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Chat For posts that don't have to do with astrological chart interpretation, but they're still important to you. Gossip, show off, hot topic, spiritual thoughts, Sun sign astrological discussions, chit chat: come in and share!

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Unread 01-28-2018, 05:58 AM
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Thumbs up Paranormal Discussion

So what do we think about ghosts, haunts, the paranormal? Feel free to share opinions, stories, cool or scary evidence/videos, anything to do with the paranormal.

I'm not sure if I particularly believe in it all, but I can appreciate a good ghost story.

I can start with one from my family that is a bit spooky and that I've experienced first hand.

Bit of background info first. My great great grandfather bought the land on which sits the family house. Really its two houses, a carriage house (stables), and barn. They used to use it for farming but that stopped after my great grandfather died in the late 60's. The house has been the site of odd aberrations.

My great grandfather was raised in the house, which, by the way is about 20 miles North of Boston. They were real old WASP Brahmin stock that came over in the 1630's from England. One of my older ancestors was a ship captain for a slave trader and whose name is now the name for a school for the blind.

Anyway, when my great grandfather took ownership after his father died, he allocated some area on the property for a family plot, a grave site. It isn't very close to the house but it can be seen across the field. His father was immediately buried there. He made a bit of a name for himself in the Eugenics movement. First working at Danvers State Hospital, a lunatic asylum, he wrote several medical books regarding the "feeble-minded" and theorized that "imbeciles" were likely so because of a mix of black and white blood somewhere in their lineage.

He tried to "rescue" his sister from dating an African American, and eventually saw her committed to Danvers State where he could care for her. All in all, he was a pretty nasty gentleman.

When he passed away, one of the houses was given to my grandmother who continued to care for the house and the graves, and the out-buildings. It was after her father died that she began experiencing something paranormal in the house and surmised that it was her father.

She said that often she would see what looked like a fire in the woods near the family plot, the smell of formaldehyde, and disembodied voices and laughs. She said that when she would investigate the fire by the plot some nights, she would see it only until she was close, and the fire would go out, but would see smoke around the graves.

This was all rather innocent until the early 1982 when my grandfather, a WWII veteran, father to six, and hard worker, took his own life in the carriage house with his service revolver after going out for a ride on his horse leaving no explanation or note.

When I came around we would visit my grandmother constantly, and I'd even sleep there. I remember being up late one night and smelling cigarette smoke. Everywhere I went there was cigarette smoke. My grandmother never smoked, none of us did, especially not in the house. I remember getting spooked at everything that happened at night in that old country house. Every wind was a scream and every creak in the house was a footstep to me.

It got even worse when my grandmother took to Alzheimers and we couldn't ever keep her alone. She spoke of her father and often thought I was her father and she begged me to leave her alone and go back to being dead. This freaked me out, obviously. She died in 2013, leaving the question of what was going to happen to the land to my mother and her siblings They ended up selling my grandmothers house, keeping the second one for my cousin, and selling the barn but not the carriage house, not able to sell the "suicide barn" as the new folks took to calling it. They sold it six months later and its been on the market more times than people seemed to have slept there, citing "bad odor, likely from mold" or "heavy drafts that make the house creak".

Anyway that's all I've got. Maybe I wrote it a bit too long, but it was just sort of a stream of consciousness thing. Feel free to share your stories!

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Unread 01-28-2018, 08:00 PM
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Re: Paranormal Discussion

Ahem *I'm afraid of ghosts*. It's something that I will never admit in real life, in fact part of me is laughing at me as it always looks for (demands even) rational explanations in everything. Yet the other part of me just feels what it wants to feels and it is scared.

I've never "seen" a ghost in real life but dreamt and felt about it a few times. The first time was the worst, I was at a sleepover. I was sleeping on the floor a couple of feet away from my friend. I woke up feeling something pulling the blanket near my feet and the thought "a ghost is gonna attack me" crossed my mind, my body then reacted by trying to move closer to my friend; yet as soon as I began to move I was attacked from behind (I was sleeping on my stomach). "Someone" climbed on my back and hit my head and I just jumped into my friend's bed shouting repeatedly "there's a ghost!".

The second time was the night I received an amulet. I dreamt that I was driving a car and when I looked into the rearview mirror, I saw another me staring maliciously at me and I was stunned and woke up.

The third time was I dreamt that I was entering my room when a boy/man figure was standing behind my bed. I am not sure what exactly but I knew it tried to corrupt me and wanted to stay inside my head. As he moved closer, I started praying, the closer he got the louder I shouted. I am not sure if I won but at least I don't remember he got any closer.

A bonus anecdote happened before the third dream. Once when I was travelling, I stayed in a hotel with its own statue for worship. I had this dream that there were three of us, a god, me and the spirit of that statue. It was clear in the dream that the spirit was the bad guy and that god was the good guy. I was asking god about something and he replied by asking me if I thought I could do a better job if he was willing to grant me certain "ability" (I can't remember what ability or what it was about)). I didn't dare to answer as I truly thought I couldn't do a good job and couldn't handle whatever ability we were discussing, but then the spirit said to him "how would you know if he could do a better job or not if you don't grant him the ability in the first place?". Now in the dream I clearly realised that the spirit was using me as an excuse to get what he wanted from god; somehow he was part of me and everything I got from god, the spirit would be able to use it too. I should've told the truth that I thought I didn't deserve that ability but I was tempted and said "yea, let me try." As soon as god granted me, I could see the place I lived and the back of a me who was (at least) 20 years older, he was climbing up a stair, at the end I saw his face through a mirror. When I woke up, my glabella was red and swelling (which was fine before I slept) and it took a few hours for it subside.
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Unread 01-28-2018, 11:25 PM
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Re: Paranormal Discussion

I strongly believe in spirits and paranormal beings. I've seen one once. My dad saw one too watching over my crib when he left briefly when I was a baby. I've also used a Ouija board against my better judgment bc I'm a little too curious a cat

People who've never used a Ouija board or haven't done so correctly will say a lot of things like, "someone's moving the cursor" or things of that sort, but when you actually use the board, you realize it's not a game. You have to have a certain number of people as the whole idea is that your energy is helping spirit beings have the energy to move the cursor. You can't ask them questions about how they died or when they died as it may upset them and there's nothing worse than someone you can't see hating your guts, huh?

At first, it was very rocky and shaky like the spirits couldn't quite make it to the correct letters, but as we went on, it became exact, and not only that, lightning fast. So fast we could barely hang on to the cursor. It would make very clean 360 degree turns which clearly means one of the four people playing wasn't manipulating it. It had no batteries, no nothing

That being said, I think Ouija boards are illadvised as you never know what you're gonna get. There's a way to TRY to ensure you only contact good spirits, but it's not gonna work 100% of the time. My ex was haunted by a demonic spirit after a whole summer of using the Ouija board even though she had a ritual she'd do before playing that was supposed to help her only contact good spirits

Funny story...One of the girls we were playing with was high at the time and one spirit we contacted answered questions as they would fit if it was that girl talking to us. We asked the spirit's sister's name, her mother's name, and her initials. She answered as the high girl. At that point, the girl had to quit
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Unread 01-28-2018, 11:27 PM
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Re: Paranormal Discussion

Oh, and I remember when we asked one of the spirits what they liked to do in their spare time... The spirit wasted no time and spelled out "D-R-I-N-K" lol
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ghosts, haunting, spirits, spiritual, spooky

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