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Modern Astrology For discussions on Modern Astrology only. (Note: Typically, modern astrology is defined as using techniques developed around the late 1800s by Theosophists. Specifically it relies on psychological, evolutionary, karmic, and non-western interpretation approaches and includes Neptune, Uranus and Pluto, and non-Ptolemaic aspects. The focus is more on psychological chart interpretation instead of prediction.)

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Unread 12-18-2020, 12:06 AM
astro485 astro485 is online now
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how does the sun effect intellectual skills ?

There is an agreement that Sun aspect to Uranus gives good skills in
astrology fo example conjunction which is seen in many astrologers charts
or a trine so my question is how does Sun interact with Uranus
and what is the difference in intellectual skills , andvantages and disadvantages of
Sun Uranus aspect and aspect of Uranus to Mercury and Uranus to Moon
generally and specifically in the field of astrology ?

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Unread 12-18-2020, 05:13 AM
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Re: how does the sun effect intellectual skills ?

To me, a sun-Uranus connection just suggests you either enjoy your uniqueness or have trouble enjoying and/or expressing it based on the aspect.

If the sun is in your 3rd or 9th house, that would say a little more about your intellect, but I would think Mercury and whatever it touches would paint a bigger or more defined picture.
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katydid katydid is offline
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Re: how does the sun effect intellectual skills ?

I have an exact Trine from Mercury in Scorpio to Uranus in Cancer in my 3rd. I have always believed it helped me learn Astrology at a young age.

One of my favourite Astrologers, Bob Marks, describes Uranus aspects pretty succinctly:

Uranus can make other planets function crazily. It can make them seem hyper. Whatever Uranus touches will not function in socially acceptable "normal" ways.

Uranus Aspecting the Sun: Gives independence and the desire to do things "differently". When positive, brilliance to the point of genius. When negative, it can make you an eccentric who delights in shocking people, or just plain crazy.

Uranus Aspecting Mercury: Give a mind that is attracted to the new and unusual.

This combination increases brilliance, flashes of genius. According to C.E.O.Carter, the harmonious aspects (60 and 120 degrees, the sextile and the trine) are common in the horoscopes of astrologers. Well, I have a trine, at any rate.

The stress aspects increase the stubbornness. These folks have to learn to keep an open mind a little longer than they usually do before making it up because, once their mind is made up, it seldom changes. They can change their own minds several times a day (especially if these planets are in mutable signs) but no one else can change their minds for them even once.
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astro485 (12-18-2020)
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VirgoMoon VirgoMoon is offline
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Re: how does the sun effect intellectual skills ?

I have an exact sextile from Uranus (6th house saggitarius) to my Sun (Aquarius 8th house). Mercury conjuncts my sun in the 8th house. I have a strong interest in in-depth psychology. I just recently got into astrology, so not sure if I’m a natural , but I see astrology as a part of my puzzle to understand the human mind (or at least my own ). I think differently compared to most people around me but that also makes me quite successful in my job. It took me a while to accept it though.
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Re: how does the sun effect intellectual skills ?

The noon-time ascendant natal chart places the Sun usually in 9th and 10th houses (either the Sagittarian hard-work and Capricornian scientific). On mine where the ASC is 15' Gemini (my birthdate Feb 15, 1980 with sun and moon in 8th-2:20pm when the ASC is 17' Cancer) places the sun in the 9th house. And Aquarians may be ideal for white-collar academia careers, I tend to perform manual and low-wage jobs in my adult life. In my regular natal, Mercury is in it's fall (13' Pisces in 9th) close to the Sun/Moon square Scorpio in Uranus, a sign of a mental and intellectual disability (I have mild/high-functioning autism).
or , I have the same ruling planets: Uranus and Saturn. I see the Cancer rising. Aries in the MC and Venus was her name!
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astro485 (12-18-2020)
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Re: how does the sun effect intellectual skills ?

Rob Hand, in his book Horoscope Symbols says that he has found no reliable astrological indicator for intelligence. He points out that Mercury aspects have failed to do so consistently in his experience.

Another prominent astrologer, Charles Carter, also lamented that Mercury aspects ought to describe intelligence, but they do not. Carter felt that intelligence was increased by aspects between Sun and Mars, Uranus or Jupiter.

I agree with Carter about the Sun aspects. I agree with Hand that Mercury aspects frequently fail to indicate intelligence, but I also note how often certain Mercury aspects are common in intelligent people.

It is so common that I tend to assume that promising Mercury/Uranus aspects frequently suggest brilliance and the capacity to understand advanced or esoteric subjects.

Though it can fail sometimes, Mercury/Jupiter suggests a well-read, scholarly mind with an encyclopedic memory and a large capacity to understand.

Mercury/Pluto is shrewd and piercing and convincing.

Mercury/Saturn can go either way. As in the case of Einstein, it showed his problems in early education as well as his intellectual achievements, and also a one-track mind.

Ebertin thought Mercury/Uranus aspects were most reliable to describe an astrologer, especially Mercury/Uranus midpoints that were in aspect to Asc or Mc.

Seymour-Smith suggested that Sun/Uranus suggested either an absurd person or a genius.
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effect, intellectual, skills

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