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Unread 07-24-2017, 01:01 PM
PinklySM PinklySM is offline
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Attracting men who like drugs, tattoos, piercings. With problems ... Why?


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Unread 07-24-2017, 03:01 PM
katydid katydid is offline
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Re: Attracting men who like drugs, tattoos, piercings. With problems ... Why?

Originally Posted by PinklySM View Post
They are really beautiful physically.

I always attract that kind of energy into guys, and I don't understand why. Sometimes I don't even understand what they see in me.

I'm quite the opposite, a pretty quiet person. I think I can become very boring but I have no problems with what other people do.

Violent people too.

Buenos Aires, Argentina.
22:45 pm
December 22, 1996
Violent drug users are attracted to quiet, boring stable woman because they are easy to manipulate and take advantage of.
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rahu rahu is offline
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Re: Attracting men who like drugs, tattoos, piercings, problems ... Why?

hi PinklySM

I think like the user name you picked, PinklySM , you have the same vibrations that are attracted to you. you just are coy about it.

first off Lilith is conjunct your ascendant, this is actually a aspect of great emotional shows that you have the potential to reveal you deepest inner most feeling. Lilith works in the subconscious so this aspect can shows that sometimes things come into you mind that you do know from where they came.this is because you subconscious can act directly in to your conscious personality .this aspect can tends to be favorable though you can inadvertently let you "secret feeling" come out unintentionally.
yiou also have orcus conjunct Lilith and your ascendant. this is a unconscious impulse and is much more darker. it is associated with selfishness ad instinctual actions. so your personality can radiate a dark sexual vibration whether you realize it or not.

then..........your Venus is square to the vertex. this shows that you are a very emotional and sexual person. even if you consider yourself 'a quiet person" you are putting out strong sexual energies. now your question about all these"kinky" type of guys becomes clearer as the pluto/nessus midpoint point is conjunct your venus and square the vertex. these two symbols are very abusive and this indicates that your child hood was difficult at least emotionally. it indicate emotional abuse at the least. it shows you emotion as were condition in an environment where love and hate happen at the same time to you. essential your emotional vibration radiates a abusive energy and the guys are subconsciously or consciously drawn to this vibration in you. if you do not remember any difficulties or emotionally abusive conditions then you will not recognize these energies when they come around again.

there are other aspects showing a difficult childhood. sun is square to Saturn which general shows many obstacles I ones life. this aspect usually gives low self esteem until one has proven one worth to oneself/ here the midpoint of Saturn/sun is conjunct your descendant and opposed to orcus.
this again is a very strong indication of abuse in your childhood especially by your father figure. the fact that Lilith is also involved can show these dark psychological dynamics are repressed or block out. and as Lilith and the ascendant radiate even your subconscious feeling, others will feel this darkness in you.

now your chart becomes a little complicated as your Venus/mars midpoint is square to Uranus. this is a very outgoing and sexual aspect, it would not be an aspect one would think to find in a "quiet person", so I have to think you are not really being truthful about yourself. this aspect is super sexual, very attractive and passionate. I think this is why you attract physically beautiful guys as Uranus with Venus often show physical beauty.
but this aspect is also bright but brief and relationships are usually just a series of affairs that do not last after the initial physical intensity is satiated.

your Venus/mars midpoint is also conjunct to Chiron. this is were the edgy and kinky nature of these guys comes from. Chiron is another symbol associated with abusive childhoods. chiron adds a sexual intensity but there is usually a quirky side to Chiron relationships.

lastly I see why you question why you get these type of guys attracted to you. this is because you actually are extremely romantic and desire a love both a physically passionate and spiritually connected love.

the eros/psyche midpoint tis square to your descendant and Lilith. this shows that your deepest wish is for a love that combines your spirit,soul and body.
but Orcus presence draws the darker , baser desires to you.

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attracting, drugged, drugs, piercings, problems, tattoos

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