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Unread 02-10-2018, 03:35 AM
miafleur miafleur is offline
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Yod in composite

I've been doing a lot of research about the Yod, or finger of God as it exists in the composite chart. A lot of people regard its existence as something that inexplicably pulls two people together with a sense of fate and destiny. Often times, they even feel as though, once together, that they will never be finished with each other; that they can never let each other go because there is some kind of unfinished business. A popular example if Angelina and Brad! I was wondering if anyone has had anything like this in their composite? I'm trying to understand the interpretation of one that I have in the composite with my own partner and could use some help.

We have Mars in Aries (7th house) at the apex and then Venus in Virgo (11th house) and Jupiter in Scorpio (1st house) at the base. Anyone have any sense of how I could interpret this?

I'm really geared towards Vedic astrology so I view the Venus/Jupiter sextile at the time w the feeling of being the destines marriage partner (Venus rules the wife and Jupiter, the husband in Vedic). The mars then, especially because it's in the 7th, would become the drive to marry or be together? I'm not sure, maybe someone could help me out or talk about how their frame their understanding of the Yod in the composite.

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Unread 02-10-2018, 10:22 PM
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Re: Yod in composite

I have experienced Yods in the composite with two men. With both of them I somehow felt as if they stood out in a crowd and to me they didnīt seem to be from this century. It was as if time stopped when I first met them and I felt infatuated immediately.

I had a strong synastry with them both. I have experienced a strong synastry with others as well, but it was more difficult to let go of these two men. It took me years instead of a few months like it usually does and both of them kept contacting me for years. I had to learn what I was supposed to learn from them and grow away from them, until I did that it was impossible for me to let go.

Recently I looked at the synastry and composite chart between me and Keanu Reeves. I had a celebrity crush on him during my teenage years and it just so happens that we have a Yod with Venus at the apex in the 7th. We also have Sun exactly conjunct the NN in the composite and basically all of my favorite aspects in synastry.

I have also experienced Yods in synastry and they frustrate the hell out of me just like the Yods in composite do.

My biggest challenge was the composite Yod with Venus at the apex, with Saturn and Uranus at the bottom. I have Venus quincunx Saturn in my own natal chart. Many years after our relationship ended he told me that he has never experienced the kind of bond and the level of passion he had with me with anyone else. I believe that inconjunctions at the same time give you the feeling that you canīt stand certain aspects of the other person. He could not stand any sign of fears or insecurities within me. I could not stand that he constantly shifted between being extremely intense and talking about marriage and kids and telling me that he did not feel anything for me. One day I felt the impulse to leave him and so I did. Later he told me that other women have accepted his hot/cold nature, but I didnīt. I have never loved and hated anyone as much as I loved and hated him.

The other man played games, craved to have the upper hand and be in control and he created false illusions (Pluto sextile Neptune with Sun at the apex). I could not stand those behaviors so I constantly pushed him away. His Sun/Eros exactly conjunct my Moon in synastry was felt strongly by both of us, but somehow he seemed to be afraid of me, awed by me and disgusted by me at the same time. We were never in a relationship. We only met as friends.

My own natal Yods shows my fragmented personality, different parts within me donīt cooperate and there are parts within me that I have rejected and feel uncapable of accepting. My relationships mirror my problems to me. In all relationships there are feelings of aversion and irritation but I am very bad at dealing with it. I believe that I need to make peace within myself and integrate different parts of me and accept myself more in order to experience a good relationship.

Itīs difficult to say what kind of issues you may have with your partner. You need to look at your chart and his chart, the synastry and the composite in order to understand your relationship. Perhaps you have intense passion, but at the the same time there will be some issues with the physical intimacy or the activities you do together. One is in the mood when the other isnīt or you may want different things and there can be feelings of rejection or aversion because of it. Perhaps you dream big about what you want to do together and then notice that you canīt accomplish some of the dreams and that can lead to feelings of disappointment. Those are just thoughts; I find it to be very difficult to interpret Yods and it is even more difficult when you donīt have all the info.

There seems to be a lot of potential within a Yod. When the energy in it flows in a harmonious way it feels like pure magic, like as if you have recovered lost pieces of your soul. If two good people meet who are willing and capable of evolving together I think that it can feel amazing to have a Yod in the composite.
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