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Unread 04-03-2016, 06:52 AM
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Donald Trump & Ted Cruz - tropical vs sidereal

I think this is one of those cases where the sidereal chart explains much better what's going on than the tropical chart. I've attached the tropical and sidereal synastry charts. What we should keep in mind though is that Trump's chart has an A rating, Cruz' chart has only a C rating! So I'll just cover the basics.

Donald Trump's chart:

In the sidereal chart, he's a 10th House Taurus Sun. The Taurus Sun is said to be slow in making up his mind and is usually slowly gaining momentum, but once the Taurus Sun starts going, it's hard to stop him or make him change directions. Which would explain why Trump has been largely underestimated in the beginning and why the 'Stop Trump' movement is having such a hard time now. Taurus also has his principles and he'll stick to it no matter what. But the principles of the Taurus are more of a practical than ideological nature. Which would explain why Trump described himself as a 'common sense conservative' and has been shamed by the more ideologically oriented members of his party as 'not true conservative'.

Taurus is often said to be like a huge solid rock. And I think we've seen that over the last months with Trump, who is basically under constant assault by his rivals and especially the media but all the mud that has been thrown at him just doesn't seem to stick and Trump still seems absolutely unfazed.

With the Sun as chart ruler and in the 10th, it's difficult to hide his true intentions, because it's all out there in the open/public. And that's essentially what happened. No one really expects any new secret revelations about Trump because it's been all out there for a long time already.

In the vedic chart, what's most interesting is his extremely powerful Sun. Which suggests an overabundance of energy and self-esteem, a strong will and character and the means to accomplish his goals on his own. His Sun is also Atmakaraka (the 1st in line) which only adds to that.

Also interesting is Trump's Sun conjunct Uranus, which could explain why he's so in touch with the current zeitgeist, not to mention his mastery of social media.

Ted Cruz' Chart:

In the sidereal chart, Cruz is a Virgo rising with both Moon and Pluto in the 1st which would explain his inability to connect to others emotionally, his drive for power and his tendency to employ any and all means available in order to achieve his goals, especially via careful preparations/schemes. It also would explain his rather 'mysterious aura' because the Pluto Moon tends to keep others in the dark about his actual state of being and/or intentions (Trump's Moon is in Scorpio, so this also applies to Trump, but to a lesser degree)

His Sun in Sagittarius suggests that he's very principled, too. But more in the ideological sense, not in the practical sense like Trump. Also, his Sun is the ruler of his 12th which could add to the already mentioned mystery/hidden agenda pattern.

In the vedic chart, what's most interesting is his rather weak Sun. Which suggests a lack of energy and self-esteem, a weak will and character and the lack of means to accomplish his goals on his own. His Sun is also Gnatikaraka (7th in line) which only adds to that. His Atmakaraka is Rahu (akin to Pluto!).

So given that his Sun is rather weak, it's probably not likely that he is able to live up to his high Sagittarian ideals. Which isn't a problem per se. It all depends how he deals with it, i.e. will he admit that those are just ideals he's still trying to accomplish or will he pretend to be something that he is not (yet) instead?

Trump/Cruz Synastry:

The Moons are in sextile, that's harmonic. Suns are inconjunct and ASC in semi-sextile - very disharmonic!

Since we are talking about a work relationship and not about an intimate relationship, the Moons are not that important. Which means the focus is on the Sun primarily and also ASC. And judging from the signs, this doesn't look like a productive relationship.

Trump's Moon and Cruz' Sun are both in the 4th. Which could mean that 4th House topics (nationalism etc.) may be their one and only common denominator. However, while the 4th House Moon uses the 4th as his basis, the 4th house Sun uses the 4th as his mission. Also, the 10th house Sun is a born leader (especially with Leo rising), the 4th house Sun is quite the opposite (especially with Virgo rising). Additionally, Trump's Moon and Cruz' Sun are in semi-sextile again. So in the end, this doesn't bode well either.

Looking at the houses, Cruz triggers Trump's 2nd (self-worth and resources) and 5th (fun!) and Trump triggers Cruz 9th (ideals and values) and 12th (hidden stuff!)


Trump and Cruz are very much opposites, both in character and approach. Over the next weeks or months we will see how this significant difference is going to play out. Trump's Sun seems strong enough to pull it off alone, Cruz, however, with a rather weak Sun, will probably pull it off with the help of strong alliances only (which should come natural for him). Since Trump triggers Cruz' 12th house, the relationship may be much more problematic for Cruz than it is for Trump who has his 5th house triggered and may actually enjoy the altercations ( if I remember correctly, Trump actually said that!)

So when we look at the sidereal charts (especially the vedic charts), it's not surprising that the things that are currently happening in the GOP race are happening exactly as they happen. And the tropical charts can't really explain it that clearly.

That's my 2 cents so far.
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