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Unread 04-30-2011, 04:19 PM
rosedl rosedl is offline
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Any thoughts on these planetary relationships in going forward in a relationship

I am cancer woman, Scorpio man here...8 trines, conjunctions, oppositions, 6 sextiles. Kind of balanced in a weird way. I really dont know what much means except Scorpio is suppossed to be all wonderful for Cancer. I have never been with another water sign before in a love relationship. What say you?
SSuntrineMercury23 Cancer 28' 8"17 Scorpio 20'40"6.13S
SunsquareMars23 Cancer 28' 8"26 Libra 28'34"3SSunsquareJupiter23 Cancer 28' 8"18 Libra 19'40"5.15S
SunconjunctionCeres23 Cancer 28' 8"27 Cancer 46'55"4.3A
SunsquarePallas23 Cancer 28' 8"29 Aries 25'28"5.95S
MoonoppositionSun12 Taurus 13'28"10 Scorpio 53'40"1.33S
MoonoppositionMercury12 Taurus 13'28"17 Scorpio 20'40"5.12S
MoonsquareUranus12 Taurus 13'28"11 Leo 34'49"0.65A
MoonoppositionNorth Node12 Taurus 13'28"10 Scorpio 28'41"1.75S
MercurysquareSun17 Leo 0'19"10 Scorpio 53'40"6.12S
MercurysquareMercury17 Leo 0'19"17 Scorpio 20'40"0.33S
MercurysextileJupiter17 Leo 0'19"18 Libra 19'40"1.32S
MercurytrineSaturn17 Leo 0'19"12 Sagittarius 42'40"4.3S
MercuryconjunctionUranus17 Leo 0'19"11 Leo 34'49"5.43A
MercurysquareNorth Node17 Leo 0'19"10 Scorpio 28'41"6.53S
MercuryoppositionChiron17 Leo 0'19"12 Aquarius 20'51"4.67A
MercurysextileJuno17 Leo 0'19"18 Gemini 18'14"1.3S
VenustrineSun11 Cancer 55'43"10 Scorpio 53'40"1.03S
VenustrineMercury11 Cancer 55'43"17 Scorpio 20'40"5.42S
VenussquareJupiter11 Cancer 55'43"18 Libra 19'40"6.4A
VenustrineNorth Node11 Cancer 55'43"10 Scorpio 28'41"1.45A
VenussquareVesta11 Cancer 55'43"7 Aries 54'41"4.02S
MarssquareMercury21 Aquarius 46' 9"17 Scorpio 20'40"4.43S
MarssextileVenus21 Aquarius 46' 9"27 Sagittarius 24'40"5.63S
MarstrineMars21 Aquarius 46' 9"26 Libra 28'34"4.7SMarstrine
Jupiter21 Aquarius 46' 9"18 Libra 19'40"3.45AJupitertrine
Moon26 Scorpio 41'52"26 Pisces 4' 2"0.62SJupitersquarePluto26
Scorpio 41'52"2 Virgo 5'15"5.4SJupitertrineCeres26 Scorpio 41'52"27
Cancer 46'55"1.08SSaturnsquarePluto3
Gemini 5'14"2 Virgo 5'15"1SSaturnsextileCeres3 Gemini 5'14"27 Cancer 46'55"5.32A
SaturnsextileVesta3 Gemini 5'14"7 Aries 54'41"4.82S
UranussextileSaturn9 Libra 48' 9"12 Sagittarius 42'40"2.9S
UranussextileUranus9 Libra 48' 9"11 Leo 34'49"1.77S
UranustrineChiron9 Libra 48' 9"12 Aquarius 20'51"2.53S
UranustrinePholus9 Libra 48' 9"6 Aquarius 17'13"3.52A
UranusoppositionVesta9 Libra 48' 9"7 Aries 54'41"1.9A
NeptunetrineMoon0 Sagittarius 29'31"26 Pisces 4' 2"4.42S
NeptunesquarePluto0 Sagittarius 29'31"2 Virgo 5'15"1.6S
NeptunesextilePholus0 Sagittarius 29'31"6 Aquarius 17'13"5.8S
NeptunetrineCeres0 Sagittarius 29'31"27 Cancer 46'55"2.72A
PlutooppositionMoon27 Virgo 22'57"26 Pisces 4' 2"1.3S
PlutosquareVenus27 Virgo 22'57"27 Sagittarius 24'40"0.03S
PlutosextileCeres27 Virgo 22'57"27 Cancer 46'55"0.4SNorth
NodesquareSun15 Aquarius 32'48"10 Scorpio 53'40"4.65SNorth
NodesquareMercury15 Aquarius 32'48"17 Scorpio 20'40"1.8SNorth
NodetrineJupiter15 Aquarius 32'48"18 Libra 19'40"2.78SNorth
NodesextileSaturn15 Aquarius 32'48"12 Sagittarius 42'40"2.83S
North NodeoppositionUranus15 Aquarius 32'48"11 Leo 34'49"3.97A
North NodesquareNorth Node15 Aquarius 32'48"10 Scorpio 28'41"5.07S
North NodeconjunctionChiron15 Aquarius 32'48"12 Aquarius 20'51"3.2S
LilithsquareVenus5 Libra 6'34"27 Sagittarius 24'40"7.7S
LilithtrineChiron5 Libra 6'34"12 Aquarius 20'51"7.23
SLilithtrinePholus5 Libra 6'34"6 Aquarius 17'13"1.18A
LilithoppositionVesta5 Libra 6'34"7 Aries 54'41"2.8S
ChironoppositionJupiter13 Aries 51'30"18 Libra 19'40"4.47S
ChirontrineUranus13 Aries 51'30"11 Leo 34'49"2.28A
ChironsextileJuno13 Aries 51'30"18 Gemini 18'14"4.45A
ChironconjunctionVesta13 Aries 51'30"7 Aries 54'41"5.95S
PholussextileVenus2 Pisces 28'50"27 Sagittarius 24'40"5.07S
PholustrineMars2 Pisces 28'50"26 Libra 28'34"6S
PholustrineNeptune2 Pisces 28'50"2 Scorpio 39'23"0.18S
PholusoppositionPluto2 Pisces 28'50"2 Virgo 5'15"0.38A
PholustrineNorth Node2 Pisces 28'50"10 Scorpio 28'41"8S
CerestrineSun4 Cancer 15'23"10 Scorpio 53'40"6.63S
CeresoppositionVenus4 Cancer 15'23"27 Sagittarius 24'40"6.85S
CerestrineMars4 Cancer 15'23"26 Libra 28'34"7.78S
CerestrineNeptune4 Cancer 15'23"2 Scorpio 39'23"1.6S
CeressextilePluto4 Cancer 15'23"2 Virgo 5'15"2.17A
CerestrineNorth Node4 Cancer 15'23"10 Scorpio 28'41"6.22A
CeressextilePallas4 Cancer 15'23"29 Aries 25'28"4.83A
CeressquareVesta4 Cancer 15'23"7 Aries 54'41"3.65S
PallasoppositionSun15 Taurus 37'37"10 Scorpio 53'40"4.73S
PallasoppositionMercury15 Taurus 37'37"17 Scorpio 20'40"1.72S
PallassquareUranus15 Taurus 37'37"11 Leo 34'49"4.05A
PallasoppositionNorth Node15 Taurus 37'37"10 Scorpio 28'41"5.15S
JunosquareSun10 Leo 37'55"10 Scorpio 53'40"0.27S
JunosquareMercury10 Leo 37'55"17 Scorpio 20'40"6.72S
JunotrineSaturn10 Leo 37'55"12 Sagittarius 42'40"2.08S
JunoconjunctionUranus10 Leo 37'55"11 Leo 34'49"0.95S
JunosquareNeptune10 Leo 37'55"2 Scorpio 39'23"7.97A
JunosquareNorth Node10 Leo 37'55"10 Scorpio 28'41"0.15S
JunooppositionChiron10 Leo 37'55"12 Aquarius 20'51"1.72S
JunooppositionPholus10 Leo 37'55"6 Aquarius 17'13"4.33A
JunotrineVesta10 Leo 37'55"7 Aries 54'41"2.72A
VestasextileMoon1 Aquarius 0'36"26 Pisces 4' 2"4.93S
VestasquareMars1 Aquarius 0'36"26 Libra 28'34"4.53S
VestasquareNeptune1 Aquarius 0'36"2 Scorpio 39'23"1.65S
VestaconjunctionPholus1 Aquarius 0'36"6 Aquarius 17'13"5.28S
VestaoppositionCeres1 Aquarius 0'36"27 Cancer 46'55"3.23

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Unread 04-30-2011, 11:01 PM
rahu rahu is offline
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Re: Any thoughts on these planetary relationships in going forward in a relationship

i think you need to post some charts.

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Unread 05-01-2011, 04:37 PM
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Inconjunct Inconjunct is offline
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Re: Any thoughts on these planetary relationships in going forward in a relationship

Nobody can get a sense of these charts from a list of words. We need pictures. And when you do, can I suggest you leave out all the asteroids and other space junk
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Unread 05-01-2011, 10:13 PM
rahu rahu is offline
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: 5025 valley crest dr #135 concord ca 94521
Posts: 10,777
Re: Any thoughts on these planetary relationships in going forward in a relationship

why don't you just post your birth data so those of us who embrace space junk can give you a clearer reading.

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compatiblity, forward, planetary, relationship, relationships, thoughts

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