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Unread 05-29-2017, 11:20 PM
Mythirion Mythirion is offline
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New to Astrology - Is there anything especially significant or interesting here?

Hi all, I'm new to astrology and have been reading everything I can online about it, but I struggle to make sense of it. Can somebody help me to read this? Is there anything that sticks out particularly strongly?
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Unread 05-30-2017, 07:20 AM
billie billie is offline
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Re: New to Astrology - Is there anything especially significant or interesting here?

Hey there (:

Yeah, reading about astrology online can come off pretty fragmented. Synthesis of the information is probably the most important thing to achieve.

"What? How? Where?" is a good place to start.

What? - The planet.

How? - The sign.

Where? - The house.

After blending that together, it's good to look at aspects considering what we already know from What?How?Where?

What do we know?Do we know things? Let's find out.

Your Chart:

Sun in Gemini in 9th

Sun is the soul, self, and core being (what). Your core being exemplifies the traits associated with Gemini (how), and you show yourself in the pursuits of the 9th house (where). Traits associated with Gemini include intellectual exercise and a dilettante approach to subject matter. The 9th house is associated with philosophy and higher learning along with long travels. Therefore, it is a core element of your being to pursue adventure and intellectual exercise in an open and logical way.

Moon in Virgo in 11th

Moon is the emotions and family ties, placed in Virgo, which is grounded in orderliness, and located in the 11th house, having to do with friendships and group activities. Therefore, you relate emotionally by doing practical things for others, and most of your friends and close ones share hobbies and associations of yours rather than distinct character traits.

Mercury in Gemini in 9th

Mercury is your intellect, at home in Gemini, meaning you're a sharp one, nicely placed in the 9th. Completely smooth. You're a smarty and everyone knows it.

Venus in Taurus in 8th

Venus is love and romance, and also what comes easily and naturally to you. Yours is located in the 8th house of intimacy (sex, and death), and in the fixed, no nonsense sign of Taurus. Sex (good, earthy, emotional), may truly be the way to your heart. You probably couldn't mesh well with someone who was shy or didn't want to open up fully in that arena.

Mars in Virgo in 11th

Mars is action, aggression, and achievement (also, the physicality of your sexual nature), placed in Virgo, and located in the 11th. Mars in Virgo usually results in conscientious people in a work place: trustworthy, timely, and such. You go after the things you want in a timely and trustworthy manner. Sexually, Mars in Virgo can point to a kinky person, the Venus often indicating top or bottom. This is all in the 11th house, which would indicate someone involved in many organizations, kinky or otherwise.

Jupiter in Sagittarius in 3rd

Jupiter is expansion and luck in Sagittarius, the planet it rules, and in the 3rd house of communication. Perhaps you're good at writing. Any and all types of communication; maybe you're a great counselor of some sort.

Saturn in Pisces in 6th

Saturn is restriction and hard lessons, the planet placement is less important because this placement is generational, and it's located in the 6th house of daily work. Perhaps it's difficult for you to get right down to business. You procrastinate. Maybe you have attention issues. Maybe you're a perfectionist (Mars in Virgo), and you wrestle with that when it's time to start working (Saturn in 6th). The 6th house is also health, so maybe your work is very unhealthy for you.

Uranus in Aquarius in 4th

Uranus in 4th; lots of moving either in childhood or in adult life. "Home" is not a specific or particular place for you, in your mind.

Neptune in Capricorn in 4th

Neptune in 4th; Fantasy and delusion meets the house of family and childhood occurrences. Your childhood may have been magical.

Pluto in Scorpio in 2nd

Transformation to your finances. You start from the bottom. Now you're here. ..and you may go back again. And do it again.

Now, aspects just clarify these.

Mercury conjunctSun in Gemini in 9th

A conjunction signifies action, but in a neutral way. There will be good or bad, depending on the situation. This placement is basically saying your core self works closely with your intellect, which is all Gemini (obviously intelligent) doing obviously intelligent things (chillin out in the 9th, with philosophy and such.)

Sun in Gemini in 9th opposing Jupiter in Sagittarius in 3rd

An opposition signifies action, but with tension, i.e. negative way. So, the self is in tension with expansion = you overdo it. This points to indulgence. Maybe you spend too much of your time with your nose in books or the interwebs. Go "do" instead of "learn".

I'm gonna do a positive aspect, and then give it a rest, because you should totally be able to go through the rest of your chart with these as examples.

Venus in Taurus in 8th sextile Saturn in Pisces in 6th

A sextile is harmonious, and may not signify action, but a feeling. Things go smoothly with it. Your sense of romantic connection (Venus) is harmonious with hard work and hard lessons (Saturn) = you've got a practical sense of what it takes to make a relationship work, especially the daily component (6th house), i.e. "I'll help her/him/them with planning/other very practical things they need."
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katydid (05-30-2017), Mythirion (05-30-2017)
Unread 05-30-2017, 07:41 AM
katydid katydid is offline
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Re: New to Astrology - Is there anything especially significant or interesting here?

Billie did a great job of trying to help you piece some of the info all together for you. Going through it slowly to understand how it comes together is a great way to begin studying your chart.

In terms of your question--does anything stick out strongly? YES...have to say that one thing does kind of demand attention in your chart.

If you look at the colored line pattern made by the aspects---there is a big red triangle , pointing to your Moon and Mars in Virgo.

Red lines indicate squares, which are points of friction.

The Moon represents your emotional behavior, your emotional needs, and your mother, in terms of how you were cared for and nurtured...So the Moon is very powerful in one's chart.

Your Moon is sitting right on top of Mars--which is male, aggressive, forceful, competitive energy. Moon and Mars are not always that comfortable of a fit.

You might not be that comfortable with your emotional self, and/or perhaps you learned as a child not to express your needs because they would not be met and there might be anger/impatience shown towards you in return?

Your Moon/Mars conjunction is in Virgo. So maybe one of your defense mechanisms is to find fault with or criticize others. Again, it may have been what you were shown as a child. You might have felt you were criticized and not appreciated enough and it might be hard for you to show love/appreciation to others without some kind of constructive criticism along with it.

But I think that what you want more than anything is to feel unconditional love and acceptance for your regular old self.
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Mythirion (05-30-2017)
Unread 05-30-2017, 11:38 PM
Mythirion Mythirion is offline
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Re: New to Astrology - Is there anything especially significant or interesting here?

This is actually super interesting! The whole reading makes a lot of sense. I'm doing a Ph.D. in World History (which naturally requires a great deal of writing and analysis) and hope to become a professor at some point down the line, so my Gemini/Mercury/9th house seem like they fit me super well. That being said, my work can be really unhealthy and has (at times) led me into deep depressions and have caused me to gain a lot of weight. I thrive with close friendships and for me to have any kind of strong mental health it's necessary for me to bond deeply with these close relationships (mostly with people also interested in history, philosophy, language learning, etc.).

On Katydid's answer, I sent this thread to my GF to see what she thinks, and she agrees with you entirely. This was something that I haven't really recognized within myself, but I guess it's probably true!

Thank you both for the time that you put into this.
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katydid (05-31-2017)

astrology, interesting, significant

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