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Unread 01-07-2019, 03:44 AM
kshantaram kshantaram is offline
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Re: Scorpio and a Gemini

Originally Posted by kshantaram View Post
Thank you. I see you agree that not compatible.
I am the Taurus female in the Synastry.
Maybe it's blind love...I feel its a spiritual love in some respects.

I am happy yo expreince it even if it can't work.

suns taurus-gemini 2/12 friendly lords venus-mer are compatible,
seeking mutuality in the relationship,
representing what the soul seeks to achieve through the incarnation;

while marriage synastry starts with moon emotional compatibility followed
by the compatibility between the ascendants and the 9th harmonics;

vedic synastry starts earlier with the micro constellations of the moon
and the tarabala/luck compatibility between the nakshatras,
the temperaments they represent etc etc etc

glad you are willing to experience the relationship,
in that case synastry-composite analysis etc not required,
unless merely curious to understand each other and make it work better.

wishing well, kshantaram

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Unread 01-07-2019, 06:27 PM
PlutorisingLee PlutorisingLee is offline
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Re: Scorpio and a Gemini

Thank you so much! You are like a ray of sunshine to the heart. Your outlook and ability to look deeper is indeed worthy of a Scorpio. I'm not being flattering, you really warmed my soul.

Originally Posted by katydid View Post
I am a Scorpio, and I don’t think these charts are incompatible. I see some very deep and important soul connections here.

Look at the blue rectangle in the synastry chart. It is a Mystic Rectangle and that is created by your Sun to his Mercury/Pluto and both of your Uranus/Neptunes. In other words, he needs your Sun to stabilize his Mercury /Pluto trine and his Mercury/Uranus-Neptune opposition. You ground him and help him utilize his skills and strengths in a real way.
I DO feel an importance of connection. Not saying it means anything concrete but some soul work is there. It's interesting what you say about him being grounded by me. One of my first thoughts when meeting him was that I could make his career and future dreams come true. That I just "knew" with ease how to do that. Now...His effect on me:
His Mercury greatly enhances your Sun/Pluto opposition. He softens you and helps you to believe in love and miracles and emotional nurturing. He ‘mothers’ you at times, when things feel bleak.
It's a genius thought. I guess those Gemini qualities are so different than my own issues and Plutonian nature. As for nurturing...Like waybread said about Moon needs, maybe due to my Scorpio Moon, I find certain things nurturing that might make another person run. I can't say these things are felt although he is very able to make me more rational and less crazy.
He is a triple Gemini. I know that must be hard for you as it would be for anyone. lol
So I'm dating a unicorn? That explains it. Truth is, he is beyond unique.
True triple Geminis are hard to find. To be born at Sunrise during a Gemini New Moon is quite rare. His ability to talk his way in and out of every situation must be legendary. And i truly understand why he ‘goes missing’ sometimes. Being a triple Gemini is exhausting. For him as well as you. He needs to shut down and separate to recharge his internal batteries. IT IS NOT A REJECTION OF YOU.
That's such good advice. I just need to keep up a good self-esteem! It's not all about ME. We have no issues with liking same stuff. I'm also into a lot of Gemini activities and conversation so that's never an issue+ I also need alone time. As for |talking talent"! I do worry he just says stuff and it wont ever happen or is not what he wants...
My fear is I'm settling for less emotionally. That I know my Scorpio Moon will always be somewhat craving more deep intimacy from a partner so I don't expect to get that.
But what if that's a lie?
I crave someone who can make me feel secure and safe. I can hear the shouts: "it's not anyones job to make you feel this way bla bal bla"...BUT...IF I marry someone they will need to be my safety rock and someone I can rely on.

I think that composite unhappy Moon apposing Saturn is the worry. Because I'm thinking long term marriage.
Is there anything positive about this aspect?
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Unread 01-10-2019, 05:52 AM
katydid katydid is offline
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Re: Scorpio and a Gemini

Okay, letís look at that Moon/Saturn opposition in the composite. If it was just an opposition, with no larger configuration built upon it, it could be seen as potentially unhappy, unfulfilled.

But look at the Pluto, which forms a T-square at the midpoint of that Moon/Saturn opposition. That Pluto in Scorpio, is powerfully placed. It forms a KITE within the Earth Grand Trine of the composite.

What does a KITE do? It Ďrises aboveí itís constraints. The Earth Grand Trine wants stability but can get too stubborn, stilted and rigid.
However the Pluto opposes the Venus and works diligently to transform, elevate and progress beyond those constraints.

As you yourself said, it is not up to HIM to make you feel safe and secure. YOU are the one that needs to create that stability and security.

Certainly, you want someone that you can rely upon. This man, although he is a triple Gemini, has Mercury in Cancer and Venus in Taurus. He wants stability and security too. Which is why he is as invested as he is.

Geminiís ARE emotional. It is just expressed and processed in a different way. If you want to make this long term, then find the key to his emotionality. Figure him out and help him express those feelings that he already has inside.
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