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Unread 09-16-2018, 11:58 AM
maddellon maddellon is offline
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please read my birth chart


I have been diagnosed with asperger, depression and multiple anxiety disorders.
Can you read my diagnoses in my chart? Is there maybe a solution for my problems you can read in my chart?
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Unread 09-16-2018, 01:24 PM
greybeard greybeard is offline
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You are only 16, and I am no medical astrologer, let alone a doctor. The astrology here is clear, however.

Asperger's is described as a socializing/communications disorder akin to autism. Depression paralyzes. Anxiety is terrifying. All of these conditions are fundamentally psychological, or "mental".

The 6/12 axis is heavily populated (5 planets including Sun) and features 2 close oppositions. There is a T-square in Mutable signs, and this Quality has to do with mental conditions. The apex planet or focus planet in the configuration is Mercury in the 7th (the T-square is angular): "communication" and "the other, the not-self". The 7th is a "relationship" house. The basal opposition of the formation is Moon-Saturn in the parental 4/10 axis. This planetary pairing often produces strong tendencies for isolation, feelings of guilt and inadequacy, and imply that the mother did not give love unconditionally but demanded that it be earned by proper behaviors. The native's true feelings and natural responses are supressed.

Virgo is associated with worry and anxiety (often manifesting physically as a tightening of the gut),and the focus of the T-square falls here.

Pluto is involved, closely squaring Mercury. Pluto's effects are always deep and lasting. There is an obsessive quality at work. This aspect blocks communication out of fear of self-revelation; self-protection and survival are at stake.

More later. I'm writing on a cellphone, and it's a pain.

How are we doing so far?

Back again. A couple more points about Pluto then on to the 6/12 axis. Pluto holds secrets and they often have to do with taboo. Also suggestive of deep long-term probing therapy...getting at the secrets. And for all you "tight-orb addicts", here I go again. Moon and Pluto are efffectively conjunct. Both are angular, both participate with the critical Mercury, and due to some things I've noticed as the chart unfolds... the chart itself asks for it. The mother-daughter relationship needs careful attention.

Moving along now....

Pisces is rising. The sign can indicate a path of suffering when rising. States of disintegration, interventions, etc. Whhether you take Jupiter or Neptune as lord of Pisces, in this chart it's 6 one half-dozen the other, for they oppose each other-- intercepted. All 5 of the planets in 6/12 are intercepted. Jupiter, who I take as lord of the horoscope, beholds a waxing partile semisquare to the high-focus Mercury, from 7 to 6. Mercury, exalted, angular, in high focus at the apex of the T-square in Virgo, sign of "analysis", perturbs Jupiter, lord of the life in the house of Maladjustment.

Sun, conjunct Mars, is in partile trine to the elevated Moon (she stands above him in the house of Authority). He is intercepted in a Cadent house, a house of misfortune. Sun and Mars oppose Uranus. Half of the planets are intercepted; should the interception be interpreted as "no way out"?

I believe there is a strong "religious" component in the background: feelings of moral superiority, standards beyond attainment.

I've had it with this tedious cellphone. Hope this helps, perhaps opens the door to questions.

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Unread 09-16-2018, 01:34 PM
maddellon maddellon is offline
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Re: please read my birth chart

I am new to astrology so my chart is saying I am really social but I learned myself a lot of social skills but I am really not social. how can my chart say that I am a really social person when I am actually really not.
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Unread 09-16-2018, 07:10 PM
greybeard greybeard is offline
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P.S.: Your chart does not say you are highly social,; that is a misreading of the chart. Look at the troubled Venus adding to what has already been mentioned.

Six, not 5, planets are intercepted.

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Unread 09-17-2018, 05:36 AM
greybeard greybeard is offline
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We also note these other significant conditions:

1. All planets in the eastern hemisphere are Rx.
2. There is a preponderance of planets in Fire signs.
3. There is preponderance of planets in Fixed signs.
4. No planet occupies a Water sign, a negative preponderance.
5. Four planets are in domicile, Mercury additionally exalted; rather unusual.
6. Moon rules the 6th cusp.
7. Mars is combust. I take this to suggest that Sun has expropriated the martial energies, assimilated and incorporated them, thus strengthening himself for the upcoming battle.
8. Most of the aspects in this chart are rather close; several are partile. Experience leads me to believe that this condition tends to create narrow and rigid ideals. The struggle to adhere to or attain these unreachable ideals tends to produce psychological difficulties.

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Unread 09-17-2018, 03:13 PM
oceania oceania is offline
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Uranus Neptune 12th house Aquarius

The Uranus-Neptune combination is associated, both in history and in personal biographies, with periods in which the archetypal--the mythic, the spiritual, the transcendent, the imaginal, the numinous--is suddenly awakened and liberated in new ways into human consciousness.

Uranus in the 12th house

You might be in denial of your brilliance and your differentness. Growing up, you were taught to tow the more conventional or predictable line in life. Therefore, you may strive to be more even-keeled or “normal”. Yet, even if you try to be like everyone else, your strangeness and wildness will keep emerging in ways that eventually create overwhelming chaos. So, you have to develop a loving acceptance of your own weirdness.

Neptune in the 12th house
you can especially run from the very sensitive, fragile, fluid side of yourself. You were conditioned to behave in stronger, tougher, more assertive ways. So, it can be tough for you to accept just how tender and transcendent you are. This ends up emerging as an overwhelming sensitivity that mysteriously drains you, as well as an unhealthy, dramatic escapism. You have to accept that to be human is to be full of fragilities, hopes, dreams, and all sorts of facets. Then, you will be able to truly understand the vast Universe that’s inside of yourself.


When Uranus and Neptune join together, they combine the transcendental mind and heart of humanity. This indicates a chance to make giant leaps forward in our relationships with one another, on both the personal and international level. It is a splendid chance to look beyond the apparent (or "visible") realities around us, to rediscover the most profound truths of our lives, and to rededicate ourselves to fulfilling our deepest beliefs


Uranus and Neptune are the brightest lights within our inner cosmos. Uranus pours out a steady stream of genius into the minds of all would-be creators, allowing them to see the truth beyond conventional wisdom. Neptune is that reservoir of infinite intelligence and compassion which allows the hearts of all would-be saints and poets to feel the profound love and unity that transcends the apparent chaos.


Significant aspects to Uranus, the solar system's lightning rod, are bound to bring political revolutions. When paired up with Neptune, which represents our compassion for all beings and resentment against restrictive boundaries, powerful upheavals are likely.


The Uranus-Neptune conjunction happened in a "Twelfth House". This is mainly a spiritual influence for you, affording many chances in the years ahead to go within and clean out the old cobwebs of your mind.
heal the hidden wounds, and then open up to psychic, intuitive powers that go beyond your usual scientific, left-brain notions. The problems of the world concern you deeply; take time to contemplate and re-evaluate them. your new intuitive powers can help you make good decisions


AQUARIUS: Uranus 1995-2003, Neptune 1998-2011

Keywords for Aquarius and Uranus:

individuality, finding one’s uniqueness and where you fit into groups, friendship, eccentricity, inventiveness, independence, freedom, breaking with the past, becoming your own authority, adolescence; rebelling against domination; detached, cerebral; sudden, radical change; focused on society and social change; prone to sudden, radical change; demanding freedom, equality ; idealistic, humanitarian; detached, cerebral, rational; inventive, intellectual; zany, eccentric, unconventional; in-your-face, individuated, elitist, unique.

Areas of Life Affected by the Transits:

Social and political movements, especially radical or extremist ones, freedom, equality—and elitism, revolution, rebels, counter-culture, splinter groups, sudden social change, lightning, and electricity, science and technology, computers.



Your Aquarius energy is there to be accessed.You must first focus on what you want out of life and how you plan on attaining it before everything else can fall into place. When you’re alone or at your most comfortable you understand this. You let your mind roam and shuffle through brilliant ideas and plans for the world. You relax a little and stop judging yourself and others; this is compared to when you step into the outside world, out of you comfort zone, and details, what people think, and the superficial start to matter too much.

Give yourself outlets and focus on working at whatever you find interesting in whatever way works for you. You must trust yourself and your intellect. It doesn’t matter what people think of you! You can only control yourself and this fact will connect you to harmony.


People with Neptune in the 12th House have an entire Universe within that they might even struggle to know and understand. Neptune is in its ruling house here, which can bring out both the best and the worst of the 12th House. The negative aspects of disassociation, projection, and self-victimization can run rampant. But, this can also be the most transcendental, inspirational 12th House planet of all. It does all depend on what the 12th House Neptune individual chooses to do with this energy. These people are highly gifted on psychic and creative levels. Their potential to heal and bless the world and themselves is enormous.


Basically, Neptune in the 12th House people have to totally accept what it means to be a human being: all of the fragility, fears, dreams, and every other color on the spectrum of mankind. The rather hardened attitude of the authorities needs to be discarded and the 12th house neptune softer, fluid side must emerge with total understanding and grace. They are very sensitive, intuitive, and unworldly beings. Even though this is not always valued in society, 12th House Neptune needs to realize their yearning to transcend the limitations of our society. These are the same limits that allow people to judge, abuse, mistreat, and reject others so harshly. Learning to do away with these things is what allows them to honor and respect the Neptunian humanity within us all.

This is one of the most artistic placements of all. They contain multitudes, capable of expressing the entire range of the human experience and beyond. Once Neptune is fully brought to the surface in the personality, there are no boundaries.

society needs the wonderfully giving spirit of the 12th House Neptune person. boundaries will naturally resolve themselves if they keep seeing the need for healing in themselves and others.

Therefore, they can recognize when they need to withdraw some and take care of themselves and when they’re healthy and full enough to give to other people.


Of course, the intuition of this placement is off the charts, particularly when it’s trusted and channeled. Neptune in the 12th is psychic. There’s really no getting around that. But, their psychic abilities can make their lives very chaotic, if they don’t understand them and are just overwhelmed by them. Deciphering their feelings from others’ can be difficult but is not impossible. Visualization tricks are usually the key to this, like imagining themselves in a white bubble. Then, they can perceive the energies with more clarity. 12th House Neptune people can also have a tremendously healing touch. Sometimes, this is literal, as there can be a strong motivation toward healing. But, it can also just be in their energy field. They just thoroughly understand you, as one human to another.

Pls note that what you are encountering in regards to your health is that the energetic 'frequency' is very high, and is currently out of balance in your system.

Create the space in which this energy can flow harmonically.
To do so there are steps that must be taken to reestablish harmony within your energetic system.
I suggest, that you see a holistic Dietitian, who has experience in and works actively with aspergers and other asd. Prior to that you can make changes to your own diet...look at allergies. dairy free grain free. sugar free. supplementation of vitamins and minerals is required. + more but see a dietitian for the tests and details.

Additionally balancing neurological disharmony involves deep relaxation and alleviation from stress (of which current society is not an alleviation from particularly for the highly sensitive). diet assists with this but also, a new environment must be created in which for oneself to regain equilibrium.

Be close to nature. connect with animals. connect with resonant individuals and groups.

Purify your system. drink pure water highly alkaline mineralised. try juicing vegetables.

The energetic frequency you have mentioned requires a highly purified/natural environment in which there is sufficient space for this energy to be held nourished and grown.

feelings of depression are for one a call for a change in your diet as this will assist your neurological system.

however, additionally the feeling of a need for 'deep rest', is that the current societal system is not yet in the archetypically 'Aquarian' age, and so those that experience a higher or futuristic level of consciousness can feel as though they do not know in what way to be in this society, or that they do not want to be. . . . hence a feeling of retreat....this is understandable.. however, it is hoped that when the energy is balanced that those will come forth and assist in the growth of this new consciousness for all. particularly working with the children who are ready for the change. and asking for new and greater ways of being.


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Unread 09-17-2018, 03:41 PM
watcherofthesouth watcherofthesouth is online now
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Re: please read my birth chart

Caring for sick dogs and cats could be one remedy for 6th house issues.
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Unread Yesterday, 01:18 PM
greybeard greybeard is offline
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Re: please read my birth chart

My first post was mostly chart analysis with very little interpretation. If you wish interpretation you will have to make yourself available for conversation. Astrological counseling, like any other form of counseling, is a dialogue.
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