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Unread 10-06-2019, 03:51 AM
abbieidk abbieidk is offline
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Unhappy Wondering if the relationship is fated?

I'm having a hard time reading our synastry chart as i'm relatively new to astrology. However, I was wondering if there were any signs that our relationship is fated, in a storybook kind of way or if it looks like it's destined to fail, again. I've been friends with this person for almost my entire life, dated briefly before he cheated, moved on and didn't see him for seven years, and now we're dating again after randomly running into each other 8 months ago. I thought i noticed two yods within the chart, but I could be wrong but i'm also worried that this is just a karmic relationship.
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Unread 10-06-2019, 07:07 AM
ElenaJ ElenaJ is offline
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Re: Wondering if the relationship is fated?

Sorry, is it possible for you to post an easier to decipher chart, for example from
With the aspect table as well? Thanks
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abbieidk (10-07-2019)
Unread 10-07-2019, 06:14 AM
abbieidk abbieidk is offline
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Re: Wondering if the relationship is fated?

I'm so sorry, of course! Here you go!
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Unread 10-07-2019, 07:50 AM
ElenaJ ElenaJ is offline
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Re: Wondering if the relationship is fated?

Karma is sometimes what you make of it, in reality.
There is an attraction between you two, although the Venus contacts are not particularly strong, and include a Venus/saturn square. His moon/venus conjunction trines your mars, which is very nice to have, but it's somewhat muted by his Saturn cooling off your Venus by square.
He has poetic but sometimes confused Neptune on his mercury, where your Neptune also falls, gives birth to the idea of an ideal, of infatuation, of mystery and allure, although confusion can also be a result of this contact.
What is strong here are the ascendent/descendent rulers that tie together, pulling you towards each other, but perhaps not finding significant contacts in the personal planets to glue it all together.
With Aquarius on the descendent you tend to need and attract Saturn/Uranus qualities in your partner, and he has Uranus exactly conjunct his sun, as well as contacting your Uranus. Admittedly Uranus is a generational contact, but in this case it becomes personal as it represents your descendent.
In the second chart I don't see his ascendent, but in the original chart it looks like taurus, which would make scorpio and mars/pluto his significators. His mars opposes your sun, which is your ascendent ruler, and this is a strong tie. You both have the same pluto, again generational, but representing his descendent this takes on more importance. Yours is squaring his Venus/moon conjunction, which sexually attracts but also can try to grab onto the emotions of moon and manipulate them, becoming overly possessive and jealous. Since this is also in his natal, the idea of emotional transformation is a natural part of his psychology, it might be something he automatically accepts in a partner, being part of his own makeup.
Because you are born close together in time, you have similar moon's nodes and Chiron, in each case conjunct. You each tend to have relationships in some way marked by painful experiences, not necessarily of your own making, it could be just circumstances around you that happen and in some way tend to mark your relationships.
In particular you have Saturn on the south node (please remember to enter this when you do a chart, it's easily overlooked), showing past pain, sorrow and responsibilities in your relationships that you need to work out in this lifetime. Your Saturn trine your sun shows you can do this, and you can rely on your ego and self expression to help you in this, perhaps you were in a repressive situation in the past that you must learn to overcome by personal expression.
Sun conjunct Lilith shows you will tend to try using your sexual expression to help you resolve this, and with the Saturn/NN trine it could be one key to the solution.
Returning to the theme of Karma, if we consider Juno, Chiron and Lilith with the North Node of relationships, your Juno (marriage, loyalty, commitment) opposes his Chiron (the wounded healer and lessons to be learned), while squaring his Lilith (the dark side of sexuality, liberation of the libido, this asteroid has many characteristics) and again, near his north node.
Along the theme of sexuality as a mechanism, it is important here to note that his descendent (partners) is in the sign of sex, Scorpio.
This may be the reason why you two keep returning on each other's paths, to work out this internal conflict using each other to bounce off of in order to stimulate an inner maturity. You automatically stoke the ashes of this problem when you are together, opening the pathway towards individual solutions. It is heavy duty work, and once this goal has been reached, the relationship may have out run its usefulness and you will be ready to move on.

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Unread 10-07-2019, 08:15 AM
kshantaram kshantaram is offline
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Re: Wondering if the relationship is fated?

moons pisces-acq 2/12 lords jup-sat, emotionally neutral compatibility;
pisces sensitive-ethical-traditional, acq reformist-innovative-uncertain;

suns leo-acq opp enemy signs at conflict; leo high self-pride, individualist;
his sun-mer-mars acq, temperamental, aptitude for medicine/neuro-surgery etc;

ascendants leo-taurus square lords sun-venus unfriendly at challenge;
taurus energetic-creative-stubborn; love of food-comforts;

both rahu NNode libra learning-seeking public relations; stormy anger;
ketu separative SNode aries, hyper-impulsive; accident prone;

hope this helps reflections, share feedbacks,

wishing well, kshantaram
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fated, karma, relationship, soulmate, wondering

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