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Predictive Astrology This is the place to discuss the astrology of the past, present, and future. Includes eclipses, transits, progressions, planetary returns.

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Unread 06-01-2014, 09:59 PM
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Re: Harmonics

Anyone still around...?

Demystifying harmonics is easy to do by one simple step evidently unavailable to the creators of the system: just tweak your natal chart aspect set to display some/most of the minor aspects mixed-in with the majors.

Demystifying each minor aspect is easy (for the ones which are double/half a major aspect) and hard for the others (e.g., 5, 7, 9 and 11).

Along the way, numerology-based analogies reliant on properties of numbers which seem to be the arbitrary result of humanity having chosen the decimal system may be false friends.

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Unread 02-17-2015, 09:48 PM
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Lightbulb Re: Harmonics

My username adds up to 64 and here's my 64th harmonic chart:

AC 02 (equal houses)
29 (there's that confounded 29th degree again!)
13 (same sign as natal)
24 (same sign as natal)

STRANGELY North & South nodes are at SAME DEGREE SAME MINUTE (partile conjunction) of 2057 perhaps indicating a very similar past life to this one...

Oops, just realized other harmonic charts (though not all) do that.

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Unread 11-22-2017, 03:51 PM
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[QUOTE=tsquare;87267]Just some info on Harminic charts.
The Harmonic Charts Of Jyotish, Vedic Astrology
written by Jai Maharaj
Harmonics have always been considered of great importance in Vedic astrology. For example, the ninth harmonic chart, the Navaunsh Varg: (some people write it as "Navamsa"), is very significant in relation to the Moon. This chart is always kept alongside the main Rashi chart when an interpretive report is being written. One derives from it the latent factors operative throughout a person's own and married life.
Ancient sage-scientists determined the relationships between planetary `harmonics' and human affairs and their causative factors. Practitioners of traditional astrology draw from these empirical data, available in the form of Sanskrit verses, in service to their clients.
The modern urge to satisfy the curiosity about the how's and why's of natural laws is often considered a necessity by some. To them, a science is a science only if it can gain entrance through their self-defined gates of intellect. This is one of the chief limiting factors responsible for the current disasters modern science has wrought on mankind, creating more problems than it attempts to solve.
Dr. Percy Seymour, a professor of astronomy in Plymouth, U.K. has his own way of explaining why `harmonics' work. According to him, the Navaunsh chart of Vedic astrology works, for instance, because of the magnetic field of the Moon. Basically, the magnetic field of Earth is reflecting how the planets are moving around the Sun and even how the Earth is moving around the Sun. So, Earth's magnetic field is resonating. Added to this, as the Moon goes around the Earth it affects the tides not only in the ocean but also in the magnetosphere. These have higher-order harmonics and Dr. Seymour's idea of all these tunes being played by the planets on the magnetic field of the Earth naturally gives rise to harmonics.
Percy Seymour then attempts to establish a connection between our electric-current based nervous system and the harmonic fluctuations in the geomagnetic field. So, the complex tunes played by the planets in our magnetic environment affect each one of us in a unique manner -- as if we don't always listen to the whole symphony but only respond to certain melodies. According to Seymour, the way we listen to the selected portions depends on our genetic peculiarities which are themselves related to the harmonics created by the planetary orchestra. Hence, predictions of how we may respond to future planetary positions are possible.
These Varg:, or charts, have been continuously used in Vedic astrology for millennia. The list contains the most commonly used ones of all with a brief note about their application:
Division Used for Determining
Natal Rashi: 1 Overall considerations
Hora (from the Sanskrit
word Ahoratr): 1/2 Personality; wealth, etc.
Drekkan: 1/3 Relationship with siblings
Chaturthaunsh: 1/4 Fixed property, assets, fortune
Saptaunsh: 1/7 Children, extended progeny
Navaunsh: 1/9 Latent Karmic details, marriage
Dashaunsh: 1/10 Power, heroism, career, etc.
Dwadashaunsh: 1/12 Parental, grand-parental factors
Shodashaunsh: 1/16 Means of travel, etc.
Vimshaunsh: 1/20 Karmic seeding, spiritual actions
Chaturvimshaunsh: 1/24 Intellectual pursuits, education
Saptavimshaunsh: 1/27 Special, variable hidden powers
Trimshaunsh: 1/30 Mainly used for females
Swavedaunsh: 1/40 Various attainments
Akshavedaunsh: 1/45 Various achievements
Shashtyaunsh: 1/60 All levels of human activity
Nadi: 1/150 Extremely refined characteristics
Can you tell me how houses work in Vargas? Some places ive read houses or signs dont matter in harmonics, other places I've read aspects dont matter but I would like to explore all of these facets of the harmonics to see for myself how they work.

In Vedic astrology, the info ive dug up on Vargas puts a huge focus on what houses and signs the planets fall into in the charts. I'm having trouble creating the houses though, since generating an AD harmonic chart (using sidereel or tropical) does not give house boundaries.
Do you take whichever sign is the ASC in the varga, for example, if Aries is the ASC would any planet in Aries be in 1st house? (Even if ASC is 26 Aries and planet is 0 Aries?) Or would you go by ASC degree? So 26 Ar-25 Tau is 1st house, 26 Tau-25 Gem is 2nd house, etc.

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