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Unread 07-18-2009, 04:00 PM
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Nepalese Astrology-Jyotish

Nepal, the land blessed by Vedic gurus like Balmaki and Maharshi Vedvyas, is the gem in the world. It has its own practice of Astrology that has been followed by special communities. Those practices are a little different from the Vedic Astrology that is well scripted and are taught across the world.
Due to various reasons the old astrologers had developed their own system that is not been well documented.
I am proud to present the old system of Nepalese Astrology.
Generally, Astrology counts third house for brothers and sisters But Nepalese old astrologers have been counting on eighth house for sisters.
Normally, fifth house is looked for children (son/daughter) but these old masters used to look at the eleventh house for daughter.
Generally, one’s malefic day is counted on the basis of sign (like for Mesh Sunday is malefic). But our traditional Gurus have told us that the fourth day from the birthday is malefic (like if one is born on Sunday, his malefic day is Wednesday.)
If Rahu is in eighth house, one’s sister will be widowed after a short married life.
If there are any evil planets one will suffer from them. Saturn causes disable, Rahu causes widowhood and Mars separates from husband.
If Any Evil Planet is in Lagna, it indicates fall down from height in childhood.
If Rahu and Sun are together, it is fatal to father, with Mars it is fatal to mother. Similarly, if Saturn and Venus are together, it is fatal to uncle. If Sun and Moon are together one will suffer from spouse. It does not matter in which house they are positioned.
If any Evil Planets is in second and sixth house, one will die in the foreign land. If Sun is in second house snake will bite and if Saturn is in second house, a dog will bite.
Again any Evil planet is exalted in eighth house and aspects another malefic planets, one should take responsibilities of unmarried sister or widow sister.
According to old Nepali Astrology, to know which direction one will get married, we have to add birth Tithi day, Nekshetra and divide it by 9, if the reminder is 1 east, 2 south, 3 west 4 north, 5 South-east , 6 South-west, 7 North-west, 8 North-east and reminder is 0 own birth place.
If Saturn, Rahu or Ketu is seventh from Sun, one will get married to older person.
Again we can find out the family member of one’s spouse, by adding Lagna & third house, if Saturn, Rahu or Ketu aspects, take half of above number and if Sun or Mars subtract 1.
Again to know where persons lives, if 4th house is moveable sign near a main road, dual sign by the crossing of two roads. To know which direction is the main Entrance of one’s house, add Lagna and ninth house. If the number is greater than 12, deduct 12. If the reminder is 1 Aries East face, 2 Taurus South face, 3 Gemini west face & so on.
If Sun & Rahu is in second house one will be imprisoned once in one’s life.
Traditional Nepali astrology gives importance to angular sign house and Nakshatra.
In vimshottari dasa calculation, the triangle’s Nakshatra plays major role. While in predictive astrology triangular Rashi and the house play important role.
For example, if the First House is Mesh Rashi, the Triangular Rashis will be Simha and Dhanu. It has similar Bhava and Nakshatra also.
The First triangle shows one’s Will Power, Second Knowledge Power, and third triangle is performance power. Similarly, the First Triangle is Nature (prakriti), Second is Saskriti (culture) and third is Samsakara.
First Triangle means 1,5,9 house, whereas second means 2,6,10 and third means 3,7,11 houses.
In Nepali Predictive astrology, if the planet has no harmonious relation with the planets in next triangle then the horoscope is considered weak.
The planet cannot give full power, if it is not friendly with the planet in triangular Nakshatra and Rashi. In such condition, the planet is considered weak.
For example, If Saturn is in the first house of Tula lagna in Swati Nakshatra and sun is in the fifth house in Satvisha Nakshatra, Saturn will be weak and cannot support.
Similarly, if any evil planet is is the triangle of seventh (eleven & third) house, the native has to suffer in domestic life, late marriage or not conjugal happiness.
The combination of will power, Knowledge power and performance is considered weak and one has to suffer and fail in one’s life. Thus the comparative study of Rashi, Nakshatra and bhava of every house in triangle can only determine the good and bad results.
We have some unique remedies too. For remedies, our old scholars have been using Hindu, Buddhists and Tantric Gods and Goddesses.
If any planet is weak or evil, one has to appease that house’s ruler.
The house rulers are follows:
First House ruler Shiva
Second House ruler Kamala
Third House ruler Tara
Fourth House ruler Brahmayani
Fifth house ruler Dhumawati
Sixth house ruler Bangalamukhi
Seventh house Pravati
Eighth house ruler Kali
Ninth House ruler Matangi
Tenth House ruler Swadhashi
Eleventh House ruler Chhinmasta
Twelfth House Bhairavi
This Dash Mahaviddhyadipati are worshiped by devotees to remove evil effects of yogani dasa, but in vimsotarry dasa system:
House rulers are as follows:
First house ruler Shiva
Second house ruler Kuber
Third house ruler Kumar
Fourth house ruler Brahma
Fifth house ruler Saraswati
Sixth house ruler varun
Seventh house ruler parvati
Eighth house ruler Yam
Ninth house ruler Laxmi
Tenth house ruler Visnu
Eleventh house ruler Ganesh
Twelfth house ruler Agni
One must understand how to remove evil effect of planets.
For example, if Yogani dasa ruler is third house lord or positioned in third house and is not giving good result, one has to worship Tara.
Again in vimsotarry dasa, if one is under first house dasa, one should worship lord shiva to get good results, as Lord Shiva is the ruler of first house.
There are various ways to appease Gods and Goddess to get good results or reduce bad luck; these are only some examples, of how our old masters used to practice.

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