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Unread 12-10-2006, 07:43 AM
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Suggest Birth Date/Time...

I have some basic knowledge of astrology. Need some suggestions.

My wife is pregnant now. Due to some problems, she has to undergo a caesarian to deliver the baby. As doctor suggested that it would be after Dec 25th and before Jan 15th. I am looking for the good date and time to deliver the baby; for the bright future of the baby. Could you please suggest me the same. I can get doctors cooperation here to get the surgery at the said time.

Place: India; Hyderabad. Lat: 17.20 North Long: 78.30 East

I tried different combinations and found Jan 5th 2007; 11:25 AM is good time. Pass on your comments on this.

My wife's birth details:
06 Apr 1978 Time Zone = -5.5 11.14 A.M. 16.31 NORTH 80.39 EAST

My birth details:
10 Oct 1970 Time Zone = -5.5 3.00 A.M. 16.31 NORTH 80.39 EAST

Thanks in Advance.

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Unread 12-12-2006, 07:51 AM
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Re: Suggest Birth Date/Time...

Hi SriVidya.

This is a wonderful opportunity to look at a possible election for a birth, and this form of astrology is taking my interest greatly at the moment, so I would like to indulge this chance at offering you a possible election.

I'll clarify that I am making these deductions according to the the astrology of the tropical zodiac, and not the sidereal zodiac as would usually be used by astrologer's in India, but as you are here, I assume that you already understand this and that you are comfortable with it.

There are those who would consider deliberating the birth time of a child as most unethical but as to why, I am unclear. This is probably the most important election that can be undertaken. If it is necessary for a child to be born by caesarian section, because otherwise it will not be born at all, then of course it makes sense that if the opportunity arises to elect this date and time, rather than having it arbitrarily determined by a doctor, as was my own caesarian birth, then of course this wonderful opportunity must be taken advantage of.

It would be better to consider a date on or after the 28th of December, at which time, Mercury will move out of it's sign of detriment in Sagittarius, so I would discount a date between the 25th and 28th, to minimise detrimental planetary influence.

When Mercury moves into Capricorn, it is out of detriment, but will have the glare of the Sun to contend with, but this is an accidental condition, and preferable to the planet being essentially detrimented, and we can see what can be done to minimise the negative effects of combustion accidentally.

The most difficult influence to work with during this period is Saturn in it's detriment, so we will have to see what we can do with this by way of it's accidental placement, for there is nothing that can be done about Saturn's detriment during this period, but every life must necessarily have it's challenges.

Between the dates that you have given, in order to maximise essential dignity of planetary influence in the chart, alongside Jupiter in domicile, which will be effective at any time during the period, it is better that the Moon be in it's exaltation of Taurus or it's domicile of Cancer.

First however, I would consider a good election for a placement of the Moon in Taurus, for at this time, the Moon will be in a sign that is triangular with the Sun's sign, making their nature more compatible in that they have the same elemental disposition.

The Moon in Cancer, although a stronger dignity, would place the Moon in the sign opposite to the Sun, making them naturally incongenial, and as the Moon would either be approching or coming from it's fullness in this sign, as the Sun is in Capricorn, it is made accidentally weak by being subject to the full force of the Sun, so it is better to first consider a good election pertaining to the Moon in Taurus period. Furthermore, it is not a good time to undertake any operation around a full Moon, as surgeons find it more difficult to stem bleeding and the occurance of calamities is more likely, and as the Moon naturally has presidence over mothers and babies, we again see why this would not be a good idea, so we should favour the Moon in Taurus. The Moon will also be waxing in Taurus, whereas for most of it's journey through Cancer, it will be waning, and as growth is naturally consequent to birth, this is another reason that the waxng Moon in Taurus would be more auspicious.

In deciding the part of Taurus that the Moon would better be placed for the nativity, then we must consider that the Moon is in a sign that is squared with the sign in which the essentially debilitated Saturn is placed which we cannot change, but what we can do is keep the Moon away from close aspect with Saturn, so it is best to keep the Moon at least ten degrees away from it's partile aspect, so it's better that the Moon should be in the first half of the sign, the lesser the degree the better, balanced alongside other considerations.

In deciding the degree in which to place the Moon in Taurus' first half, then the Moon can either be closer to a trine with Mercury or the Sun, but I would have it closer to it's trine with the Sun, maximising the ease of contact between luminaries.

Mercury will be combust throughout the Moon in Taurus period. We could have it cazimi when the Moon is in Cancer, but this might not be the wisest decision, for reasons already explored. Any life must in any case have it's challenges, so let's concentrate upon maximising the benefits of the horoscope so that any more negative traits are all the more likely to be overcome.

The closest aspect we can give of the Moon to the Sun, affording the best accidental dignity for the Moon and Jupiter, whose essential dignities we wish to be able to make best use of, then the Moon at Taurus 7 early on 30th December, gives us the best opportunity, as this places the Moon on the seventh cusp and Jupiter on the second. This makes the Moon angular, so the power of it's exaltation is given full force of expression, but even better, the seventh is the Moon's house of rulership, so a most fortuitous position for the Moon. Jupiter is also upon the cusp of it's house of rulership, allowing for the good accidental positioning of both of these essentially most dignified planets.

This is the best configuration I can find for the Moon and Jupiter in the horoscope, maximising their ability to express the essential strength latent within both of them, but we must consider that such a configuration places debilitated Saturn in the tenth, meaning that it can make full use of it's debilitation. However, considering that the Moon and Jupiter are so very well positioned, then this affords the native with some potential to overcome such a troublesome Saturn, so perhaps this should not matter such a great deal, but none the less, it still is not most desirable to have a detrimented Saturn presiding over the chart so it seems unwise. This is not a terrible election, but that Saturn is so accidentally strong bothers me, so I look further for something better than this:

30th December - 2.10am.

The best thing that can be done with a troublesome Saturn is to relegate it to the twelfth house, the house of it's joy and by far the best place for it, the twelfth also being cadent and giving Saturn little opportunity to express it's detrimental nature with any great force.

If we place Saturn in the twelfth, we can have Jupiter conjoined with the fourth cusp and the Moon at the cusp of the ninth. Jupiter conjoined with the nadir gives it great power and makes it lord of the geniture and it is most fortuitous to be able to have the greater benefic as the leading strength in a nativity, but the Moon at the ninth seems not to make for the best expression of it's latent strength, for the ninth is cadent, even if not a typically unfortunate house. However, the Moon is in partile trine with the ascendant, allowing for a harmious expression of the Moon's power in the most personal way, so this is good. This places Virgo on the ascendant, the ruler of which would be combust Mercury, but consider that Mercury is conjoined with the part of fortune in the chart, so the combusted Mercury, while appearing afflicted at face value, can prove to be a blessing in disguise in the life of the native. In any case, we must have Mercury combust anyway (unless we go for Moon in Cancer when Mercury is cazimi which is not a good idea), and as such, we might as well have him conjoined with the part of fortune, an auspicious accidental dignity.

So this is a good chart, because it relegates Saturn to the twelfth which minimises it's ability to enact it's detrimental influence, combust Mercury is conjoined with the part of fortune, which is the lunar ascendant, and the Moon itself is trine with the Virgo ascendant which is ruled by Mercury, and we give the essentially strong, greater benefic Jupiter great power to act and presidence over the chart in general and the powerful Moon has great ease of expression via the ascendant. As an extra advantage, Venus also happens to be in it's house of joy.

So according to my investigations so far as to a good election for the time of birth, I feel that this is a good date and time for all the reasons explained:

29th December - 9.45pm.

I will point out that I have been looking at this chart according to the ecliptic based Porphyry house system, as to me it makes sense to keep things based on the ecliptic. I like the sensible and simple order of this scheme, and I am coming to favour this house system for natal work, but for the record, there are no significant differences to placements according to house cusps in this case when the charts are drawn up in the commonly used Placidus system.

I will try and have a look for other possible auspicious dates and times, but I am satisified with this for now. Then the task involves comparing the election or elections to the natal charts of you and your wife, and see how they compare. I also wanted to comment upon your own election, but I will return and do these things later on as I have spent quite some time on this now, and I'm ready for a break.
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Unread 12-16-2006, 04:16 AM
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Re: Suggest Birth Date/Time...

In 9th there are Jupiter,Mercury,and mars having place by the moon sign,and there are posibilities of Delavery with in the indicated time of Docters.
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Unread 12-16-2006, 04:30 AM
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Re: Suggest Birth Date/Time...

Thanks for the reply AstroBhaduaria...

Is the time I am thinking of...Jan 5th, 2007 at 11:25 a good delivery the baby (ceserian)...for the bright future of the baby? Please let me know.
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birth, date or time, suggest

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