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Unread 08-18-2017, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Sanaqua View Post
I've Moon in Cancer in my 3rd house, trining Pluto in Scorpio in my 7th and opposing Neptune in Capricorn in my 9th house.
I HATE being a Moon in Cancer. If i'm given a chance to change something in my chart, i'll change it simply. It makes very emotional and sensitive person. With its opposition to Neptune in Capri in 9th, sometimes i'm extremely depressed over stupid, trivial things and become sorrowful. I dont know what exactly can it mean with its trine with Pluto in Scorpio, i'm sure about one thing that i dislike my moon in cancer so much. Since, 3rd house is also your primary age, and moon in cancer being there, my childhood was exremely emotional and sensitive. Even if my classmates teased me or say something naughty, i used to take them very seriously. I have controlled this thing to great extent but i obviously cannot run away from it. So, i sometimes have depression in cycles.
It has its good qualities too but in my case, i dislike its negative things more than liking its positive traits.

As per vedic astrology we note where moon sits from its place. Here in 3rd it is in 12 from its native house.
Gives negative more. Now the negative kind is depends on ehich sign it is. This is why given you lesser peaceful sleep most of the time.
Not so positive relations with mother.
Desires from life are more in personality.

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Unread 08-18-2017, 03:26 PM
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Re: Moon in Cancer

Earth Sign,

I have Sun in Leo, Moon in Pisces (and Libra rising): I can't say it's always the easiest to have a sun in fire and moon in water (conflicting elements) but I do believe my Moon tempers my Sun quite a bit and lessens some of the, shall we say, less desirable aspects of Leo (haughtiness, bossiness, etc.) Actually, my Libra rising probably tempers the Leo sun, too, given that Libras are known for fairness and balance and soft approaches.

Here's the thing with the watery moon: People often think I'm a lot more gregarious (Leo) or heady (airy Libra) than I really am and they often don't see how easily my feelings are hurt, so there's a definite secretive quality to the Pisces moon/keeping feelings to oneself, or trying to (and perhaps not unexpectedly, given Pisces natural 12 house placement). I also always joke that I have a "hermit's soul" and I definitely--definitely!--need to retreat and spend time alone to refuel my energy. I don't get overly moody, but I do get pensive and philosophical and very weirdly universal in my considerations of things. The best (and worst) aspect of the Pisces moon is that I pick up on *other* people's feelings/moods so easily. It's nice to be intuitive, but it ***** to feel "whammied" just because I step outside the door and random people walk by me and I somehow absorb their energy. Hence, my push pull between being social and friendly and being a total recluse.

Interesting discussion.

All Best,

Originally Posted by Earth Sign View Post
It seems to me that the Moon causes problems when it's in any Water sign. I have the Moon in Scorpio, and I'm prone to explosive emotional scenes and and violent reactions, never within my control, at least, never easily in my control. My mother has the Moon in Pisces, and she has told me that she, too, was very emotional in her earlier years. For a long time we thought that my brother also had the Moon in Pisces, but he never showed the emotional side of a Water sign Moon. His emotions were always well reasoned, and if he ever got emotional it was through a more universal set of values, never instinctual. Two other calculators gave him the Moon in Aquarius, and we agree.

Water sign Moons may be the most difficult to manage because we are so close to our emotions and deal with them on the lowest level. We have a strong attachment to them, and they run through our veins like blood. To detach ourselves from emotions would seem like such an alien concept, it would be more like ignoring them to us, and emotions are things that can't be ignored for very long or with very good results. When I ignore my emotions they usually just come back in force.

Comparing my own emotional process to my brother's, I know that my emotions absorb me and my reasons while his stay below him and his reasons, where they should be. I know that he lets a lot of things slide when I would revive them for some imaginary sense of justice that is both unnecessary and painful to all parties, but for some reason I can't let go.

I'm not sure if the case is the same for everyone with the Moon in a Water sign, or if it's even the same for everyone with the Moon in Scorpio, but I do know that there's a similar emotional pull between all of us.

I'm worried that my Astrology guru, Carl Payne Tobey, may have held bias against the position Moon in Cancer, as with the sign Cancer altogether. He has written that no sign is better than any other, and any time it sounded as if he was getting down on one it was his subjective bias. The articles he's written on certain signs project a crude attitude toward them. Tobey had the Moon in Capricorn, and Venus in Pisces as a Water singleton, so he may have had trouble understanding the principles of this sign.

[deleted quotes over 100 words against forum rules - Moderator]

Tobey worked with two other astrologers closely, both of whom had the Moon in Cancer. They were Sydney K. Bennett, and Grant Lewi, and they both felt differently about this sign.

[deleted quote over 100 words against forum rules - Moderator]
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Unread 11-14-2018, 07:19 PM
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Re: Moon in Cancer

My Mother was a moon in cancer scorpio sun. My son is a moon in cancer in the 8th, leo sun and scorpio rising. The both had/ have a very intense display of emotions. When mad throwing things across the room. My mother would break plates and throw lamps whenever upset. The scorpio energy probably encouraged this. My niece is a cancer moon Aquarius sun. She only cries quietly over friends and family and hates letting people see it. No outburst at least as an adult. They were all very needy children. Could never play by themselves. One thing is for sure though. They are the best people to have in your life. They are the most loving and best friends which is probably why they have so many. Every cancer moon I know has always had a large circle of family and friends who adore them and vice versa. I think this is a very fortunate placement because of that.
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Re: Moon in Cancer

In my life cycle: the first, 12th, 24th and 36th year of my life in a natal chart cycle is Cancer (it starts by the personal, rising or ascendant sign). Aquarius is a substitute, also your sun sign. And Scorpio, my ruler planet Uranus. With my Aquarius moon conjunct sun, I have more a Lunarian and Cancerian nature or I'm more emotional/psychological than being an Aquarius (sun sign) person. The Cancer/Aquarius/Scorpio years are the most epic years of my life with an extreme, dramatic and life-changing event or two. My 3rd, 15th and 27th year my be Aquarian years, so are my 7th, 19th and 31st years, now I'm age 38 and expects my 39th year in the world (I was born Feb 15, 1980) to be rather easy on me and nothing to be negative, pessimistic or worrisome about 2019.
or , I have the same ruling planets: Uranus and Saturn. I see the Cancer rising. Aries in the MC and Venus was her name!
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Unread 12-10-2018, 09:00 PM
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I have my moon in cancer and I don't have feelings.
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Unread 12-30-2018, 04:25 PM
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Re: Moon in Cancer

Sir, I WISH I had my Moon in Cancer like my sun.
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Unread 12-30-2018, 06:15 PM
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Originally Posted by SecretGarden View Post
That's interesting Sanaqua. I'm sorry you don't like your moon in Cancer. Where is your Sun? One of my best friends has Moon in Cancer (Sun in an Air sign) and she is an emotional person but not too sensitive. She also has Moon trine Pluto, but her moon is in the 11th I believe. Like you said, I think house placement really matters here.

I just read on the moon in Scorpio board that someone wishes their moon was in Cancer instead of Scorpio

I also have cancer moon in 11th house trine scorpio pluto. My cancer moon also oppose neptune, saturn and uranus in capricorn 5th house. I have aquarius sun.
Im very emotional and sensitive but I dont always show my emotions. I get along almost averyone and im good at reading people. Im adaptable and kind. It's difficult for me to forget past hurts and I often over analyse things. I like being home and steady home environement. I dont think cancer moon is that bad at all. Sensitivity is great gift.
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