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Lunar/Solar Now, this is a hot topic! This sub-board is dedicated to talks on the influence of solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, new moons, full moons, etc. in predictive astrology.

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Unread 07-06-2016, 01:51 AM
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Smile New Moon in Cancer - New Beginnings!

In Astrology, new moons are a very special phase, as it is a time to enfold into your real self once again, the timeless one. A new moon is an important point of attention, and symbolically, it represents a portal for new beginnings. New moons are an exceptional time to set intentions for the things you'd like to have, create, or manifest in your life. There are many ways to initiate this communion with the Universe - from lighting a candle to creative, elaborate rituals. What matters is that you're committing yourself to your dream, and you are being open to receiving guidance, healing, and support from the Universe. The best thing about a new moon is that the portal it opens will last for a whole ten days after. So this means that the seeds you plant during this fertile time will have the effect of helping, healing, and shifting your life for a whole year - till the next new moon in Cancer (June 15, 2017).Talk about a sweet deal!

When the Moon is new, the Luminaries - the Sun and Moon - are sitting side by side in the same Zodiac sign. This makes it a very charged time with concentrated energies of that specific sign. This new moon will fall on July 4, 2016 - at 13 degrees Cancer. Let's take a look at what this means for all of us, in general, before diving into the sweet aspects this new moon will have for each specific sign.

New Moon in Cancer

"Mr. Sensitive" Cancer is all about emotional connection with others as well as security - emotionally, financially, and domestically. it's the sign of nurturing, family, comforts and our domestic life in general. Vulnerability will be the keyword for this new moon, however, protecting our vulnerability from others with whom we don't feel close enough is also associated with this new moon. This is symbolized by the shell of the crab - Cancer's ultimate armor.

Thankfully, this new moon is making mostly harmonious aspects. She's sitting comfortably next to Mercury and Venus in the same sign, the planets of communication and love. It is also making a super-easy aspect with Neptune, the planet of inspiration, and a supportive angle to Jupiter - lord of gifts and good fortune. This upcoming month has a much easier flow between our emotional/spiritual needs and our physical duties, lifestyle, and overall health. After the previous moth of challenges and disappointments, this lunar cycle is very healing, loving, and potentially uplifting. A true Godsend!

We have just finished a two and a half month period where Mars has been asleep at the wheel (retrograde) and is now in Scorpio. During the week leading up to this New Moon, many people may have been feeling more angry and irritated, which is a normal occurrence when Mars is changing motion. This has been a time of adjusting how we work with the Mars energy which is connected to willpower, aggression, anger, sex and carnal desires. Starting this past June 29th, and in the weeks following, we are beginning to venture forward in new ways of asserting ourselves in these Mars-ruled areas of our lives. It is also making a sweet aspect with Chiron, "the wounded healer", which has been a major player in recent months. This suggests a time of being able to more easily work with, or overcome, our wounds and channel them into forgotten or untapped strengths.

The new moon, along with Venus and Mercury, is currently standing toe to toe with Pluto - in exact opposition (180 degrees). This can represent a time of purging what is necessary as a result of what has occurred in recent weeks or months. For some people this is a time to more easily deal with our hidden "shadows" that have been suppressed and/or have come up recently. There may be some deep felt emotions with this new moon, but considering all of the other aspects, there is great opportunity to achieve a new sense of joy as a result of the changes we are making.

Considering that Venus is also opposing Pluto and creating some tension with Uranus, some people are experiencing separations in relationships. For others this can manifest as a significant change in values, possessions, pleasures, love, and money in some cases. The Pluto theme of purging and transforming is very much at play in these areas, all which can open up new and exciting doors for you!

On the positive side, Jupiter (currently perched in Virgo) is throwing some good fortune towards Pluto in Capricorn and the New Moon, which are opposite each other. These aspects can have a positive effect on our duties, work, and careers and that may also come with financial benefits. Mars is also getting along so well with Venus right now (in a grand configuration with Chiron) which can have profound and positive financial implications, and some people may even find themselves entering a relationship with a new lover.

Now, let's go ahead and see how these sweet aspects are helping each Zodiac sign specifically!

New Moon and the Twelve Signs

Aries - This new moon is pretty friendly for you, especially because he's being joined by the Sun, Mercury, and Venus - all huddled up in your solar fourth house of home. At this time, you may be thinking more about someone special at home, or you simply may have plans for a move, re-design, or the purchase of new furniture. Even if you don't have money, don't fret - your ruling planet, Mars, is in your solar house of other people's money. So you can expect someone to lend you a helping hand in the money department.
Taurus- This new moon will be highlighting your solar third house of short and travel, and she'll be accompanied by the Sun, Mercury, and Venus - all in sensitive Cancer, a fertile water sign. This greatly complements your earth-sign, Taurus, and if possible, take a trip to the nearest vacation spot, preferably with lush green mountains and trees. Jupiter and Mars are also pumping up this new moon, so expect some major fun and blessings on this trip.
Gemini- This new moon, along with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus, will be filling up your solar second house of personal income. If you haven't already asked for a raise, Gemini, do so now. Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, will also be at an ideal angle to this new moon, suggesting that the increase in pay you asked for was just in time. How nice is that?
Cancer- Lucky you, Cancer, this is your month! With the new moon, Sun, Mercury, and Venus all in your solar first house; this is the time of new beginnings, fresh starts, and pure bliss. This new moon is in your sign, so take advantage of these next 10 days to really think about what it is you want in your life. Venus is also perched in your sign till July 12th, so meeting that special someone just got a whole lot easier, Cancer. Believe me!
Leo- With four heavenly bodies in your solar twelfth house of secrets and your subconscious, including the new moon, this lunar cycle will come in like a whisper for you. It's time for you to relax, self-review, and let go of anything and anyone that is holding you back from accomplishing your dreams. Meditation, Yoga, exercise, therapy, and Tarot can do wonders for you, Leo - practically a Godsend if you ask me. Neptune will be showing some love in that direction as well, so any "behind the scenes" project you are working on will soon blossom for you. Next month is your time, so start preparing!
Virgo- This new moon, in her beautiful white gown, will arrive on the arm of the Sun, tender Venus, and your ruler, Mercury, and they are all filling your solar eleventh house of friends, clubs and humanitarian organizations. So, it's definitely time to get out there and be social, Virgo. Jupiter, the Lord of gifts and good luck, is still perched in your sign, so technically speaking, you're the only one in the Zodiac wearing the crown right now. He'll be making such a wonderful aspect with this new moon, so meeting new people, and possibly that special someone, is even more possible now.
Libra- You have Venus, Mercury, and the mighty Sun accompanying the new moon, suggesting that your career will be popping during this time. Mars is currently in your second house of income, so you've probably spent a lot of money lately, especially in terms of your career. I simply adore the fact that this new moon is opening so many doors for all signs, so all that hard-spent money is going to pay off now. Neptune, the planet of creativity, is sending some love to your solar sixth house as well, so if you're career involves creative work, or even spiritual pursuits, you're sure to see a blessing in the next coming days.
Scorpio- Your chart is just beginning for travel in July, Scorpio, so if you can, by all means go! As the month opens up, four heavenly bodies are grouping together in your foreign people and places sector, including the new moon, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus - all dolled up in sweet Cancer. These are all in water signs that blend so beautifully with your Sun sign. Any trip you take this month will likely be fore relax and play, rather than for work.
Sagittarius- This new moon will highlight your eighth house of other people's money covering large funds to make your dreams possible, so you may be applying for a mortgage, student loan, bank loan, or even a business line of credit. This new moon will open up opportunities to increase your cash flow, especially through the creative arts, for Neptune, planet of arts and creativity, will be in an outstanding position to support this elegant new moon. If you are an artist, director, producer, musician, poet - you name it - if you are creative, you will do exceptionally well this month.
Capricorn- With four heavenly bodies gathering in your marriage and partnership sector - all dolled up in fertile Cancer - you will be getting ready to make a commitment to someone who is important to you. If you are already married, you can draw up an exciting goal hat you both will work on. Neptune will be sending shimmering vibrations to the new moon and her entourage in Cancer. Your partner may inspire you, and if you need to travel for any reason, you will find it to be an uplifting experience.
Aquarius- With four heavenly bodies in your solar sixth house, you will have lots to do, Aquarius. Many people take time of in July, but it seems you will be needed at the office - August would be a better time to go. This new moon will receive a golden beam from Neptune, the planet of creativity and vision, and is currently perched in your solar second house of earned income. This says that you will have a major opportunity to add your creative touch to a current assignment - which will pay quite handsomely once the full moon rolls around, on July 19th.
Pisces- Life will be joyous in July, for you have a little party of four heavenly bodies congregating in your solar fifth house of fun, creativity, and true love. It's time to take a deep breath, let go, and just relax, Pisces! Romance should be exceptionally bright for you, for Venus in Cancer will see to it, July 1st to July 11th. Neptune, your ruler, will be the planet most supportive of this new moon, and such a fantastic indication that love will be very glamorous and will inspire you deeply. I absolutely love this new moon for you, Pisces. Enjoy it, you deserve it!
"People are just as happy as they make their minds to be" ^^

Ascendant: Pisces
Sun Sign: Cancer
Moon Sign: Sagittarius

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Unread 07-06-2016, 02:23 AM
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Re: New Moon in Cancer - New Beginnings!

Thanks so much for posting this! It was very relateable and provided so much valuable insight! Many thanks from my cancer moon, to your cancer sun!
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The Following User Says Thank You to Capricorn2616 For This Useful Post:
Cancerboy1991 (07-06-2016)
Unread 07-06-2016, 03:08 AM
Cancerboy1991 Cancerboy1991 is offline
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Re: New Moon in Cancer - New Beginnings!

I absolutely LOVE hearing such positive feedback, and I am beyond happy that this post was of great use to you. My Cancer Sun is very content

With love and light!
"People are just as happy as they make their minds to be" ^^

Ascendant: Pisces
Sun Sign: Cancer
Moon Sign: Sagittarius
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