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Mundane Astrology Discuss the astrology of towns, cities, states, provinces, countries, empires, and the world in general.

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Unread 06-17-2017, 05:41 AM
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Geographical Zodiacal Significations

The following is a list of the regional, GEOGRAPHICAL significations ("rulerships") of the various signs of the Zodiac, as developed over the centuries by various mundane astrology investigators. This is NOT a list of zodiacal rulerships based upon "birth time" of political entities such as governments or the establishment of nations, states or cities; rather it pertains to the zodiacal affinities of land and sea areas-geographic regions- of the world itself.

-Baltic Sea and region of the Baltic in general
-Burgundy region of France
-England: regions traditionally considered to be "English lands"
-Faroe islands
-Galatia region, central Turkey
-Germany as a whole
-island of Iceland
-islands of Japan
-Palestine region (modern Israel) and the Levant (Lebanon)
-northern Sudan

-asia minor-ie, asiatic Turkey
-Altantic Ocean basin
-northern and central Australia
-Belarus region ("White Russia")
-Caucasus region
-island of Cyprus
-Greek archipelago
-island of Greenland
-island of Ireland
-island of New Guinea
-Persia-ie, modern Iran
-South America as a whole

-north east coast of Africa
-Central America as a whole
-eastern Canada
-northern Egypt
-western England and Wales
-Flanders region (Belgium)
-northern part of the Indian Ocean and its islands (such as Sri Lanka)
-Lombardy region of Italy
-island of Sardinia
-Tripolitania area of Libya
-North America as a whole
-northern South America (Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela)
-USA east of the Mississippi River
-southern part of Vietnam

-west Africa
-north west Africa-Algeria, Tunisia areas
-southern California
-central Canada
-eastern China
-central and southern Indian Ocean and its islands
-islands of New Zealand
-Netherlands and Zealand region of Denmark
-Istanbul region of Turkey ("European Turkey")
-USA west of the Mississippi River, to eastern California

-eastern and central Alaska
-east Africa
-Alps region of Europe
-Bohemia area of central Europe
-northern California
-western Canada
-Hawaiian islands
-Jerusalem region
-island of Madagascar
-northern Romania
-island of Sicily
-extreme western part of continental USA

-western Alaska
-Aleutian islands
-ancient areas of Assyria and Babylonia-ie, modern Iraq region
-eastern and central Brazil and Uruguay area in South America
-Congo region of Africa
-island of Crete
-New England region of the USA
-Pacific Ocean basin
-Silesia region in central Europe (mostly part of modern Poland)
-Thessaly region of Greece
-northern Vietnam
-islands of the West Indies (Caribbean Sea and its islands) in general

-southern Africa
-Argentine region of South America
-Caspian Sea and areas bordering it
-central and southern China
-southern Egypt
-northern areas of India
-Indochina as a whole
-islands of the South Pacific
-region of Tibet and adjacent lands

-Bavaria region of Germany
-eastern Bolivia and Paraguay regions of South America
-Catalonia region of Spain
-islands of the East Indies in general (Indonesia, Celebes, etc)
-Jutland area (parts of Denmark and Germany) and the North Sea
-Korean peninsula
-Manchuria region of China
-Moroccan/Spanish Sahara areas of north west Africa
-islands of the Philippines
-former region of Prussia, now parts of Poland and Baltic states
-Queensland area of Australia
-area of Syria in the Middle East
-Transvaal region of South Africa

-Arabian peninsula as a whole
-Australia as a whole
-Balkan areas of the former Yugoslavia
-island of Borneo
-western Brazil
-Burma region of southeast Asia; Bangladesh
-Chilean and Peruvian regions of South America
-Dalmatian coast
-eastern Ecuador
-Provence region of France
-Mongolia area of central Asia
-Moravian region (in the southern Czech Republic)
-Pakistan in general
-Siam (Thailand) area of southeast Asia
-Singapore area of southeast Asia
-Slavonia annd Hungarian areas of central Europe
-Iberia (Spain) in general
-northern Sumatra
-Tuscany region of Italy

-Afghanistan and adjacent lands of central Asia
-Albania/Bosnia region
-islands of the Antarctic Ocean
-Illyria region near the Adriatic Sea
-Indian subcontinent as a whole
-Khorasson region of Iran
-Macedonian and Bulgarian regions of south central Europe
-Mexico as a whole
-Orkney islands
-south Pacific Ocean
-Punjab region (Pakistan and India)
-Saxony area of Germany

-Black Sea and adjacent lands (Crimea, Ukraine, etc)
-Ethiopian area of east Africa
-Red Sea and basin
-Russia as a whole
-Wallachia region (part of modern Romania)
-Westphalia region of north western Germany

-North Africa as a whole
-southern Asia as a whole
-Calabria region of Italy
-Europe as a whole
-Galicia region of north west Spain
-Mediterranean Sea basin
-Normandy region of France
-Nubian region (southern Egypt/northern Sudan areas)
-Portugal region of Iberian peninsula
-Sahara Desert
-Scandinavia as a whole

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