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Hot topic arena As the title suggest, this sub-board is dedicated to non-astrological talks on interesting, important or controversial topics.

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Unread 02-04-2014, 02:21 AM
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my definition of trolls


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Unread 02-04-2014, 10:10 PM
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Unhappy We're being watched?

Usually I would say you're being paranoid, but now I can't and wish I could. I'd always assumed that metaphysics would just fly under the government's nose, but now I can't keep myself under that delusion anymore. Now I find myself wondering who all on the forum might be a government agent. I know it's unlikely that more than one or two people are, but still...
People often confuse my arrogance for confidence. But I assure you, it's definitely arrogance.
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Unread 02-05-2014, 02:58 PM
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Re: my definition of trolls

I am completely aware of the founding fathers' knowledge about astrology. But I'd hoped that this awareness would be proportionately inverse to corruption. I figured that bureacracy would lead to the stagnation of wisdom and truth. Apparently I was just deluding myself.
People often confuse my arrogance for confidence. But I assure you, it's definitely arrogance.

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Unread 04-05-2014, 02:27 AM
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Re: my definition of trolls

The official definition of an internet troll is someone who posts on boards of various topics and whose only goal is to cause disruption and dissension. They'll agree with a guy on one thread and disagree with another on the very same point, just to be a pain. They typically show up on political posts and automatically take the opposite side of the majority opinion and say whatever outrageous thing is necessary to get people worked up. Edit: retracting statement about moderators. Lately the bullies on the forum get to dictate what the rest are able to say.

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Get back on topic


Please get back on topic and stop attacking each other. Yes, the Moderators DO delete and/or change posts and post topics based on whether or not the post/topic will encourage discussion or create riots. Based on many years of experience on the Forum, the Moderators use their best judgment to decide what stays and what goes.

Here...there wasn't much question about it at all. This thread devolved into a series of attacks and threats. As a reminder, if you have ANY problem with a thread, please report it and do NOT respond IN the thread. Responding in the thread simply creates attacking escalation and makes trolls (the usual internet kind) VERY happy.

Back on topic,

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Unread 08-28-2014, 09:41 PM
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Re: my definition of trolls

Originally Posted by rahu View Post
I was wondering why a member on my ignore list is no longerer being ignored. i checked my ignore list and her name had mysteriously disappeared so I re-entered her name in my ignore list(it is there now) but she is not being ignored. so whats up.

Clearly, she pried open the bars to your personal list, and syren that she is, she escaped.
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amaranthinefall (08-28-2014)
Unread 08-29-2014, 01:13 AM
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Talking Re: my definition of trolls

Trolls live under bridges

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Unread 02-11-2015, 01:32 AM
rahu rahu is offline
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Re: my definition of trolls

this is a repost of the thread
Recently I have and to place a number of users ignore list, after years of never needing this option.
As it is not allowed to cast someone as a troll, I would like to give my experiences with the concept of trolls.
The military and government agencies have admitted that they have soldiers/employees online to influence and direct the opinions on forums and such.
Then there are individuals whose psychological structure is such that they act in abusive ways online.
My firs experience was in the eary turn of the century. I had posted a serioes of earthquake predictions on a eology forum. It was clear ,they were not receptive as the official dogma of the usgs was that it was impossible. but I posted about 150 predictions and got statistical significance. intially the feed back was slightly trollish with an a member called der coach being particularly disrespectful and ridiculing me.a common trait of a troll. Usually the ridicule occurs as a 2 or 3 option, but here the sheer impossibility of what I proposed warranted a immediate elevation to ridicule.
But when the statistical significance started to show, the ridicule became more personal. Der coachs’s alter ego sent me child pornography which I deleted without opening. I am sure of Sylvester’s participation because the site I posted through, replayer .com sent mean email asking if I wanted to pursue legal action against slyvesterthe cat.
Finally after another posting of150-200 quakes, I h replied something to the affect of “so you can predict earthquakes, get back to me when you can predict big ones”
So irealized the futility as the government did not want to accurate earthquake prediction.i assume this was the government working through der coach as some other poster a made note that de rcoach had no code identifying who or where he was.this was in the day s of dial out and there were black numbers tha one could dial wand access the internet totally anonymously and untraceable.
This was when the government was using the conservative evangelicals and was appointing religious inf-individuals to scientific post to curry favor and dissension with in the culture.
Finally my post just disappeared and no notice gioven.
So I set up a old geocities website and posted my prediction there.
Now to why the government was threatened by my earth prediction, I assume it was because the religious element did not what “acts of god” to be shown to be predictable.
But they changed my password on my website a couple of times and then they changed the

secret question” that was used for me to get into my site. so I was functionally shut down, though technically they did shut me down
I have to assume it was the government because about a month earlier, I noticed that %99 of my visitors were using NT1.0 or NT2., those are used by government agencies and corporations. This is significant because previously 99% were windows98 which showed the private individuals were coming.
The change was immediate 99% window to 99%NT .
Then I received the following reply
Would you dare say that the good lord has prepared a table for you in
the face of your enemies!search/zale$20taurus/sci.geo.earthquakes/GnwQvcoBnBY/yzXkUfcYGF4J

this was really unsetting as I know how government thugs can work. Then the religious reference really raised the hair on my neck

a couple of years back is was on a forum ad ,this poster started following me around adding comments he pulled off the web…. No big deal. I noticed he had connection to a young girl asking “why everyone wants to have sex with me “along with an alluring photo. and he was associated with another woman whose epithet was a good girl gone bad.
I don’t remember what he finally posted that set me off .but it likely ad something to do with the political posts I had started making. I had already decided he was one of these military posters and likely 2 or 3 woman posters were also him. at one point he had confused his photos so that it showed up under the young nymphs post.
Anyway we went back and forth and I said he needed to read some of my post. He replied you need to stop smoking weed first, so I bantered, you know you are probably a real nice guy when you aren’t doing coke….this comment hit home and his replies was caution and defensive. So I realized I had it the spot and launched into him …” following’re too obvious.. if you want your captain to keeping selling you the good stuff , you need to get better at what you do.”
I don’t remember his weak rely but I continued with…. Hmmm do they have you in some cubicle up in colorado springs.. what are you G12 or so…no , ill bet the airforce has you up in minot N.D.
From another source ,I had learned that the some air force personnel in Minot where heavily into black magic so I threw that in… his replies were weak and confused but he did not even issue any rebuttal…. Of course I was pushing his psyche hard and he had not been prepared to have his “disguise” pulled off.
A few hours later , I realized I had been to imprudent. Within a few hours a deleted everything but it was too late… as 2 days later, I found a ostensibly “homeless” man following my movements. but very subtle and slowly getting to know my matters…. But that is not about trolls rather it became a experience of “magic and government agents.
Through all this and analyzing personal trolls . I have a list of characteristic all programmed trolls use. Psychological trolls show all the qualities as a programmed troll
First you facts will be attacked, criticized branded false.
Secondly, alternative facts will be presented but they are always specious and wrong.
Then trying to totally change the focus of the thread, by going off topic.
After rebutting their contradictions, the troll will attack you personally, questioning your competence.
Now is usually where ridicule enters and after ridicule fails, then cursing your person rounds out the techniques used to discredit one.
troll will just continue posting wrong or inconsequential data to cloud the threads and fill it will so much noise.
This is an astrology forum so I never say that another astrological opinion is wrong. I never chimed into another astrologer reading to say it is wrong or that it does wrong that way.
I do not expect to have to respond to posters who adopt this attitude of intolerance.
When I encounter such posters I am simply going to ut them are the ignore list.
So if I seem that I am not responding to all other members, it is correct.

With the social fabric about to rip, I think the government will have all their agents on the forums trying reinforce the NWO/government propaganda and discredit all others.

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Unread 02-20-2015, 09:31 AM
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Talking Re: my definition of trolls

I'm sure the AW dealt with trolls and other trouble makers from time to time. I know an infamous meme board which has the reputation being the "toilet of the internet" (hint: it starts with a number and ends in a name for girl in Japanese). That's where trolls, haxxors and "Anonymous" thrive (the hacktivist group), and are known to ra/I/d other message boards and live chats across the intrnetzwebz. They get off on incitement of forum or chat members and staff reading posts full of foul language and hate speech, and extreme spamming to disrupt topics or live chats. Trolls have no lives (seriously) so they lash at the world this way.
or , I have the same ruling planets: Uranus and Saturn. I see the Cancer rising. Aries in the MC and Venus was her name!
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