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Traditional Astrology For discussions on Traditional Astrology only. (Note: Typically, traditional astrology is defined as using techniques developed prior to 1700 by astrologers from the Hellenistic, Persian, Hebrew, and Renaissance eras. In general, it relies on Ptolemaic aspects (sextile, trine, square, opposition and conjunction) though there may be some exceptions, and always excludes modern planets (Neptune, Uranus and Pluto,) as well as any asteroids. The focus is less on what would be considered modern psychological chart interpretation and more on prediction. Members who wish to explore a combination of traditional and modern ideas should feel free to start a new thread in an appropriate forum for further discussion.)

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Traditional Rectification Method Example using TRUTINE OF HERMES aka PRENATAL EPOCH

Originally Posted by theV View Post
Recieving a contract from abroad in 24 of June at 14:00. The moon is in Pisces 23 and the Sun is in cancer 2 degree and the Ascendant was in Libra 17 degree which makes sense since I have pisces in the 9th, Cancer in the 12th which rules foreign affairs, and Libra in the fourth home.
Originally Posted by theV View Post
First we need to locate the Moon in the unrectified chart, let us call it the ‘base chart’. Is it above or below the horizon?
Next we need to calculate the distance from Moon to Ascendant (if the Moon is under the horizon) and from Moon to Descendant (if the Moon is above the horizon)
After that we refer to the table provided by Lilly (If the Moon is above the horizon every twelve degrees between Moon and Descendant is incremented by a day, beginning with 258 days gestation. If the Moon is below the horizon each 12 degrees between Moon and Ascendant is incremented by one day, beginning with a gestation period of 273 days – you can refer to the article The Moon and Gestation here at Altair Astrology for more detail)
Once we have the number of days of gestation we need to find the day. Convert the birth date into the Julian day and then subtract the gestation period, then convert this Julian Day back to the Georgian date. The Calendar Converter at fourmilab can do this, but most astrology software should have this function.
Once we have the date we can refer to an ephemeris and see if the Moon is indeed near the Ascendant degree of the base chart.
If it is, then we can use the rectify function of our astrology programme to enter the Moon’s position as the Ascendant for the day found.
What is the Moon’s position for the conception chart? We note this, then we recalculate our base chart with this degree as the Ascendant and note what the birth time would be for this new position. In fact this chart is now our new ‘base chart’ and we can use it for checking primary directions.
That is the Trutine of Hermes
a useful rectification technique from antiquity

generally known as the Prenatal Epoch

'....Ascendant, or its opposite, at birth, is Moon's position at conception.
....Known as "Trutine of Hermes,"
from Hermes Trismegistus who stated the law as follows:
.....The place of the Moon at conception
becomes the birth ascendant or its opposite point....
But this proved to be but one-half of a very important law
for while the
Ascendant at birth was the place of the Moon at a certain Epoch
the Ascendant or its opposite point at this Epoch
was the place of the Moon at birth
....a very remarkable interchange of factors E.H. Bailey.
Originally Posted by theV View Post

I am trying to use Lilly's way of rectifiying using the conception day, But I am confused what is my exact conception day is. I am following his method stated in this article:
Lillys rectification source is known as THE TRUTINE OF HERMES
and the following detailed instructions
on precisely how to calculate the pre-natal Epoch Rectification Method
may be viewed FOR FREE at
the purpose is determining/establishing the Ascendant
Originally Posted by theV View Post

I am trying to rectify using my prenatal epoch. My moon is below the horizon and is increasing in light which means according to this
Moon below the earth and increasing in light.

Period of gestation is 273 days plus "x".

"Count is to AC, because increasing and is 115 degrees. This divided by 13 equals 9 days the period is lengthened. Hence "Epoch Date" falls 9 days before "Index Date."

So I am supposed to count from the ASC to the Moon 13 degrees and see how many days are there?
Instructions for calculation of TRUTINE OF HERMES that Lilly used
are stated in great detail

at the link I provided
where it is titled THE PRENATAL EPOCH
the Trutine of Hermes is aka The Prenatal Epoch
Certainly the method requires time to process
and so it is simply a matter of taking time to read, study
and then follow those instructions
Originally Posted by theV View Post

@ JupiterAsc Yes, I do understand the instruction. But I am not sure whether I calculated the degree well. I started from 6 degree leo and counted + 13 degree until I reached Sagittarius. But I ended up in 8 degree sagittarius starting from 6 degree leo. I don't know now if it is 9 days or 10 days
if you not only understood, but also followed correctly
the instructions at
then all you can do is revise your calculations
because the instructions are very clear and detailed

Originally Posted by theV View Post

First image is the possible conception day when the moon was in 25 degree cancer. and the second possible concetion day makes the moon in 7 degree leo close to my actual ascendant.
I put Sagittarius as the ascendant to both conception chart according to this article:
I recommend to study and read the article at the link I provided
titled THE PRENATAL EPOCH - simply another name for THE TRUTINE OF HERMES
the instructions are comprehensive, detailed regarding all eventualities
so take time to process these
Originally Posted by theV View Post

The ASC and the Moon are 119 degree apart. 119 divide on 13 gives off 9 which means 9 days added to 273 it is 282. The day of conception would then be 23 NOV 1994.

"In orders Nos. 1 and 4 the distance in degrees of the Moon from the horizon last crossed (AC or DC), divided by thirteen, gives "x", or the number of days by which this period is decreased; and in orders Nos. 2 and 3 the distance of the Moon in degrees from the horizon which it is approaching, divided by thirteen, gives the number of days by which this period is increased."

"Always remember that since the Moon at birth becomes AC or DC at Epoch and vice versa,"

We put the natal moon as the ASC of epoch chart and the epoch moon would be in cancer which means the natal asc is cancer.

So I checked my paper copy of AMERICAN EPHEMERIS for 23 November 1994
on that date, Moon was indeed in Tropical Cancer
but only until 4PM GMT
because at that time
Moon ingressed Tropical Leo on the day in question
presumably you have already created a chart
for your location
that shows your Pre-natal Epoch chart Moon
is same degree as your natal ascendant
Originally Posted by theV View Post

Yes, JupiterAsc. The chart below shows the Epoch ASC in the degree of the natal Moon
which makes the Epoch Moon still in Cancer.

Thus, making my ASC in CANCER AND NOT LEO!!!!!

clearly then, a definitive example

of successful PRENATAL EPOCH aka TRUTINE OF HERMES rectification
so now
your rectified natal chart
as rectified by yourself
following a bona fide ancient rectifrication technique
could be uploaded to this thread
which in my opinion would make an excellent rectification sticky
more appropriate for traditional board because Prenatal Epoch
aka Trutine of Hermes
is an ancient traditional technique

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