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Unread 03-24-2012, 09:56 AM
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Post Re: Which planet rules the chart?

Here are the zodiac signs and their ruling planets/celestial bodies (the 1st or ruling, 2nd or co-ruler and 3rd-domicile or decan, with my own interpretation of detrimental, exaltation and fall/weak). Each sign has about ten of them with the first three with most influence.

ARIES: Mars, Pluto, Venus, the Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Cruithne, Uranus, Eris, the Moon, Pluto's moon Charon, Mercury, and "east" or "west Points".
TAURUS: Venus, Ceres, Mars, the Moon, Saturn, Uranus, Cruithne, Jupiter, Eris, the Sun, Mercury, and "east point" or Charon.
GEMINI: Mercury, Eris, Jupiter, Venus, Sedna, North (or south) Node(s), Mars, Uranus, Pluto, the Moon, Cruithne, and Lilith.
CANCER: The Moon, Ceres, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Cruithne, the Sun, and True Node.
LEO: The Sun (our closest star), Saturn, Neptune, Mars, Uranus, Lilith, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Xena, Eris, the Moon, and True Node or Mercury.
VIRGO: Mercury (some declare it an exalting planet), Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, True Node, the Moon, Ceres, Chiron, Lilith, Eris, Mars, and "west Point".
LIBRA: Venus, Eris, Mars, Saturn, the Sun, the Moon, True Node, Chiron, Cruithne, Jupiter, "west point" or Mercury, and Pluto's moon Charon.
SCORPIO: Mars, Pluto (+Charon), Venus, Uranus, the Sun, the Moon, Saturn, Neptune, Sedna, Lilith, Chiron, "west Point" or Mercury, and Jupiter.
SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury, the Sun, south (or North) Nodes, Mars, Uranus, Saturn, Pluto, Lilith, Eris, Cruithne, and Venus or Sedna.
CAPRICORN: Saturn, Uranus, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, True Node, Xena, Sedna, "west point" or the Sun, and Cruithne.
AQUARIUS: Uranus, Saturn, the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto, Xena, Sedna, Eris, the Moon or True Node, and Venus.
PISCES: Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury (some declare it a "fall" planet), Venus, Mars, the Moon, Lilith, Chiron, Pluto (+Charon), Sedna, the Sun, and Saturn or "East Point".

The four "new" signs theorotically by some other astrologers due to the sidereal or astronomically correct zodiac system:
OPHIUCHUS+SERPEN(TARIU)S: the Sun, the Moon, True Node, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Pluto's moon Charon, Eris, Ceres, Chiron, Lilith, and Mercury or Cruithne.
ORION: The Sun, the Moon, Mars, Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Chiron, True Node, Cruithne, Eris, Sedna, and Saturn or Xena.
CETUS: The Moon, the Sun, Neptune, Pluto's moon Charon, North (or South) Nodes, Eris, Ceres, Sedna, Xena, Lilith, Saturn, Mars, and Mercury or Cruithne.
CORVUS/CRATER/DRACO/ORPHEUS DE HYDRA (?) The Moon, the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Chiron, Sedna, Xena, Lilith, Pluto, True Node, and/or the South (or North) Nodes.

Theories abound on the rulership affect from five more celestial objects: The Galactic Center for Aries/Taurus/Orion, the Earth for Virgo/Libra/Orphus or Ophiuchus, the Messier or Virgo supercluster for Aquarius/Pisces/Cetus, the Andromeda Galaxy or the Casseiopiea cluster for Gemini/Cancer/Leo, and the antipodial galactic center (the Pleaides?) for Scorpio/Sagittarius/Capricorn.
The Sun and/or Moon are known to cross through parazodiac constellations of Andromeda/Pegasus, Perseus, Auriga, Sextans, Lynx, Lupus/Centaurus, Scutum, Fomalhaute, and Aquila on some occassions.

But the Decans or the one-thirds of the degree month table of planetary Decanates-according to William Lilly, the 17th century English astrologer- are also organized as shown (first 0-10 degree, second 10-20 deg. and third 20-30 deg.). The faces of the planets in dignity astrology, without the additional 3 to 6 "planets" discovered or classified in the following 4 centuries (the additions of Uranus or Neptune undecided, unless somebody on here are able to determine the additional co-ruling planets for each degrees). In my case, I have a Venus (1 Aquarius sidereal) or a Mars (26 degree Aquarius) decan:

ARIES: Mars, Sun and Venus; TAURUS: Mercury, Moon and Saturn; GEMINI: Jupiter, Mars and Sun;
CANCER: Venus, Mercury and Moon; LEO: Saturn, Jupiter and Mars; VIRGO: Sun, Venus and Mercury;
LIBRA: Moon, Saturn and Jupiter; SCORPIO: Mars, Sun and Venus; SAGITTARIUS: Mercury, Moon & Saturn;
CAPRICORN: Jupiter, Mars & Sun; AQUARIUS: Venus, Mercury and Mars; PISCES: Saturn, Jupiter and Mars.

For examples with 20-29 Aries has a Perseus part; while Taurus has a Hyades part (0-10 deg), then a Pleiades part (10-20 deg) & finally an Auriga part (20-30 deg).

From the article on Decans
Notice that rulerships follow a repeating pattern, the so-called "Chaldaean" order of the planets: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon and the so-called 8th planet (Nibiru?). This planetary order, in which the Sun stands at the center of the continuum, with the planets between the Sun and the Earth on one side and the outer planets on the other side, reflected the perception of the speed of each planet's motion as seen from the Earth. Decans or "faces" are the least important of the essential dignities, representing about one-fifteenth of a planet's overall strength in medieval astrology.

Last edit and final statement on the topic: Uranus was occassionally seen by the naked eye in a very dark clear night sky, and something about Pluto (the IAU declared Charon to be a "double/binary planetoid") and Neptune were mistaken for being moons of Jupiter or Saturn by Galileo's telescope about 400 years ago: they had irregular orbits or closer to the earth in the past when the Mesopotamian civilizations (i.e. Sumeria, Akkadia or Chaldea) existed from 3000-5000 years ago.

EDIT: I made this post 3 years ago (can't believe I found it tonight!) The only thing I disagree now is I'm for the idea of Eris co-rulership of Taurus and Gemini, and Ceres co-rulership of Virgo and Libra. There should be considerations of asteroids Juno, Pallas and Vesta if they have any rulerships of the astrological zodiac, if so I would know which signs they could affect.

or , I have the same ruling planets: Uranus and Saturn. I see the Cancer rising. Aries in the MC and Venus was her name!

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Unread 12-04-2012, 01:02 AM
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Re: Which planet rules the chart?

Originally Posted by jaydonc View Post
I think this situation changes from time to time.
The planet that rules the ascendant is the ruling planet for the chart.
However if there is a planet in the 1st house that is also very strong but not the ruler. It may be more evident at first impression.

The aspects to the rising sign planet will give a bigger picture of life focus and our persona.
The stars impel, not compel.
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Unread 11-10-2013, 01:14 AM
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Question Re: Which planet rules the chart?

AQUARIUS: Venus, Mercury and MOON. - I corrected the last part, unless I went by a different source on this matter. Astrological information seem to vary from source to source, but I'm going by the said main decans of Aquarius I received from sources like books and the internet. The Moon for late Aquarius (20-29 deg.) should make us more emotional, then I have no doubt if Mars ever plays a role to gave Late Aquarians a tough reputatore.
or , I have the same ruling planets: Uranus and Saturn. I see the Cancer rising. Aries in the MC and Venus was her name!
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Unread 03-02-2015, 06:09 AM
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Re: Which planet rules the chart?

There are a couple of important paragraphs that explain why the Ascendant is considered an eventful interpretation of our selves all during our tenancy here upon the earth. I am quoting here not being able to adequately espouse it in the proper way.
When reading any chart it is found by observation that the sign rising or ascending on the eastern horizon when a child is born is the principal factor in determining the basic constitution/personal traits of personality/physical body. When the seed atom is planted in the ovum, the Moon, which is the cosmic agent of fecundation projects its fertilizing ray through the sign and degree which later rises at the moment of birth, and for this reason the rising sign and degree continues to influence and build the body of the individual until the severance of the umbilical cord, and the nature of the rising sign is thus indelibly stamped upon the new vehicle and retained all through life. Properly viewed the Sun, Moon and Ascendant are not really three separate principals in reading the most important developing equations in our charts or as deciding which is the most important planet to be considered as ruler of the map but represent a blending and which united represent the constitution of the human being within his/her developing psychological makeup. The rising sign and the principal underlying ruler of the first house and where he is deposited (Mars) together with the rising sign ruler form an avenue for the fecundating influences of the Moon which there crystallize and form the etheric matrix that molds and nourishes the physical particles from the maternal body into a new vehicle; hence the astrological maxim that the ascendant at birth or its opposite is the Moon's place at conception/reception. A very important consideration of human clay developing in a world of earth and clay influence.
In a metaphysical way it brings to mind the either as it leaves the body at death as some say one may view the enbilical cord as it is released from the cooling flesh in dispersal of atoms or ectoplasm heat. The other and immortal part of composite man/woman which consists of the Devine Ego and its finer vehicles represented by the Sun and the Moon together giving play or description unto our Ascendant.
I truly appreciated all of the personal insights above on this very fine learning board.

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