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Unread 05-09-2011, 06:47 AM
David_Goliath David_Goliath is offline
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Who am I


This is my first post, and in all honesty, today was my first trip into astrology. It sort of fell into my lap when a recent client came to us for help in advertising and marketing... and that client is, of course, an astrologer.

After reading around this forum to do my research, I've become very curious about what my birth chart says

I haven't contributed anything to this forum before - other than a pair of interested eyes - but if you wouldn't mind, I'd love your input into my chart.

Some context (I've gathered that it helps to have some):

Lately I've been going through many traumatic transformations. They wrench from me my biggest fears, anxieties, and pains - and from this - I work through them and come out on the other side clearer and more in touch with who I am, and life.

However, I've also been feeling an intense identity crisis. At the moment, I feel completely lost to any concept of who I am. Experiences I've had don't feel real. Insights and realizations I've had feel imaginary and I feel at times like these transformations I've experienced were all some crazy delusion.

I would just like to know - or be reminded - of who I am. I feel like I've gotten so wrapped up in the intense thoughts and feelings these transformations have brought me that I lost touch with me. Life has been so heavy and deep and intense lately - overwhelmingly so.

Thank you for listening. And if you'd like to take the time to share your insights about my chart, I'd be very grateful to hear them.


p.s. I got this chart after googling "online astrology chart" or something similar. If it's not a very good one - and you'd like a better one - please feel free to let me know where to get it! I'd be glad to go fetch another
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Unread 05-09-2011, 09:22 AM
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Re: Who am I

David, your sense of delusion/illusion is because transiting Neptune - the planet of illusions and all that is visionary, inspirational, as well as delusional and ephemeral - is currently closely conjunct your natal Moon early in Pisces. Now, Moon in Pisces is highly creative and receptive, where you have to work quite hard at creating clear boundaries between yourself and others, and so when Neptune closes in like this your sensitivity to the world around you would be dramatically heightened. Perhaps you have little idea of where you end and others begin. I would expect you to be feeling the emotions of those in your immediate environment. This is very disconcerting, and may lead you to asking yourself: Who am I? Do I exist? Do others see me? Am I in solid state? etc, etc. This is the reason you state the following:
Originally Posted by David_Goliath
Experiences I've had don't feel real. Insights and realizations I've had feel imaginary and I feel at times like these transformations I've experienced were all some crazy delusion.
This is likely to go on for some time, but will feel less disconcerting as you get used to the feelings this transit brings. You need to be careful during this time, as things may not be as they seem - some things will be illusion. The test for you is in determining what is real and what is not.

I think that the effects of Neptune's conjunction to your Pisces Moon are being exacerbated by transiting Pluto being conjunct your natal Neptune in the 8th house. This is also a transit which has you asking: "What is real? Are my dreams and thoughts real?" Well, you get the drift. Pluto is going through your 8th house, so a lot of personal transformation is going on for you between early 2006 and early 2017. This is - as I say - major, major personal transformation for you. You will never be quite the same again!! An interest in astrology - and any other spiritual or `alternative' practices - is quite healthy at this time. You are looking for answers to what is happening for you, and as you can probably tell, these changes have an inevitability to them.

"There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in."
- from Anthem
by Leonard Cohen
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Unread 05-09-2011, 10:27 AM
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Re: Who am I

concept of who I am. Experiences I've had don't feel real. Insights and realizations I've had feel imaginary and I feel at times like these transformations I've experienced were all some crazy delusion.
Welcome to AW,

This (as Raven has said) is the response to T Neptune conj natal moon.

Welcome to the World of Astrology!

Re: Need some education: Which charts to use when?

Beginning to Study Astrology

How to attach a chart as thumbnail

what members like to see in a thread – help forum

Firstly, for a proper evaluation you should consider posting your chart with progressions and transits on same wheel found in extended chart selection. Reduce the ratio of orbs to 80%, select smallest image size 63% on picture,then choose house system (my personal preference is for Equal house rather than the default of placidus), right mouse click and select 'save target pic as' and save to hard drive then upload here

the above threads are 'how to' get, select and post the correct charts.

Neptune transits conjunct Moon
Ambiguity surrounds your emotional and domestic life at this time. You can be emotionally restless, but what it is you actually want is hard to pinpoint. You are more sensitive than ever, and through the course of this transit, your emotional life opens up to incorporate more refined, subtle and understated perceptions. You are "in tune" and pick up far more from your environment than usual. In fact, this can feel very much like emotional "commotion" until you accept that the essential purpose of this transit is to open up your feelings...

As the emotional pipelines open up and the emotional walls come down, you can become more vulnerable to deception. Your ability to discriminate is compromised, simply because Neptune's energy lacks definition and boundaries. Some measure of caution is advised. Some unusual or unexpected problems with the mother, important women in your life, and/or your domestic life may occur during the course of the transit. There can be health issues that are psychosomatic in nature or hard to diagnose, although these are generally not serious.

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