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Research and Development This is a forum designed for applying scientific methods and understanding to all approaches of astrology, cooperative formulation and testing of new ideas, re-examination of known methods of delineation and interpretation, and the exploration of new astrological methods of all kinds (e.g. heliocentric models, planetary nodes and apogees, etc.).

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Unread 08-30-2017, 07:17 AM
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Originally Posted by ALRESCHA View Post
Please move this thread elsewhere if it doesn't belong here, thank you.

I've started my research on the presumably incurable mental illness a few years ago and I intend to publish what I've discovered using astrology some day, hoping the results will be found useful to those considering planning pregnancy, planned parenthood and/or dealing with the ill subjects, as psychology hasn't provided any effective strategies in dealing with such subjects yet, and I know astrology can and will.

I'll probably post more later, but, I'll say that I've found 90% of the analyzed subjects charts show a common pattern, out of the 30 individuals closely inspected.

As 30 isn't enough, feel free to send me birth data of subjects you know have narcissistic traits for further analyses. Thank you.
You posted a year ago but I've got a doozy for you. He's totally NPD. No empathy. Charming. Gaslighter. Plays victim. Actually thinks he's co-dependent. Blames. The whole enchilada. DOB: 8/24/55. Time 1:08 pm San Antonio. How does that fit in with your research?

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Unread 08-30-2017, 02:22 PM
AlexZim AlexZim is offline
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Re: Narcissistic personality disorder-a research

Loving this thread! Attaching natal of my ex-husband, absolute NPD. Hope this can contribute to your research, as that man was sump'n else.
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Gemini Sun. Libra Moon. Cancer Rising. And a whole MESS of Aquarian/Uranian/11th House Energy.

"Vision is the art of seeing things invisible." ~Swift

"If I exorcise my devils, well my angels may leave too." ~Tom Waits
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Unread 04-07-2018, 03:22 PM
HeySue HeySue is offline
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Someone I know too well has an unusually large concentration of planets in her 11th house (Capricorn). Uranus, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, Saturn, and Venus opposition Jupiter and Chiron in the 5th house (Cancer). AC in Pisces. Sun in 12th house with North Node and Echo. MC, Mars and Narc in 10th house. Pluto in the 9th. Also she has a twin brother who exhibits some narc tendencies. I know a few people born within a day or two of them and they have similar stelliums in Capricorn/narc tendencies.

She was formally diagnosed with BPD but upon sharing my experience with her to my therapist she received a different diagnosis. I understand BPD and NPD overlap some but when I look at the traits of a narcissist... I just canít imagine someone with BPD expressing themselves that way. Not to the extent that this person does.

A grandiose sense of self-importance
A preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
A belief that he or she is special and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people or institutions
A need for excessive admiration
A sense of entitlement
Interpersonally exploitive behavior
A lack of empathy
Envy of others or a belief that others are envious of him or her
A demonstration of arrogant and haughty behaviors or attitudes

Hope this is helpful for your research. Hopefully I didnít offend anyone! Take care!
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Unread 01-11-2019, 04:17 AM
love-thinking love-thinking is offline
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Re: Narcissistic personality disorder-a research

Originally Posted by ALRESCHA View Post
I am sorry to give several hints only and let it come off as flat, but, it is a very profound research and much more of it needs to be done, because I need more subjects to confirm the accuracy of the results and have good quality statistics. Like I said, it is far more complicated, but, I started explaining with the energy of the elements. I'll post about the houses, the aspects nd much more later, big parts first, details later Like it's been suggested, overts tend to be a frictional combo of earth and fire, they are just like the Sun, nothing can hurt them, while coverts have more water and air. The subject I've mentioned is a covert, but like I said, the entire chart needs to be examined.

We have laws against overts, who function much like lions in prides. What I am studying are coverts, who are like snakes, and I'll explain the differences later too (gotta get back to what I should have finished last week) Lions command to control what the pride does, snakes use fear and eyes to control what you don't do. But they all have low EQ due to the afflicted planets and houses that are to deal with emotions and the fire-earth combo there. Those are stubborn, hardly likely to change, supply driven selfish self love often times suicidal people.

Coverts pretend to be humble victims and aren't of belief that they are somehow chosen by God, like overts are. They are highly emotionally vulnerable and often have a Saturn-Moon aspect or challenged Moon somehow. They also have strong Libra or Pisces energy (I do not necessarily mean the sign only, but what the total chart energy sums up to) because Saturn taught them that they can't get what they want, so they lie and play the victim to manipulate people to get what they want. It is because they are emotionally abandoned by the parents at their early age, so they decide to stop feeling empathy to not feel vulnerable again. They are often made into a golden child later, even tho they know their mask is just a mask. They are like those crazed writers that withdraw into their caves cyclically until they eventually flip and burn everything they've written before they ice themselves. Some of those pretend to be the rescuers because they know victims want to be rescued. Another two I know pretend to be the most religious people in town, but they emotionally harm all their friends and extended family and just take whatever those people have. They don't even have any ideas what they could do or make with their time or money before they see someone already doing or making or having something. That then becomes theirs at all costs. But they constantly pretend to be the victims. Their false humility is actually vanity and they often use corny lines to express their feelings. That covert I know just has a list of movie lines or music playlists he uses to teach himself how to pretend. They detest psychology and psychologists and insist on it's redundancy .
Like snakes, their guard is always on, as they believe everyone wants to hurt them, because they do not feel loved enough and the mask slips and the rage shows only when they know it is completely safe. So they'll call you names only when noone is watching and so on. The snake doesn't eat if there is danger and need for it to bite.
It starts on the super-market floor: they scream if they don't get ice-cream.
I don't think that's narcissim. That description doesn't meet all the requirements of narcissm in the DSM nor is it abnormally dysfunctional in any sort of way. It's simply an archetype and that's all.

I know a person like that and to an extent, I carry those traits except I try my best to be as authentic as possible. And you are right it's libra and pisces energy(a mixture) and as neptune is at an angle from libra for years, I wouldn't be surprised if lots of people have both libra and pisces energy prominant in their chart. I'm sick of people screaming narcisstic/borderline personality disorder on any type of persona they don't like. Just because we don't have a fixed moral code/meet society's requirements of a good person, doesn't mean we are narcisstic.

Lots of people don't like libra/pisces energy because they are so seemingly sweet, charming and sometimes even lies, and hides themselves a lot over a mask, but little do they admit that not only do at most times, people feel inferior in the presence of such an archetype as they spent years perfecting themselves/years or that this archetype is one of the most sweetest, compassionate, selfless archetype there is. And if they are boastful, it's to feel slightly better about themselves; find themselves; and find a solid piece of themselves which they almost always lose after being around others for too long. I'm sick of people calling archetypes they don't like narcisstic, every archetype has good and bad.
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