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Traditional Astrology For discussions on Traditional Astrology only. (Note: Typically, traditional astrology is defined as using techniques developed prior to 1700 by astrologers from the Hellenistic, Persian, Hebrew, and Renaissance eras. In general, it relies on Ptolemaic aspects (sextile, trine, square, opposition and conjunction) though there may be some exceptions, and always excludes modern planets (Neptune, Uranus and Pluto,) as well as any asteroids. The focus is less on what would be considered modern psychological chart interpretation and more on prediction. Members who wish to explore a combination of traditional and modern ideas should feel free to start a new thread in an appropriate forum for further discussion.)

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Re: Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology Part III - Theoretical Considerations



Originally Posted by petosiris View Post

Seven traditional and general principles for most elections.
1. Let the Moon be operative with operative domicile ruler. The operative places are the angles and succedents.
2. Let the I, IV, VII and X be free of Saturn or Mars.
3. Let the Sun be operative, preferably angular.
4. Let Jupiter, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Moon be angular, the more the better.
5. Let the ruler of every action be favorably placed (operative and free of witnessing malefics):
- Saturn for property and some transfer of authority
- Jupiter for governorship and any evident or important matter
- Mars for governorship and military operations
- Venus for celebrations and affairs
- Mercury for eloquence and trade
If the rulers of the action are unfavorably placed and inoperative,
the matter will be unsuccessful,
even with favorably placed benefics rising and culminating.
6. Let the bright non-wandering stars and benefics be rising and culminating to the exact degree,
and let the Lot of Fortune be favorably placed.
7. Avoid the Moon being void of course, the Sun and Moon unfavorably placed,
or the domicile ruler of the Moon being cadent,
having the dodekatemorion of the Moon fall upon Saturn or Mars.
The New Moon is unfavorable concerning evident matters,
but favorable concerning hidden matters,
the Full Moon with malefics causes quarrels and dissension.
Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post

Event #1: a launch party. The date has been chosen, and is nonnegotiable,
but the time is to be determined.
This is really a case where the launch would happen with or without a party,
and the results would probably be the same, but
we want a semi-public "here we are" celebration.
Are there astrological factors that should be considered, like
where the angles are, the moon, etc?
The moon will change signs that day, if that's a consideration.
Moon in conjunction with Venus is favorable for celebrations.
Let Jupiter, Sun, Venus and Moon be favorably placed.
Let Venus be rising or culminating,
and let Jupiter be angular without malefic testimony.
The sign of the Moon also has some effect, generally human (for association)
and semi-fertile (for quantity)
signs like Gemini and Libra would be best.
I would recommend sidereal whole signs for this matter.

Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post

Event #2: first meeting of an astrological study group.
Because of space availability at the meeting site, the time is predetermined, but
there are several dates to choose from.
At this time of year, that time of day, all potential start dates have Leo rising
and the sun plus several planets in the sixth house.
Depending on the date, though, moon placement varies,
and midheaven sign varies.
(A couple of the potential charts I've tried, I like how they match with my chart,
but I don't know if that's really a consideration.
This isn't all about me.)
It depends on the purpose of the group,
if it is for specifically for study,
rather than association,
here are the points concerning teachings
I - Teacher
IV - Outcome
VII - Student
X - Authority
According to Dorotheus, let Mercury and the Moon be with human images
(Gemini, Virgo, Libra, the first half of Sagittarius, and Aquarius)
and in conjunction or trine with each other, with the Moon being waxing,
and Mercury being eastern.
I would also recommend checking the aforementioned simple principles.
Definitely avoid the sixth house unless you intend irrational events.
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