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Unread 12-22-2012, 04:32 PM
capleo2scorpio capleo2scorpio is offline
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Re: Does your handwriting match your Ascendant?

Very interesting with the mercury conjunction. My hand writing sometimes is big and bold and clear, other times I got told I scribble like a doctor. My mercury conjunct neptune and uranus and semisquare leo asc.

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Unread 12-22-2012, 04:40 PM
I cee I cee is offline
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Re: Does your handwriting match your Ascendant?

Originally Posted by Bina View Post
I just had this idea that one's handwriting could match one's Asc, since handwriting shows how we express ourselves, how we present ourselves to others.. so then i thought about my own handwriting, my letters are small, my writing is a bit messy to very messy (only i can read it) and i make large gaps between the words, so it's quite spaced out. I felt it fits my Pisces Asc very well.

How do you feel about this idea? Does your handwriting match your Ascendant? Or do you think handwriting may be more of a Mercury or Sun theme?
Large gaps indicate a need for space from others.

I have messy writing and can never write as fast as I think
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Unread 12-22-2012, 04:41 PM
I cee I cee is offline
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Re: Does your handwriting match your Ascendant?

Look at loops!

From Y's and g ee's etc
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Unread 12-25-2012, 07:13 AM
greybeard greybeard is offline
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Re: Does your handwriting match your Ascendant?

Let's see...

There are 12 signs and 7 billion people on Earth.

One of those 12 occupies my Ascendant, your Ascendant, his and her Ascendant.

Here we go again.

How can the Ascendant, taken alone, specify someone's handwriting?

I am not a graphologist. But my scanty understanding of graphology leads me to believe that a person's handwriting, like their fingerprint, is unique to them.

My scanty understanding also leads me to believe that a person's handwriting is an expression of their whole, or composite, personality. Seems to me this would implicate the entire chart in any analysis of handwriting.

Transits and directions would also be involved. I once saw a graphologist's analysis of Hitler's handwriting, and it was pointed out that the handwriting changed over time and ultimately showed Hitler "heading for a great fall"...toward the end of his life, the end of his signature ran downward and then dropped off.

Can I assume, as I think an expert graphologist might, that small and illegible handwriting, with large spaces between words (they are disconnected) might indicate a personality with cramped and disconnected thought patterns? Does sloppy handwriting indicate sloppy thinking?

Mercury rules "written communication." Of course, we need to know Mercury's sign and house position, his aspects, his motions.... And then there is the Moon, and a gang of other planets to consider.

As for me, if I want to talk to you, I'll just call you up and text you. That way you can't decipher my strange personality.

And there will be no need for an astrologer to figure out how I sign my name. Just as well; they probably have better things to do.

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Unread 12-25-2012, 06:24 PM
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Re: Does your handwriting match your Ascendant?

this is very interesting. when i was in high school and still very much searching for my identity, i would 'copy' the handwriting of whichever friend or class mate i was impressed with. when i look through my notebooks, it's ridiculous how many different styles i had. yep, i am a pisces rising.

i can still replicate anybody's handwriting without much effort at all, though i now have my own 'style' though it isn't utterly unique. typical graphic designer's style. see it all the time.
Cancer Sun | Scorpio Moon | Pisces Rising
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Bina (12-26-2012)
Unread 01-02-2013, 04:00 PM
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Re: Does your handwriting match your Ascendant?

My rising is Libra with a 9th house Gemini Mercury that squares Moon, conjuncts Venus, squares Jupiter, squares Saturn, inconjunct Uranus, opposes Neptune, trines Pluto (whew!) My 3rd has Neptune.

My handwriting is a mix of cursive and print and always upright. When I write on unlined paper, I almost always write straight. I've always won prizes for having the "prettiest handwriting" as a kid and I use to do calligraphy. If there were assignments that the whole class had to take part in, I was always designated as the writer because everyone loved my handwriting. The size of my handwriting when writing regularly isn't small or big, but I guess comparatively to most female handwriting, it's considered small.

I disagree with the poster who said those who have big handwriting are more confident than those with small handwriting. [deleted attacking comments by request - Moderator]

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Unread 01-04-2013, 02:57 AM
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AllanBeau AllanBeau is offline
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Re: Does your handwriting match your Ascendant?

My handwriting is perfect lol I do got a Virgo Ascendant. It is very neat and perfectly spaced out. I have always been complemented on how nice my handwriting is. And the funny part of it is Im left-handed....Most left-handed people I know write chicken scratch and isnt legible.

I think its from being disciplined in school over and over. I cant count how many recesses I missed writing down "I will not _______". Over and Over like Bart Simpson. My cursive is pretty plan tho. I did take alot of Japanese class so I am good at calligraphy. My signature looks amazing.

I can't use any pen that flows ink tho. Has to be an old-fashioned 20 cent ballpoint pen. Can't write too much because it cramps my hands up. I prefer to type then write.

Mercury in Cancer 10th
Sextile Venus, Ascendant Trine Saturn
Moon in Virgo Mercury in Cancer Mutual Reception
Scorpio 3rd house cusp
Pluto in Scorpio 2nd
Trine Sun, Mars Sextile Moon, Neptune
Saturn, Uranus 3rd house
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Bina (01-04-2013)
Unread 01-20-2013, 08:42 PM
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Re: Does your handwriting match your Ascendant?

My handwriting is beautiful. I have a Cancer Ascendant.

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