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Unread 03-26-2019, 08:05 PM
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Read my charts - I dont know anything about my aspects

Im fairly new to Astrology and i dont know anything about how aspects work, so i'd like to know more about those. Also, what can you tell me about someone with seven planets in water and no air?

Im trying to learn a bit more about myself, so any insight on any particularity on my chart will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for the help!

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Unread 03-28-2019, 05:57 PM
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Re: Read my charts - I dont know anything about my aspects

Vic Fernandez

Nov 11, 1994, 4:22 am

Disclaimer This interpretation assumes that the stated birth data, exact time and place, are accurate, for if they are in error, so the interpretation will be a waste of time. Astrology reveals tendencies only. Most people follow their tendencies most of the time because that is the nature of one’s tendencies, but Free Will dominates life, and there are rare individuals who acquire helpful philosophies that guide them through their tendencies and difficulties so that they seem to defy the more ominous signals in their charts. Astrologers cannot be infallible because they tend interpret according to what is common behavior among people at large.

I begin with a prominent chart configuration because it is remarkable of itself and because it involves Sun-trine-Midheaven. It is called a configuration because multiple planets are connected together in a meaningful way. Configurations involving multiple aspects between multiple planets are difficult to interpret, but it is worth the effort because configurations have something specific to say. That is remarkable because many of astrology’s signals are very general in nature. Remarkable astrology is astrology that is less general and more specific.

The configuration is a stellium (a cluster of factors) that is square to Mars and trine to Midheaven. Sun, Jupiter, Node, and Pluto are clustered together in Scorpio, and the group is squared by Mars in Leo. It is more emphatic because Mars is square the midpoint of Sun/Jupiter who are themselves in close proximity to each other. The entire group taken together are a specific message about the chart.

You may be very successful and abundant in life, and you may become a tycoon. You are very ambitious and bold, and you tend to live dangerously, but you are impulsively generous, and you may take an inspiring turn toward a kind of spiritual leadership, but even then you may tend to be hasty and dogmatic. This is a life with many opportunities that may take you in various directions. At the very least, life will be very colorful which is the way you like it.

You are focused on success, but your success may be a vulgar or crass kind of success. In your pursuit of success, you may display conceit and a superior attitude. You will surely ruin some of your associations due to your tendency to be excessively confident. You are excessive and extreme, and you are not fully aware of the level of your hostility. Your lack of self-awareness will cause you to be hurtful too often in your life. You are driven, and you tend to plow ahead heedlessly, and many others will criticize you for what they think is destructive and insensitive.

Your leadership tendency is very strong, and opportunities for leadership abound, but there is no guarantee that your leadership will benefit those who follow you. You will probably be recognized for your leadership qualities and your material abundance.

You are a bit of a name-dropper, and you tend to admire fame uncritically. These qualities with your material abundance may cause you to assume that might makes right. In other words, you tend to make the blunders and errors that tycoons often make for the same reasons that tycoons make such mistakes. Life will encourage you to be larger than life and to take your liberties in a rather rough way. You are authoritarian and domineering.

(Moon-conj-Saturn) You tend to see yourself as conscientious and tidy with plenty of discipline and self-control, and you do have these tendencies because of your background and upbringing.

(Uranus-conj-Neptune near IC) Your life will have unexpected tangents. Much of your life fits into the category of what is usually called The Unexplained. Bizarre and supernatural elements seem to call for your attention no matter how confusing and unreal they seem. You are extremely imaginative.

(Mercury-conj-Venus which is trine to Moon-conj-Saturn, and in fact, it is a Grand Trine with MC. I treat this as a configuration. ) You have outstanding creative or artistic gifts. It may involve singing or public speaking. You may have talent in the domestic sphere such as decoration or cooking skill. Or your creative talent may be in some other part of the creative arts field.

The modern world has been unkind to the institution of marriage, so it appears that most marriages fail. Despite this observation, and including its proviso, you have a better chance at happy and lengthy marriage than normal. You have been lonely much of your life, but that does not mean that you will always be so. I encourage you to marry because it holds more benefits for you than for most. Even though you keep your emotions in check, you have sentimental, intimate, and devoted feelings that make for a fulfilling home life.
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