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Unread 12-06-2017, 05:47 PM
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Unread 12-06-2017, 11:52 PM
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Lightbulb Re: Will i pass the exams?

Can you please explain what kind of exam will you take and for what degree? Can you tell me more about your degree? What does your degree basically do?

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Nightfall (12-10-2017)
Unread 12-07-2017, 04:00 AM
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Post Re: Will i pass the exams?


Have drawn up an investigative chart-purely hypothetical, along the lines of a Kabal throw. There is no data handy as to your locale so the cubes reference the place somewhere between time & space and my wish to connect to you somehow via the cast. (Don't know if the Natal reading department is where this chart should be?) Moderator please advise?

Did not note the time and date when asking the question for you as a traditional Astrological method a Horary artist would, the time referencing a separate person asking for you & I am in Oregon but will not use this territory to reference the chart.

Chart is radical even if hypothetical: Saturday is the 9th day of December ruled of Saturn whom is ambassador of Capricorn (Ascendant rising sign); Sun is the hour in Sag. deposited in co lord Uranus house (Saturn deposited in Aquarius 11th house) (Mars in Air@ 29 deg. Libra (Asc. = Air=hot & wet humor Day ruler Saturn) in harmony with Uranus of a mutual reception with Uranus back in harmony Libra; Mars in dignity Aries hot & dry, he is about to enter a sign of Martian trait Scorpio resonance=dignity. Mercury depositor of Uranus in Aries (hot & wet) in the 3rd house deposited in Air-Gemini's house. Mercury in Sagittarius fire (hot). The day ruler Saturn is of the triplicity of Ascendant. Sun is hot & agrees with Saturn in Sagittarius.

So lets see shall we if the Astrologer is able to pull up an accurate 'scry' that depicts your circumstances verses the 'real' data needed for a personal reading for any insight?

Capricorn is rising (10th destiny of the exams where Saturn & Mercury have just fulfilled a conj.) fits the higher pondering of destiny intention I have to glean your possibilities. The Ascendant will be used for both Astrologer & yourself. How would one describe you-are you eccentric, solemn, serious & critical of yourself & other's, wishing to be exact in all interests you start & are you sporty with a traditional bent you wish to be known by? Have you recently had a dental check? Are you tall (Saturn in Sagittarius whom is visiting lord of the Ascendant lord of Aquarius (consider co lord Uranus a modern in Aries, do you have a temper?)

Mars is natural host of Aries of the Ascendant, changing signs from Libra @ 29 deg & 51 min. into Scorpio in the 9th house; the change Mars makes from detriment Libra into Scorpio is scientific could indicate cramming for exams. Mars is 5 degrees within orb from Scorpio feels the dignity and intensity of detective Scorpio & might describe your temperament - serious to pass the testing. Mars changing signs indicates a release of physical stress reflected in your persona?

Usually S.N. in the Ascendant is a signet subject matter (S.N. is deposited in Aquarius (higher octave of testing Mercury; will not go well, but too we might reflect on the S.N. in the Prima-Fa-ca (element-energy that depicts the question) as data without accuracy; the Astrologer erects a chart that S.N. says is Utopian or idealistic but not realistic.

The Sun of identity is in harmony in Sagittarius in the 11th house (Sag. is the sign of highest learning potiential & memorization capability (Jupiter & Neptune realm); a place to source integration of facts & figures using exponential untapped mental resourcefulness.)

Mercury retro in detriment Sagittarius can get out of the predicametn he finds himself in (vague insecurity about the testing) with a mutual reception with Jupiter in the 10th in Scorpio; Jupiter is dignified back in Sagittarius & Mercury is in harmony in Scorpio. Mercury retro about to be under the Sun beams is obscured (right data) & could register as depression-do you think you're prepared for the testing?

The exam lord is Mercury retro returning to trine Uranus=yes.
Marc Edmund Jones technique; discordant aspects = no, benign = yes.

POF is not generally used as a place that makes aspects-being a part- rays or energies to the part by planets influence POF especially by conjunction or Parallel to make a positive difference.

The I.C. (4th the way energies of planets reflect endings) & the M.C. (destiny) are fixed (a go ahead sign giving solidifying testimony the chart is viable) so the chart may reflect some validity as N.N. is in the 7th house=identifying with public success or harmony, (Leo) Sun in harmony Sagittarius 11th house lord of Leo. Mars of the MC is in the Via Combusta area but will soon gain some dignity in scientific Scorpio. (Even though Jupiter is in the Via Combusta=(ineffectual)-Jupiter is in the gift box area described by Beven as 'unexpected surprises or presents' of the nature of the planet in this area. (benign)
A place that tells us something about the nature of what is about to enter into our conscious world, ie; into our awareness.'
My description as : benefit of testing by 'other' method of occult practice.'

Moon with Regulus in the 8th house will trine Pluto in the 12th house; a good augur. Of bright shining promise is Spica in the 9th of higher mind.

As Neptune is within the future 2nd house am doubtful & skeptical even as he should receive the trine of Jupiter in the M.C.; the nebulous energy will not go unnoticed; the chart will be looked upon as invalid to some peers here. Neptune is 'other worldly' with crack pot notion reference; but may be of note possibly as a psychic sensitive reflection?

Moon in Virgo (psychic) sextile Jupiter & M.C. in the 8th of occult awareness given to Virgo=studies, an opportunity aspect = yes to your question. Moon of Cancer upon the 6th house=study attribute.

Sun in harmony Sagittarius (11th of hopes & wishes) will trine (ease of accomplishment) Uranus (higher octave of Mercury-testing) in the 3rd; intelligent application soon appearing.

And yet again last but not least; Moon trines Pluto in the 12th=hidden resources of the spirit. She moving within the 8th house could indicate the data will & is in need to be changed; you are forthcoming to give it to the forum.

Here's hoping for the best

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Osamenor (12-07-2017)
Unread 12-07-2017, 06:37 AM
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Re: Will i pass the exams?

Nightfall, you have a birth chart. You've posted it before. Why don't you post it now?

The rule here is that if you want others to interpret your chart, you post it yourself. No making them do the work for you!

This kind of question would also work well as a horary. However, I wonder what you really expect to get out of it. You could be setting yourself up for a self fulfilling prophecy here.

If someone told you that you won't pass the exam, what would you do? My guess is you would just give up and not take it, or not prepare for it, and if you do that, of course you won't pass.

If someone told you that you will pass, what would you do? Would you study for it? Would you just assume it was all okay and do nothing?

The common sense way to approach an exam is the same whether you've received astrological advice about it or not. Study for it. Go into it well rested and having eaten a good breakfast. Figure out what would help you be at your best when you take it. Surely you've taken exams before, and you know what helps you remember things and do your best.

After that, you'll know soon enough whether you've passed or not. No need to keep asking the stars.

Vyri's answer is very interesting, and seems to reflect your situation well: you're experiencing lots of anxiety, but you're serious about this exam and putting in the effort needed to pass. That right there makes it highly likely that you will.
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Samantha Bean (12-09-2017), Vyri (12-07-2017)
Unread 12-08-2017, 03:40 PM
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Re: Will i pass the exams?

If you want to use predictive natal astrology, the right chart combination would be your birth chart plus an event chart for the date, time, and place of your exam. If you want that interpreted, it's your responsibility to create the charts and post them. You can edit out any information you don't want to share, such as your location.
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Unread 12-11-2017, 05:02 AM
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Wink Re: Will i pass the exams?


Granted the chart above is of 'other astrology' design & established against a Kabal throw-hoping for insight, but it doesn't make the reading any less valid- albeit established along a 'different' view & method of predictive insights.

Am hoping you will understand my attempt to connect with the individual to 'aid' in his quest at any rate, no matter the technique, it is the effort to extend ourselves in some 'occult' way in efforts to commune with another
spiritually..that makes all the difference.

All the best

Wishing you love & light, for it is the lack of these two which are really one & the same that keeps us in spiritual darkness-a lack of awareness..that we should not be able to see our path to success.


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