that they might have experienced similar traumatic experiences at a young age that might make them feel like they are with a partner who understands them better than another person who hasn't gone through the same, and it even can feel like a deep understanding and healing on a soul level (Moon-Pluto, Pluto-IC), thus breaking up might be highly painful for each of them because the kind of intimacy they might have is not easy to find elsewhere, despite the highly likely criticism (Saturn), control (Pluto, Saturn), etc. It could also be that one or even both of them wish to break up this relationship but in order to do so, they need to overcome some co-dependency issues that one or even both of them might have."
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Unread 08-01-2021, 08:26 PM
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Re: Toxic relationship bound to last? Convenience marriage?

Venus Saturn relationship is difficult to get out of.

Her Saturn is right on his Venus. Being in adjacent signs instead of the same sign by conjunction, I think can point to the stress and turmoil between them, since adjacent signs don't relate/aspect each other.
So there is this deep connectedness from Saturn, and a blending together from its being a conjunction with Venus that makes it very difficult for him to break away, all the while not seeing eye to eye at all about it.
That is why they say, be very careful about getting into a Venus Saturn relationship; it can be very difficult or impossible to get out of.

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