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Unread 08-08-2019, 09:34 PM
aplutonian00 aplutonian00 is offline
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A delusion or an actual intuitive calling?

fellow astrologers' community members,
having read some of the previously submitted threads, as well as your most insightful comments on the matter, i can't help but turn to you for guidance, as astrology has proven to be a great source of wisdom for me.

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Unread 08-09-2019, 04:28 PM
Nm91 Nm91 is offline
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Re: A delusion or an actual intuitive calling? :)

Hi!, im gonna start mentioning that im not a professional astrologer or anything, so what i say may not be super accurate or true. That being said, here is my opinion:

His sun is conjunct your asc, so that may mean there is a potential harmonious relationship. There may be mutual attraction and/or admiration too. Then your Moon is conjunct his moon and that is a good thing too, you may understand each other intuitively and may also have emotional compatibility. Your venus is conjunct his jupiter and that is also a great sign, theres possibility of a harmonious relationship that may bring love that is not limiting, cause jupiter expands, and also wealth. His neptune and venus are in trine with your sun👍. So that may mean that theres potential for a loving relationship. Neptune trine your Sun may mean you idealize him and he may perceive that and also may want to be a part of that dreamy bond. So dreamy or artistic flow of love👍.

Then his Moon is square you Saturn, so that may mean he feels shy or insecure about what he feels towards you or about showing his feelings to you because of fear of rejection or of being critiziced. His Sun is also opposite your Saturn so that may mean restraint and responsability. He may be in a situation in wich he finds himself suppressed by you. So maybe, even If you are younger than him, you may have the authoritative position in the realationship and for some reason he may feel suppressed or limited by that. Then his uranus/Mercury is square your Sun and moon and uranus. So that may cause trouble, maybe he distances himself from you for some reason, or dont want to get too close.

Well i could go on but id say there are quite a few good aspects between you two. It may be something karmic, but im no expert in that field. It seems you may feel inclined of finding a partner that is older than you or that have mature characteristics, maybe some kind of teacher too, because you have Saturn and Jupiter in your 7th House of partnership and marriage.

Your Pluto in 1st House may make you a very possessive, obsessive or controlling person and your uranus conj Moon may make you have volitle or unpredictable emotions and/or maybe even hysteria (It may also mean your parents were kinda absent or emotionaly detached from you or there were accidents in your family. Or maybe your Mom or someone in your family couldve been troubled in some way). So im mentioning this because those traits may cause you to obsess over people or have sudden and unpredictable emotions towards someone. But maybe it is better not to be impulsive about your feelings and all those things and be patient. You have Pluto conj Chiron too, so that may make Pluto traits even stronger, cause maybe you feel some kind of wound in your self or in the way you present yourself to the world. Chiron may cause self esteem issues too, and a mixed position with Pluto can be difficult or painful, as It may make you look for something or someone to heal your wound.

Good luck!

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Unread 08-09-2019, 05:02 PM
Nm91 Nm91 is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2019
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Originally Posted by aplutonian00 View Post
thank you for your contribution and advice, it is most helpful! all the best to you
You welcome😊, glad i could be of some help. I hope you get more replies so you can have more insight about that man🙃.
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Unread 08-09-2019, 06:07 PM
passiflora's Avatar
passiflora passiflora is offline
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Re: A delusion or an actual intuitive calling? :)

Thank you for re-posting! And also for posting some details. I hate doing cold reading, so this is helpful.

I am inclined to attribute the anxiety you feel around him, to the Moon. Your chart has no water in it besides the NN, and your Moon in Aquarius conjunct Uranus is probably quite electric, with experiences similar to those described by the previous poster. His Moon conjunct yours is conjunct from Pisces which likely brings in a rush of sensitive water that destabilizes you. Some good, some bad, potentially overwhelming. (He has a few water placements and even the Libran pluto is drawn into trine with moon by midpoints to his scorpion planets)

So I would say YES there is something you can work through, but do it gently, patiently with yourself. Be friends, talk with him more, engage mentally. There is no need to jump to relationship which would maybe confuse the learning to be done together.
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