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Horary Questions on Lost items and missing people Discuss lost items horaries, also inquiries on the whereabouts of missing people.

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Unread 09-14-2019, 06:22 AM
ruana ruana is offline
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friend's lost wedding ring

A friend, C, and I were at dinner with our larger circle of friends. C noticed at some point that he had misplaced his wedding ring and went to look for it in the restaurant's bathroom. He was unable to find it there nor anywhere nearby (his backpack, on his person, on or under or near the dining table).

Having recently had some success with finding some things through horary, I went, "Oh, I'll cast for it!" And then, of course, I found myself not feeling like I was interpreting things right lol. So I'm seeking the help of others more experienced than I.

As a note, this is very specifically MY question, rather than C's, as he's a skeptic of astrology in general, and I think that's part of what's tripping me up. Every other chart I've read has been my finding my own things or finding things that someone explicitly asked me to cast for. I haven't had to use derived houses for any lost item horary charts, which is strangely making me feel very uncertain.

His conscious recollection of the last time he knew he had it seems to have been at work earlier in the day, and he did not stop at home between work and the dinner. He also had not been SOUTH of the dinner/horary location at any time on this date, though he had been both East (starting the day at home) and West (the whole day at work).

question: Where is Cís wedding ring?
querent: ruana (the astrologer), represented by AC, which is in Taurus
subject: C, represented by DC, which is in Scorpio
quesited: Cís wedding ring, represented by 2nd house from C, the cusp of which is in Sagittarius

With Taurus rising on the day and hour of Venus, I think the chart is radical? But even this aside, here are some things that seem to indicate radicality:

C: Represented by Mars, which is in Virgo, and C is as Virgo as they come.

Mars is in C's 11th house, the house of of friends and community. Accurate to reality, given that at the time of the question, we were at dinner with friends. Arguably also still correct from the ascendant (querent's fifth house, the house of fun)?

Ring: Represented by Jupiter in Sagittarius. The ring is related to the law, a representation of a marriage contract.

In previous lost item questions I've cast for, even if everything else felt shaky, the directional indicators always lined up or were similar (e.g., quesited significator indicates "south," moon indicates "south by west"), so I've found myself relying on direction a lot (and save for once, I've always found the item by following that instinct!). But in this chart, directions seem to be all over the place.

Moreover, eeeeeverything seems to be separating, especially the significators for the item itself and for C (Mars, Jupiter, the moon). Am I looking for more than I ought to be? Should I be reading this as saying the ring is gone?


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Unread 09-17-2019, 05:36 PM
PopCornPuss PopCornPuss is offline
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Re: friend's lost wedding ring


Look in the lavatory at his work, a youth might have picked it up, given it to the boss, whom has it,(Mercury is changing signs as is Venus the bauble, she likes her entrance into her natural sign of higher intentions, but Libra is held back, intercepted in the 6th HC, an employer/e, whom is very pretty might have it, or given it to receptionist, Mercury in Libra, to put in a safe look to the higher intention-the right thing to do follows the tenement of where the ring has gone.) is where Jupiter is significant by dignity of sign, (10HC's from the 11th-speaks of work, career as you have said in a PM to me..) Sagittarius (Jupiter in Sag.) individuals are those known to instrument corporate business, protocol, dignified concern about other people's money-possessions, is important as a significant descriptive for; a book-keeper; company policies enforcer, could know of its where-bouts, (Jupiter in Sag. in Scorpio's (8th area} domain, (placed in a safe?) hidden from your friend,as he does not 'know' where it is, but he placed out in the open in a Scorpionic atmosphere.

Hope your friend finds his ring..Moon to Saturn, Uranus natural lords of Aquarius (hopes & on your friends Ascendant, minus Lily rulings, where one can often use the 1st house as the individual asked about, depending on familial camaraderie of the one asked for..) aspects look to.
Hope others chime in to help

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Unread 09-20-2019, 09:03 AM
ravinderccmb ravinderccmb is offline
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Re: friend's lost wedding ring

Any feedback?
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Unread 10-08-2019, 11:12 PM
Heavensmystery Heavensmystery is offline
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Re: friend's lost wedding ring

who is C, your friend or your partner?
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friend, lost, ring, wedding

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