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Unread 08-28-2007, 12:46 AM
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will package make it out of U.S. customs office


i have a tracking number for the postal office and i just called and the package is in the USA customs office and i'm told it can be held for 30 -40 days!!!!! so i ran a chart.

will my package be released and when?
date: 8/27/07
time: 8:01 p.m.
place: bradford, ma (USA) 71w09, 42n46
asc 20 pisces

there are no aspects between significators which means no action but there has to be: either they release the package or they don't. so i'm confused on this one.

i'm represented by jupiter if you use traditional methods and the package which is paid for is represented by the the second house (as it's my possession even though it hasn't made it here yet). the last aspect for the moon is opposed saturn so saturn plays a heavy role here. mars is in the third house which i take to represent that i will eventually receive my paid package (am i wrong here?).

what i got for significant aspects that are applying are:
mars opp jupiter
mercury sq mars
fortune conj vertex (fortune is hand in hand with fate)
sat sex juno (demonstrating package is important to me)

the sixth house is loaded with planets and i take that to mean that the outcome will be "healthy".

ivy uses parallels and says they mean it's "as good as done" and the following parallels were seen:
ven para sat
merc para venus
sun para venus, sat, and mercury
fort para vertex
vertex para ascendent
merc para sat
merc para vertex and fortune
jupiter para ascendent (which to me is the strongest and suggests i'll have customs release package.)

now what i'm super not good at is timing.... when, if i got it right, and it will be released from the US customs office will they release the package to be routed for delivery? and can someone tell me how they went about figuring out delivery time frame i'd appreciate it so i can learn something.

any help would greatly be appreciated where i've had one package lost in customs somewhere whether here or their country. as one can see it's very frustrating not knowing if something will or won't arrive and why things happen the way they do sometimes. i was hoping for delivery this week where it made it to the US customs office at 4:33 p.m. on the 25th but of course the post office doesn't work on the weekend (or the drivers don't).

thanks bunches for your help with this horary question.

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Unread 08-29-2007, 06:57 AM
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Re: will package make it out of U.S. customs office

Hi Jag,
Moon has only one aspect and that is oposition with Sa, that is not so happy end.
If we look your ruler Ju, and package that you have to get, ruler of 3 house, Me there are no applaying aspect so that is not good too.
But we could look ruler of your possetion, Ve rx and ruler of their "possetion"
ruler of 8 house, Ma, which is in your 3 house, post, thay send it as you said, and we see there are applaying aspect which will be exact for 6 and 1/4 degree, in my opinion that are weeks.
So, there are small possibility that you will get it. But because this Ve is rx, there are posibility that you will get part of your money returned from them. Ve is ruler of your 2nd but intercepted ruler of 7 house too.
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Unread 08-29-2007, 07:38 AM
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Re: will package make it out of U.S. customs office

Hi Goca, the question actually is: "will package leave customs" and not "will I receive the package". So IMO, looking at only that question, I would say, yes, the package will leave customs, because Mercury is leaving the square to Jupiter (customs). Anything else is not asked for in this question. Of course we are all curious and look a bit further, so yes, will the package get to the querent? Querent is also Jupiter. We now look differently at Mercury and Jupiter. Where is Mercury (also ruler of "End of the Matter") positioned`? In own house and dignified by sign which is fortunate. It moves towards the POF, very dignified in the 7th (an Angle) and also in terms of Mercury as well as disposed of by Mercury. On it's way to POF, I think it has first to meet with a sudden whatever (change of some kind, unexpected event) and after that it will conjunct the POF, so I think, she will receive the package as well but indeed, due to the last difficult aspect of the Moon to Saturn, it could be delayed. Also noteworthy is the fact that Saturn is conjunct the fixed star Cor Leonis, a Star of great virtue an influence (Lilly), so maybe Saturn works out not THAT negative as usual? For a star of great magnitude we could even allow an orb of 7°30 and for a 2nd Magnitude 5°30. I think Cor Leonis (Regulus) is a star of great Magnitude, so in this case it even conjuncts the Sun which is the general indicator of the chart and indicating good fortune, maybe a bit less due to the fact that the Sun and all the others are in the 6th house. Good again is that the Sun is disposed off by Mercury and this one is well placed and dignified.
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