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Unread 10-13-2014, 03:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
Of course you have no idea how to do it. You've never done it before.

You mentioned, though, that you're extroverted some of the time and introverted some of the time. During your introverted moments, what do you feel most like doing? Reading? Meditating? Doing something creative, like art of some kind or creative writing or listening to music (or creating music) or cooking (that can be a very creative pursuit!)? Going for a walk? Exercising? Just daydreaming? Something else that I haven't mentioned?

All of those things are inwardly communicative experiences. Paradoxically, they can also be outwardly communicative. If you cook a meal, that's a form of communication with whoever eats that meal. If you write or sing a song, you communicate with whoever hears it. If you create a work of art, you communicate with whoever sees it. When you write internet posts, trying to figure yourself out, like you're doing right now, you're communicating with all of us.

But even if no one but you heard your song or saw your work of art or ate your creative cooking or read what you wrote, you would still be having a communicative experience. The very process of creating something is an inwardly communicative process. So is the act of thinking about something you could create even if you don't create it. If, for instance, you make up a story or a song in your head but never tell it, sing it, or write it, you have still had a communicative experience.

You have a key indicator in your birth chart that suggests you are very process oriented, that you are likely to find the process of something even more meaningful than the end result: moon in Sagittarius. The moon in a birth chart represents our feelings, and, even more importantly, our deepest desires. Its placement tells you something about what speaks to your soul.

Sagittarius is the sign of the learner. Traditionally, its archetype is represented in these three ways: it's the sign of the gypsy, the student, or the philosopher, and it's the sign of all three of those things. It represents experiences that we seek out and take joy in just for the sake of the experience. It represents learning, expanding the mind, growing through adventure, expanding your beliefs.

You read something that said Sagittarians are outgoing. That is true, but not necessarily in the sense of having an outgoing personality. Sagittarians like you and me (I am also a Sag moon) are outgoing in the most literal sense of the word. We go out and explore the world. That can be in a very obvious way, like traveling to another country, or it can be in a very inwardly directed way, like reading an interesting book.

It also tends to color our interpersonal relations. We're the people who go out and befriend people who seem very different from ourselves, and take a great interest in what they have to tell us. When I was your age, I was best friends with a recent immigrant from another country, and I loved hearing her stories and learning bits of her language. I would also go talk to homeless people on the street--or rather, let them talk to me--and spend hours listening to their stories. One of my favorite memories from that time in my life is meeting a deaf kid who spent an entire afternoon teaching me his sign language.

Those are very Sagittarian experiences, and they also follow the communication/listening themes in your chart, so you are probably drawn to those sorts of things as well. Even if you don't know any immigrants or homeless people or deaf people, you likely have a tendency to want to know different kinds of people, to befriend them, and to learn about them.

We Sagittarian moons have a deep emotional need for learning and growing experiences. We tend to value them in and of themselves instead of for any diploma or certificate or recognition they might bring. That can be one of your strongest allies in this process of learning to be an inward communicator. Find an inwardly communicative process that you enjoy, and you will love the experience of developing that side of yourself, probably even more than the end results.

Whatever really speaks to you, whatever feeds your soul when you're feeling introverted, that's what you should make room for in your life. That doesn't mean you have to do those kinds of things all of the time. You also have an extroverted side, and you also need to do some things that feed and support that. But the things that feed your introverted side are probably what you've been making less room for in your life, and, judging from what you said and from your chart's indicator that you expect to be more extroverted, you've probably been squelching those urges to do introverted sorts of things.

Fourth house placements can also indicate the parts of yourself that need the most nurturing. When a part of yourself badly needs to be nurtured, it can feel like a crying baby, helpless and vulnerable. You will probably feel very vulnerable and weak as you first start to develop this side of yourself. Treat it like a crying baby: give it love and nurturing. It might seem like the introverted side of you is taking over your life for a while, when you first let it have the expression you've been denying it. If that happens, let it happen. Once you've fed your introverted side enough so that it's no longer malnourished, you'll find yourself in a much better and happier balance of introvert and extrovert, internal communicator and external communicator.
Thank you! That was very helpful! I am definitely really creative, but I definitely suppress that side of me a lot too. Thanks for the advice and I understand what you mean now.

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Unread 10-13-2014, 06:44 AM
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Re: I am a leo but I am shy and insecure??

Originally Posted by Julia51423 View Post
Thank you! That was very helpful! I am definitely really creative, but I definitely suppress that side of me a lot too. Thanks for the advice and I understand what you mean now.
My pleasure!

And thank you for being my guinea pig. I am an astrology learner, and this is the very first time I've ever read anyone's chart and given them advice. Sagittarian experience for me!
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Unread 10-13-2014, 07:05 AM
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Re: I am a leo but I am shy and insecure??

I have few explanations:

#1. Sometimes people struggle between tropical and sidereal ZODIAC - which one in important? In sidereal ZODIAC, Sun is in Cancer. You might be responding to sidereal ZODIAC.


#2. Retrograde Mercury inhibits expression.

#3. Mars in fall can make lazy enough to not act.
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