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Unread 02-15-2018, 12:15 AM
DaphneLore DaphneLore is offline
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Re: Saturn Venus hard aspects - What's your experience?

The square is very hard and difficult to overcome, but essentially it depends between which houses it happens, the triplicity and the cosmic state. It's not always related to sentimental issues but also to eating disorders or financial imbalances. Although Saturn is almost the antogonist of everything that Venus represents, it also operates as a necessary restraint when the planet of love, beauty and pleasure goes headlong into an inconvenient situation.

I think for Saturn to work better this square we must recognize and empower it in just measure, because if we internalize a depressive and oppressive idea of ​​the Lord of Karma then we will be cultivating these dark qualities that are also the planet's own, contaminating others (by natal position or by transit) and manifesting it in our links with the Venusian matters (food, money, love, pleasures)

Saturn as a teacher is fierce, but we're masters of our destiny and although the square makes us prone to misfortune we always have the opportunity to react and recognize that our Venus has a guardian angel, it is only a matter of stopping ignoring it and fighting it and giving it to this angel his place

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Unread 02-19-2018, 04:11 PM
nyclibra nyclibra is offline
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I have this aspect (Saturn in 7th house Cancer square Venus in 9th house Libra), and find it very hard to live with. I feel I've struggled with it my entire life, and still am.
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Unread 02-27-2018, 10:25 PM
UranianDude UranianDude is offline
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Re: Saturn Venus hard aspects - What's your experience?

that didn't make sense whatsoever, because if the child were to be aborted something in his chart might have triggered that, maybe it was destined to happen? maybe not? but "perform their karma properly" ? maybe their karma was already destined to be that way you know anyways that answer made no sense to the topic XD
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Unread 01-31-2019, 11:52 PM
Evolving717223 Evolving717223 is offline
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Re: Saturn Venus hard aspects - What's your experience?

Originally Posted by pabloes View Post
It just means depression caused by autoimmune issues or/and the Dopamine system. Saturn stops Venus from expressing, meaning the immune system goes haywire causing inflammation that makes you depressed.

Anyway, as the reason is physical, it requires medication like Ibuprofen after a flare and an antidepressant. Preferable a tricyclic as they target the Dopamine as well (Dopamine = pleasure = Venus).

Saturn/Venus = blocked pleasure = problems with the Dopamine system in the body. Of course when you lack pleasure you also lack vital energy and so you don't attract light/good people into your life. You lack the fire, so you need to boost your Dopamine. Once I started taking a tricyclic antdepressant, my confidence increased 10-fold and I started attracted positivity from people around me.

^^OK, all of this is based on my experience, YMMV.
This may very well be the case. However I doubt that saturn venus hard-aspects can only cause depression by creating limitations and problems (saturn) in the dopamine system (venus).

While it does certainly cause that physical issue, I'd imagine that it also causes problems with the financial situation, as venus as a whole has a strong dictation over finances.

But saturn is about progression that is slow and not fast, as saturn is about working your way up through hard work.

So because of this, you could say that the financial situation will have negativity to it if in a hard aspect with saturn, but this will slowly become less and less of an issue, as saturn is just there to teach us the importance of hard work, meaning saturn is just teaching that for one to gain financial success, they must work hard for it, and venus in hard aspect with saturn would just be teaching this in an especially cruel way, I can only deduce that if it were instead a soft aspect between venus and saturn, the same exact lesson would still be learned, but the lesson wouldnt be taught in a cruel manner, but rather a nice one.
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Unread 11-15-2019, 04:35 PM
pabloes pabloes is offline
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Re: Saturn Venus hard aspects - What's your experience?

For me itís not the financial situation itself, I can always find a job. Whatís delayed in my case is finding a job I like e.g. in art or medicine and I get critical opinions on my graphic design work so far (I get offers in the dreaded outsourcing sector left and right, I just donít want them). For my Pisces true node arts and medicine make more sense than boring administrative jobs. Iím already in my 30s considering studying for a Dietician. Itís more my Pisces true node that makes big corporations feel cruel I think. Theyíre too Virgo-influenced.
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Unread 11-15-2019, 06:10 PM
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astro11 astro11 is offline
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Re: Saturn Venus hard aspects - What's your experience?

Hard Saturn-Venus aspects tend to make people very careful with spending money. I've noticed a number of them are quite conservative, tight-fisted and sometimes stingy.

Interesting I got news that someone responded to this thread so many years after I initially posted. Today, transiting Venus at 17 Sagittarius makes an exact conjunction to my natal Saturn! I think it is harder to be affectionate in relationships when this transit occurs as you tend to more easily notice what is missing in relationships. You may feel undervalued or not appreciated.
Samantha Samuels
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