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Unread 09-11-2005, 08:02 PM
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Will my friend buy the building she currently rents in

hi all,

my friend is very anxious over whether she will be able to buy the current
apartment building she rents an apt from now. the landlord has approached her but finding the down payment might be tricky.
at 8:49 a.m. EDT bradford, ma --united states (71w05, 42n46) on sept 11, 2005 i asked

will she get the mortgage and buy her apt building?

below is my stab at an analysis of the chart without being able to time
when she will actually buy the building because i don't know what items
to perfect at this point in my studying.

House cusps - Regiomontanus
10TH HOUSE = 20 CAN 9 11TH HOUSE = 25 LEO 39 12TH HOUSE = 23 VIR 22
1ST HOUSE = 16 LIB 56 2ND HOUSE = 11 SCO 34 3RD HOUSE = 12 SAG 21
4TH HOUSE = 20 CAP 9 5TH HOUSE = 25 AQU 39 6TH HOUSE = 23 PIS 22
7TH HOUSE = 16 ARI 56 8TH HOUSE = 11 TAU 34 9TH HOUSE = 12 GEM 21

18 VIR 53 SUN (12TH HOUSE)


querent is me the ascendant.
need to derive houses to get to quesited which is my friend (original chart descendant becomes the
ascendant). significator is mars located in derived chart H2.
derived 4H from the derived ASC is the home and end of matter and is now the derived IC.
significator is the moon and it is located derived chart H9.
the landlord is now the derived 7H and it's significator is venus located in derived
H7 and cosignificator is jupiter located in dervied H7.

there aren't really any major aspects between these planets.
the moon has just finished squaring the sun so the problem of acquiring a mortgage to
buy the building was amplified and didn't give my friend a heck of alot of a positive outcome.
the moon does sextile jupiter next before conjuncting pluto (and this happens in the 9H and
am thinking it will shake up the way she is currently analyzing the situation and put the
emotions to work and purge old beliefs in order to transform thoughts into action). and the
final aspect is a sextile in venus (money sign and material possessions).

things that can interfere with perfection:
part of fortune is square the 7H (current landlord will be a source of frustration, H7 is
ruled by libra and he may change his mind on details before final sale)

mars is the significator to the quesited and is in H2 (of material possessions and gained
wealth) and conjunct the H2 cusp. this indicated she gets what she sets out to obtain
in a slow, determined steady pace where taurus is on the cusp and mars is in taurus.

jupiter is a cosignificator of the 7th (which represents the landlord looking to see his
apartment building. he wants my friend to buy the home and will do whatever he can
to see that she buys his property. it won't be straightforward as jupiter squares
the 4th house and indicates frustation regarding money matters (venus is at a fateful
29 degrees in it's own sign of libra--i'm guessing money will be a source of frustration
where venus rules money in the 2nd house and that there will be glitches right up
until both parties do the final signoff of the property). with jupiter being in the 7H
and conjunct the 7th cusp i believe the landlord will make out very well financiall
on the sale of his property.

jupiter is applying a square to the part of fortune. i take this to mean that what could
work out extremely smoothly will be very complicated and she'll just have to ride out
the ups and downs. the part of fortune is in applying aspect to the vertex which means
fate is playing a hand in her obtaining this property through a trine; vertex is located
in her 1st house so she fate is giving her the opportunity (part of fortune) to own
her own home.

a few notes on arabic parts that form major aspects to the horary chart:
property is trine 2H and the part of fortune as well as the vertex (she will gain this
property as a material possession and she is being given this cooperating aspect
to get what she wants and fate has decided she deserved)
success is conjunct 4H and with this aspect in real estate's natural home and also
representing the end of matter, she obtains the property. she also has a sextile
to H2 and significator mars and the vertex. all supporting that she will get
what she wants. the square this part forms with the ascendant and venus and
jupiter means she will have to work for this outcomes success. things are not
going to be handed to her.
real estate is trine the H4. so she will obtain the property and call it home. i
noticed the real estate part is located in the derived H8... the man was diagnosed
with cancer would this indicate she won't be able to buy the property until he
(god i hate to even say it but it might be what the chart is saying) expires from
cancer that could have been already diagnosed as terminal? would this aspect indicate
that through death she obtains the property?
saturn is in H4 and i'm assuming that means that she will get the property and assume
her new role as landlord.

one last thing are parallels that ivy goldstein had said means the "matter is as good
as done."
mars parallel H2
mars parallel vx
saturn parallel IC
mars parallel saturn
moon parallel fortune
venus parallel H7
vx parallel H4
saturn parallel vx

and i'm not even close to figuring out when the sale will take place--can't figure
out how to set up timing and what to even look to in terms of taking a stab at it. but my final
impression of the chart is that she will get the funds to put a down payment on the
apt building and the landlord will help her (he's already told her not to pay the
rent increase as of oct 1) in any way he can including trying to help her get money
for the down payment. she will eventually be the new landlord of the apt building
she rents from. and i'm still wigged out that the present landlord may be in the
process of dying throughout this saga and may even expire before the sale is final

thanks to anyone who can comment on anything that is incorrect, especially the final outcome. i did my best to try and get all relevant
points written on paper to track where i've gone wrong when someone
is kind enough to let me know i made a mistake.

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Unread 09-14-2005, 09:53 AM
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If she is your friend then you have to assign 11house of radical chart for her ASC. But if she is your girlfriend then it is Ok you assign 7 H of radical chart for her ASC. I can not coment rest untill I get to know this.
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Unread 09-15-2005, 03:11 AM
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Oops i guess i blew it and got my houses mixed up. She is a platonic friend not a significant other. So it appears i got off on the wrong foot...
Thank you for pointing that out to me, I really appreciate the correction and will keep this in mind--and what you said does make perfect sense that we start with the 11th house.

Thanks for the heads up....
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Unread 09-15-2005, 06:02 AM
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Glad to help. As I can see you know horary a lot and I am sure you will find right answer.
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Unread 09-16-2005, 11:58 AM
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Well now the house change changes everything. SHE'S AS GOOD AS SUNK! i'm glad i kept my mouth shut and didn't tell her i was analyzing her potential because i would have felt awful telling her i made a huge mistake!

she doesn't have any good aspects except for arabic parts

sun sq pluto is in applying
sun opp uranus is separating
moon con pluto (i don't see this as a good thing and am guessing pluto gets more power and doesn't help matters)

sun is trine POF
Pluto is parallel POF
moon is parallel POF
arabic part property (10 vir 44): is conjunct the sun, trine vertex and POF, opposite uranus
arabic part for real estate: (24 scorp 36): is sextile POF
arabic part for success (19 canc55): is trine the 4th derived house

it's nice that she has so many parts that are good but i don't see them overpowering the slew of bad aspects above. my vote is she does not get the house but does her hardest to get the downpayment for a mortgage.

geesh i wish i was right the first time because this has taught me a good lesson in making sure you stand back from the chart to be unbiased.

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Unread 09-16-2005, 01:06 PM
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I do not see things too bad. She is Su at 18Vi53 and ruler of derived 4 H is Ma at 20Ta 32 so, thera are applaing aspects between them and that is "yes" answer regarding home. Su (she) and man who sell Sa (ruler of derived 7H) go to aspect both to Pl that is collection of light and indicate contact.I do not know what in english is mortage, but if it consider money from another than we have to look derived 8H and it/s ruler. In this case that is connection Su and Ju and again both go to aspect with Pl co-ruler 4H. And last Moon's aspect is sextile to Ve, that must be something positive...
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Unread 09-16-2005, 09:33 PM
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hi Goca

i am relieved that it isn't as sad as i thought. i missed a couple of major key points that you pointed out. i'll print out the things you said and keep it with my chart stuff to use as a reference for other charts in the future. i forget things that are important and don't realize it is important to factor in all things as you did. mortgage is the money loan from the bank to buy the house; and you factored that in and i missed it.

thank you for being so kind to let me know i blew it yet again! but it has taught me alot and hopefully i can contribute to analysis' of charts thanks to you gently telling me to make sure and check all angles of the chart. :-)

thank you very much
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Unread 09-17-2005, 04:15 PM
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It's my pleasure. I also print things that I did not know and put it in ledger with title "horary". And when I am not sure about something I open and search.
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Unread 10-28-2005, 08:13 AM
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okay outcome of this question to date. the landlord has brain cancer and is not expected to live much longer. he donated the apartment building to the ASPCA (for those not in the USA it's an animal rescue shelter). my friend said his wife is going to go to court and say he was insane at the time and the house should not be given to the ASPCA. my friend is also having money problems right now so i doubt she will be able to ever buy the building. but you never know she could work something out with the deceased landlord's wife. things don't look good though. :-(

thanks for all the assistance on helping me interpret this crazy chart. i appreciate it a lot. i've also learned from it.

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Unread 10-28-2005, 08:56 AM
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Thanks for update.
Does your friend have home? I consider not, so I pick up derived 4 th house (to buy apparment) because it will be her home. But if she/he has home maybe I pick up wrong house. At this moment I am not sure where to "put" landlord in this chart?
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Unread 10-07-2006, 12:11 PM
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Re: Will my friend buy the building she currently rents in

So much easier just to post the charts. We cant be expected to remember all this data. I just pass by any that dont bother to post the actual chart. They are free from Astrodienst. Also use the person's chart whose issue it is. Girlfriend is 5th house unless a long time partner... 11th house is not necessarily friends only. 3rd house can be that.....

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