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Unread 06-10-2015, 08:29 PM
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Re: I'm lost. Please help! (career)

Originally Posted by R4VEN View Post
Osamenor, the bit I had overlooked in my post has been mentioned by you in the above post, and that is the Uranus/Neptune/MC conjunction squaring the Aries/Libra Moon's node axis. I am assuming that the text you are referring to (on Karmic Astrology) is the one written by Martin Schulmann.
I hadn't even encountered that book before. Sounds like another one for my slowly growing astrology library! What I have is "Yesterday's Sky" by Steven Forrest.

Originally Posted by R4VEN View Post
As one who has my Sun-Pluto conjunct squaring my nodal axis, I am familiar with the karmic nature of planets which square the nodes, and how in a way they demand that a person deals with them in order to move to the north node - at around the age of 40-42, although later is fine, so long as the `work' is done.
Interesting. I'm just a couple months short of 40, and my big interest in karmic astrology started this last year. This is triggering a memory of an online discussion I had elsewhere the first time I dipped a toe into astrology. Someone told me things about my life and career that sounded utterly foreign to me, and I told him that, and he backtracked, checked my birth date, and said the indicators he'd been looking at typically didn't manifest until around the age of 40 (I was 32 at the time). The way I remember it, it was either the eleventh house or the north node, and I can't for the life of me remember which. My NN is in the eleventh house, so for me, they're one and the same. My understanding is that the main eleventh house indicators usually start fully manifesting around the beginning of middle age, too... is that correct?

I also have sun square nodes, and I'm having a terrible time interpreting that for myself. I can usually get a good sense of what karmic indicators mean in someone else's chart, but looking at my own, I get hopelessly lost. I'd greatly appreciate help with that, but so as not to hijack this thread, I've got another one going here, and would be happy to have it revived:

And the way I see it, the nodal journey is a life long process. I've seen a few posts on this board by very young people--one only 16--who were struggling with issues that could be thoroughly explained by south node patterns and north node challenges. It looks to me like brilo is one of them.

Originally Posted by R4VEN View Post
Thus, brilo has a need to feel, experience, wash, bathe and dive into the MC/Uranus/Neptune conjunct, and he is already doing that by recognising that the formal education he has experienced does not `speak' to him. He may have to try lots of different things before something actually `fits' him. I also have Neptune conj MC, and it gives a very foggy idea of where one is going. It can also lead to idealising a particular career idea, and then being shattered when you realise that it is not what you believed it would be.
I have pretty much the same experience, and I have Uranus conjunct MC but not Neptune. However, my Neptune is in Sagittarius, conjunct my moon. I've had lots of difficulty with formal education not speaking to me--the only way I could get a degree was to do it in a thoroughly alternative program--but I also deeply love learning. That advice I gave him about education was entirely rooted in my own experience.

Originally Posted by R4VEN View Post
One of my astrology texts suggests that the generation with Uranus/Neptune conjunct have brought in with them a powerful spiritual mysticism and intuitive powers (from Atlantis and Mu) and will perhaps have a hard time in grounding this ability into the current earth circumstance.
Does that have anything to do with the conjunction having taken place in Capricorn? An upset of traditional structures, difficulty fitting them... sounds like disruptive transits/placements in Capricorn to me. I wonder what that will do to the Pluto in Capricorn generation that's being born now!

Originally Posted by R4VEN View Post
For brilo, this difficulty is centred around career/work and life direction. That may be a major stumbling block for him until he eventually finds a path - an expression -which fits him.
That also creates a task: he'll have to engage deeply in the process of finding his path. That, too, is a creative process, and for people oriented to creativity, the process is of equal or greater importance than the end result.

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