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Unread 08-27-2019, 12:19 AM
caputalisme caputalisme is offline
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Smile Born under Venus retrograde + several stelliums in Aquarius and the 4th & 5th houses!


I'm new to astrology and I'm studying my chart.. but unfortunately it seems kind of complicated haha

Here's my chart :

I'm struggling with interpreting these big stellium in Aquarius and in the 4th & 5th houses + the energy of Venus considering the retrograde and the many conjunctions it does.. Like how would you interpret the whole thing cause I'm kinda lost. I do know I struggle with handling my emotions, trusting people, letting them in, loving myself (even though I've made some huge progress), but how would you interpret it more precisely?

A little bit more about me if that could help you : I totally relate to my cap sun & moon, I'm very determined and ambitious, like especially with the projects I'm involved in. I'm also very creative but not necessarily in a certain area, like I don't have any particular talent (music, dancing etc) but I've always been interested in the arts, the aesthetics and inventing things. I also relate to the Aquarian side, especially about ideas (and ideals!!), loving to share them, to confront them.. I work in politics and I'm VERY idealistic but also really realistic in a certain way?? Even kinda pessimist sometimes, but I can't never help but keeping my dreams in a little corner of my head.

Think I've said it all haha, Thanks u soooo much!

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Unread 08-27-2019, 06:46 AM
kshantaram kshantaram is offline
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Re: Born under Venus retrograde + several stelliums in Aquarius and the 4th & 5th hou

hope information helps pick further as relevant : adapt and integrate,
read chart earlier? btw what are you seeking through chart reading!

asc lord mer over philosophical sag 3rd for communications,
aspect own gemini 9th supportive of luck-education-father-travels;

Venus lord 9th for luck with jup-mars acq 5th,
project-advisory aptitudes, arts, science, pharma, etc;
retro venus strong but delaying things
luck-edu-romance-children-position etc;
wear 0.25 carat diamond over platinum pendant touching heart;

5th lord sat debilated aries 7th,
aptitude for social work/services; mechanics;
wear blue sapphire over steel pendant touching heart;

pisces-jup 7th inimical-malefic for virgo asc,
stress-delays in marriage-vocation;

jup 7th lord over 5th, gains through marriage-spouse
but under stress-delay; inimical jup over 5th acq,
stress-delays in luck-education-romance-children-position;
prone to heart-stomach-kidney-leg inflammations;
prayers to saint of faith, offer yellow flowers sat mornings;
may wear yellow sapphire over pendant touching heart;

jup 6th lord negating to 5th,
negating employment prospects,
good for quicker recovery from health issues/illness;

sun-moon cap 4th, ambitious and hardworking,
but again lord sat debilated impulsive aries 7th;
sat aspect own cap, supportive of property,
but not good for health of mother;
sat elevated aspect libra first supportive of health-personality;

Sat-ketu separative SNode now 1.5yr transit sun-moon cap 4th,
detachment from mother-motherland-property,
pain-injury-surgery heart-lungs-knees etc;

sun-moon conjunct born around black moon day,
introverted, good for introspection;
moon aspect own cancer 10th, supportive of career-popularity;

natal ketu pisces 6th, hyper-sensitive, accident prone, job separations,
coping with opponents, pain-injury-surgery intestinals-feet-hips etc;
prayers to Christ, offer red flowers at the alter at home thurs evenings;

rahu NNode virgo 12th for foreign lands, critical thinking,
seeking spiritual knowledge through satisfying materialistic experiences;

all planets practically between ketu-rahu the nodes,
ketu transits causing detachments, pain-injury-surgery;
previous 1.5yr ketu transit jup-mars-venus acq 5th,
detachment from luck-edu-romance-position etc;

pars fortuna over 12th for foreign lands/losses.

rahu earlier transit leo 11th, gains through foreigners;
rahu now transit cancer 10th,
manifesting natal rahu 12th for foreign lands, aspiring to;

do promptly ack, share-discuss salient pointwise feedbacks,
how true-insightful-helpful, traits-talents-health-ideas to pick-remedies etc

wishing well, kshantaram
Donate to your Delight!!!

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Unread 08-27-2019, 09:58 AM
greybeard greybeard is offline
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Re: Born under Venus retrograde + several stelliums in Aquarius and the 4th & 5th hou

I have inserted the 3 trans-saturnian planets, which fall in Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius.

It may be you stick to traditional methods; I will give you some modern perspectives.

1. The chart pattern is "Bundle". Pluto is Cutting. The pattern is defined (contained, limited) by effective trine (Saturn/Pluto, 7, Fire). Saturn/Pluto=Mars.

2. There is no Water in the chart.

3. Moon is combust in her exile, angular. The self-absorption of the Bundle is magnified. Capricorn is over-emphasized, Saturn in Fall, angular, square the Lights in his own sign.

4. Venus is the only Rx planet. She is conjunct Uranus and Mars in Aquarius in 5th. Sexuality almost surely aberrant, strong, intense, erratic. Saturn/Pluto is in 5th. Strong tendencies toward self-isolation, inwardness.

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aquarius, born, houses, retrograde, stelliums, venus

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