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Traditional Astrology For discussions on Traditional Astrology only. (Note: Typically, traditional astrology is defined as using techniques developed prior to 1700 by astrologers from the Hellenistic, Persian, Hebrew, and Renaissance eras. In general, it relies on Ptolemaic aspects (sextile, trine, square, opposition and conjunction) though there may be some exceptions, and always excludes modern planets (Neptune, Uranus and Pluto,) as well as any asteroids. The focus is less on what would be considered modern psychological chart interpretation and more on prediction. Members who wish to explore a combination of traditional and modern ideas should feel free to start a new thread in an appropriate forum for further discussion.)

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HOW ASTROLOGY DELINEATES PHYSICAL APPEARANCE - if chart has reliable time of birth

ours is an astrological learning forum
these are various tips for interested traditionl beginners
Originally Posted by petosiris View Post


11. Bodily Form and Temperament

We must observe the Hour-Marker with the planets that are upon it or assume predomination and in particular the Moon as well, for it is through the formative power of these two places and with their predominators, through the mixture of the two kinds, and furthermore through the power of the fixed stars, according to their brilliance and colours, that the confirmation of the body has to be ascertained. Predominators have the most power in this matter and the twelve places aid them.

Phainon morning produces them dark-skinned, robust, black-haired, curly-haired, hairy-chested, with eyes of moderate size, of middling stature, temperament having an excess of moist and cold. Phainon evening produces them dark, slender, small, straight-haired, with little hair on the body, rather graceful, and black-eyed, temperament having an excess of cold and dry.

Phaethon morning produces them light of skin, but in such a way as to have a good colour, with moderately curling hair and large eyes, tall, commanding respect, temperament having an excess of hot and moist. Phaethon evening produces them light, to be sure, but not as before, in such a way as to give them good colour, and with lank hair or even bald in front and on the crown, and of average stature, temperament having an excess of moist.

Pyroeis morning produces them red and white of complexion, tall, robust, gray-eyed, with thick hair, somewhat curly, temperament having an excess of hot and dry. Pyroeis evening produces them simply ruddy, of middle height, with small eyes, not much hair on the body, straight yellow hair, temperament having an excess of dry.

Phosphoros has effects similar to Phaethon, but is apt to produce subjects more shapely, graceful, womanish, effeminate in figure, plump, and luxurious, with eyes bright as well as beautiful.

Stilbon morning produces them sallow, of moderate height, graceful, small eyes and moderately curling hair, temperament having an excess of hot. Stilbon evening produces them light but not of good colouring, with straight hair and olive complexion, lean and spare, and glancing, brilliant eyes, and somewhat ruddy, temperament having an excess of dry.

The luminaries assist each of these when they bear an aspect to them, the Sun tending to a more impressive and robust effect, and the Moon toward better proportion and greater slenderness, and a more moist temperament, proportionally to the special qualities of the illumination.

Morning planets making an appearance make the body large, planets with first station, powerful and muscular, planets moving forward, not well-proportioned, planets with second station, rather weak, and setting planets, entirely without repute but able to bear hardship and oppression. With the twelve places, 1, 2, 3 make them well-favoured in complexion, stature, robustness, and eyes, exceeding in moist and hot. 4, 5, 6 make them with moderately good complexion and moderate height, robust, with large eyes and thick and curly hair, exceeding in hot and dry. 7, 8, 9 produce them sallow, spare, slender, sickly, with moderately curling hair and good eyes, exceeding in dry and cold. 10, 11, 12 produce individuals of dark complexion, moderate height, straight hair, with little hair on their bodies, somewhat graceful, exceeding in cold and moist. And we must take the heating power with high extraversion, and drying power with high neuroticism.

Hermes Trismegistus and the philosopher observed various configurations related to this topic.*.html#12

Robbins, F. E. (1940). Ptolemy: Tetrabiblos. William Heinmann, London. Retrieved from
Schmidt, R. Hephaistio of Thebes Apotelesmatics Book II. Project Hindsight.
Main Rulerships of 1st House delineates Stature, colour, complexion
form and shape of body
As well as describing the physical appearance
the condition of First House
and that of its planetary ruler
indicates the level of personal vitality and strength.
Life, vitality and health.


keep in mind that
even within the same race
there are differences of skin tone and eye colour

It's not unusual for children of the same race
to be fairer or darker complexioned than their siblings
and so
within the race of white/whitish people
some siblings are darker/lighter complexioned than others
within the race of black/blackish people
some siblings are darker/lighter complexioned than others

Focusing on height, weight, bone structure, eye colour
gives overall good results

examples of 'Black' people with Blue eyes
other ethnicities
Part 1

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