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Vocational Astrology Discuss finding out more about your work, job, career, calling, or whatever you do or want to do for a living.

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Unread 11-19-2010, 05:59 PM
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Question Saturn cj. IC + Saturn return = neverending financial desaster?

I've been pursuing two different careers or vocations for the last two years but I still can't make a living from either. One as a dancer, performer, and dance instructor is still in its fledgling stage but I managed to get a foot in the door during the last year at least. It means one hell of a lot to me to be able do this.
The other as freelance graphic and web designer has actually proceeded well: I've got quite an impressive portfolio and such a lot of work (that doesn't pay well) that I never get around to doing proper advertising. I enjoy creating things very much and I was so relieved to finally be able to work on my own.

During these two years my parents helped me a bit despite not believing in me (I'm the only artist in the family) by paying for a much need therapy that helped me free myself from an awful childhood drama. I also got some state support for a year that barely paid my rent but it's going to be cut down even further by next month. My flat has recently turned out to be a lot more expensive than expected as my landlord massaged the ancilliary cost figures in our contract.

All in all it feels as if I'm being driven out of my home and both of my jobs despite having worked so hard both on a personal and a professional level. So what am I to make of this Saturn return? Get a temp part-time job just for earning money, stick to my goals, and wait for further opportunities? Do an extensive marketing campaign? Or give up on both careers?
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Unread 11-20-2010, 02:56 AM
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Re: Saturn cj. IC + Saturn return = neverending financial desaster?

Firstly, I need to tell you that I am not about to answer any of your questions in a direct way. This is not the kind of astrology I do, and to do so would be irresponsible of me I feel.

Firstly, congratulations on finding two career/income streams which fit you. There are many people who go through life without ever finding even one! It seems that you are clear about how you wish to express yourself, although money seems to be the issue, and along with that, your housing. In the end, you may have to just bite the bullet and find short-term work which pays your rent. Are you able to do that without letting go of the other work you are doing?

It's like this..........
You have a Mars-ruled MC in Aries, and in Sept & Oct 2010 transiting Saturn was conjunct your natal Mars. You may find this thread illuminating - or not:

What I am saying is that not only are you leading up to your Saturn return, but the Saturn conj natal Mars is giving you a taste of how Saturn works. For you, the questions Saturn is posing are:
*Is your life & work stable enough to go through a time of self-examination, perhaps even temporary hardship?
*Are you on top of your financial life?
*Do you possess the energy for coping with something different?
*Are you prepared for a reality check?
Saturn's conjunction in transit to your MC-ruler will always dramatically affect your working life/career direction, especially since you have Saturn-Mars conjunct on your natal.

Take note also that currently transiting Saturn is forming a square with your nodal axis, so this current time in your life - whilst it will occur again - is very significant in determining your immediate life direction.

Given that Saturn is conjunct your IC as I write this, I have referred to what Robert Hand says about this transit in his book, Planets In Transit. His advice is to not overlook your housing and home/security in the desire to pursue career aspirations. To take care of the roof over your head as well as any personal relationships which affect you day-to-day is one of the `realities' you are having to face at this time.

"There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in."
- from Anthem
by Leonard Cohen
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Unread 11-20-2010, 12:16 PM
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Re: Saturn cj. IC + Saturn return = neverending financial desaster?

R4ven, thank you so very much for your insightful reply. Seeing this situation as a call to develop and provide for a partially neglected area (home) - especially when I work at home - gives the whole situation a more positive spin than considering the whole situation "professional delusion" ;-) .

As for the Mars conjunct Saturn transit, that was surprisingly a very positive one when it got exact. It paved the way for my boyfriend and me to get back together and was completed when transiting Mars (together with venus) trined my sun and conjuncted my jupiter. Still, something that came totally unexpected and was the first "good" thing that happened to me after the exhausting therapy. But apparently, a lot more work has to be done at the "home front".

Your questions also got me on another track: I often feel I don't have enough energy to keep following my goals AND do other work. I'm the kind of person who catches four or five colds a year, needs 8 hrs of sleep per night to function, and suffers from quite a few stress-related psychosomatic diseases. That doesn't mean I wouldn't work 12hrs a day or more but I have always felt that I need to be able to dispose of time freely to cater to my body's needs and rhythm - ergo self-employment. Ignoring them like some of my friends with two or three jobs continously do - I really admire them! - has never worked for me and just caused a lot of pain.
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Unread 11-20-2010, 03:01 PM
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Re: Saturn cj. IC + Saturn return = neverending financial desaster?

Please let me preface this with I just woke up Also, when reading this find key words, your own words and this helps with your own self-exploration.

Your north and south nodes speak a lot to the processes you may find yourself in.
The south node is about unconscious processes or automatic responses. As an example, I have south node in the first in Aries. It is automatic or instinctual to respond internally with impulsive, rash, or independent energy. My gut response in any given situation is to fight though I may not act it out at all. I just fume inside. With a north node in Libra I have to consciously seek toward balance and harmony in relationships.

The south node is opposite the north node and is not visible on the chart you posted. You have a south node in Capricorn in the 6th. The 6th is about duties, exercise regimes, routines, health and in capricorn this energy can be harsh, reality based, responsibility, seriousness, duties. It suggests your unconscious tendency my tend to be cool, calculating and proud of public status as Capricorn is the natural ruler of the 10th house and 'manages'. Earth signs can be 'practical' thus at times perceived as detached. It can also be connected to your health problems.

The North node is where you are heading. With north node there is effort involved in making choices. We either succumb to previous patterns (south node) or consciously choose the new direction. North node in cancer is about choosing toward nurturing (cancer) and being open to this through receiving and giving to others. The 12th house stores past deeds, collective unconscious mind, dreams, secrets, recovery, and confinement. Put this together with cancer and you have nurturing and releasing past deeds secrets and recovery as a process of giving and receiving or nurturing.

Pluto in Libra in your forth and its polarity point in Aries again tells us a karmic story.

On another note, during my saturn return I married, had my first child and began a very serious inward journey. Responsibility in relationships sometimes as well as low energy. Good and bad or 'seriousness' is the key word. You may want to look at your Saturn return chart and see its house emphasis. Saturn in Libra is well dignified and gives strength and focus to family.

I see your 8th house ruler or others money or loans and psychotherapy, is ruled by Uranus. It is opposed by Mercury in the 11th house of hopes, friendships, larger social groups. It is currently going through pressure and challenge from the energy of Uranus and jupiter making its slow journey towards Aries. And I say challenge even though it is a trine.
You have a natal semi square of saturn to Uranus. Saturn is returning to its natal point and uranus is feeding into that energy as well as Jupiter in expansion. The energy is in a critical juncture as Uranus and jupiter retrograded over that point stimulating a crisis. Saturn will naturally inhibit and Uranus will naturally disrupt.

You have an interesting chart where there is some gentle energy but also some energy that will pull you toward erratic, pleasure seeking as well as neptunian rose colored glasses with neptune opposing sun. ...and in sagi to boot..risk taking.

You have a yod to Chiron from Neptune and pluto. The yod points to the 11th house focus in Taurus. This energy seeks from family (4th house) rehabilitation (pluto) and imagination or dreams (Neptune) to heal wounds through material solidity in a social venue.
Pluto is a point of your greatest strength but also your greatest weakness. Karmic Pluto in libra in the fourth is an eruptive drive toward harmony, balance, family, home environment, peace maker.Libra is well known to never say 'no' to avoid unpleasantness. Its polarity pont of Aries in the 10th is about drive energy assertion in the public eye. Thus your weakness may manifest itself there good, bad, or indifferent.

The answer is complicated. You have tendencies....your choices need to focus on north node focus. Sun in the 11th house in gemini is about communicating to the larger social venue. This is where your sun will shine. Your second house ruler is mercury in the 11th house thus gains will be found in 11th house endeavors. It is in Gemini so this is great, very strong energy. However with Uranus in sagitarius opposing there will be sudden risktaking behaviors, self-indulgences that will draw your personal finances down as well as your own self-confidence and feelings of self worth. The trine to Uranus from Uranus is not so good in that way. Saturn in the 4th is a counter point cautioning you to steady energy and less risk taking for pleasure.
north node is 9'21

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