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Houses & cusps For discussions on houses and house cusps (i.e. planets on angles, house stelliums and so on)

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Unread 04-16-2012, 06:10 PM
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Re: Stuck in a Conundrum!

There are some interesting ancient teachings...

Around the fifth century B.C. there appeared for the first time maxims that related a man's birthdate to his possible destiny. At first these predictions were obviously made only for the kings. The forecasts were based on the motion of the planets. Here are a few examples translated by Sachs:

If a child is born when the moon has come forth, (then his life will be) bright, excellent, regular and long.
If a child is born when Jupiter has come forth, (then his life will be) regular, well; he will become rich, he will grow old, (his) days will be long.
"If a child is born when Venus has come forth, (then his life will be) exceptionally calm; wherever he may go, it will be favorable; his days will be long.

In general, the rising (i.e. the 12th HOUSE!) of heavenly bodies was considered favorable because then the positive characteristics of the gods were at their peak. By contrast, the setting of the same bodies was held to be a bad omen.

Astrology was born five thousand years ago in Chaldea. The Chaldeans developed the zodiacal system, which astronomers still use. The Babylonians, who succeeded the Sumerians, developed the art of prediction to a considerable extent. The Chaldean priest-astronomers divided the sky into three large strips, which they called "the heavenly paths" - in the middle was Anu's way, flanked by the paths of Enlil and Ea. Anu's way was the zodiac astronomers use today: a space sixteen degrees wide, which contains the constantly repeated path of the sun, the moon, and the planets.

The zodiacal belt with its constellations was known in Babylonia as early as 700 b.c. The first tablet of the series Mulapin lists "the constellations in the path of the moon" as follows:

the hair bush = Pleiades
the bull of Anu = Taurus
Anu's true shepherd = Orion
the old man = Perseus
sickle sword = Auriga
the great twins = Gemini
Prokyon or Cancer
lion or lioness = Leo
furrow = Spica
the scales = Libra
scorpion = Scorpio
archer = Sagittarius
goatfish = Capricornus
great star or giant = Aquarius
the tails = Pisces
the great swallow = Pegasi
the Goddess Anunitum = Pisces + middle part of dromedes
the hireling = Aries

The rules by which predictions were made were a mixture of observations and ANALOGIES. For instance, the shape of Scorpio reminded the Chaldean priest of the hated insect whose pincers seemed to be marked in the sky by two brilliant stars. The celestial Scorpio was held to be just as fearsome as the poisonous scorpion of the desert: "If Mars approaches Scorpio, the King must die of the bite of this insect."

The priests had some difficulty in following Mercury, since that planet, the closest to the sun, is often hidden by the latter's stronger light. The Chaldeans held it to be the dwelling of Nebo, a god who was untrustworthy, shy, shrewd, and voluble. So mercury is considered untrustworthy only because they couldn't see it so well?

"If Mars is visible in the month of Tammuz (June-July), the warrior's bed will stay cold\" (that is, there will be war). "If Mercury is seen in the North, there will be many corpses; the King of Akkad will invade a foreign country."

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