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Unread 01-21-2015, 10:42 PM
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Six Planets Retro, One Stationary, Mystic Rectangle

All these Retros has led me to learning Astrology.
I have joined the group to find help in my studies.
I started my formal education at a well known Astrology College and all has been going great until my Elective-Horary Astrology.
After wading thru all the readings, I ran into a major problem with the assignment and found Omnisphericus Forum that I hope will be a big help. Since I could not decipher the readings enough to form a proper step-by-step procedure. I used Burk's Comprehensive Guide to Classical Interpretation really a great beginner's book. I was clearly chastised as the teacher does not consider it Classical but Modern. Hence, my assignment was not accepted.
Since each classical writer from Lilly, Cadbury, Dykes to Bonati followed different methods and explanations, I am now totally lost in finding a Natal Horary Procedure I could follow since they tended to disagree with each other.

I am waiting for the teacher to respond back to that question and what House System to use. Lilly used many different shapes and Regiomontanus.
I am grateful to have a forum outside of the college to get help due to the close knit faculty, the teacher is well known, and could possible have an effect on my grades and hard work. Not counting the course tuition and additional $500 in Books.

This is my very sad position while Mercury is retrograding in my Aquarian SunSign and my brain is in a fog. Any help is appreciated.

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Unread 01-21-2015, 11:59 PM
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Re: Six Planets Retro, One Stationary, Mystic Rectangle

Ouch. Okay, let's see if we can understand your question better. You said you needed a natal horary procedure, but that's got to be a typo, as natal and horary are different types of charts.

I read one of Kevin Burke's books and it was mostly modern with some traditional techniques woven in, so 'too modern' may indeed be the problem there for your teacher.

Is your teacher teaching medieval (Perso-Arabic) horary or later? Lilly is an early modern but he's a pretty faithful reporter of the tradition and usually tells you when he's deviating.

If you are going medieval, I would look first at Sahl's Introduction to the Science of the Judgement of the Stars (Holden translation, it's pretty cheap, he's one of Lilly's sources, and unlike Lilly, Sahl is a very clear writer!), and also Bonatti's work on horary, as he's a bit later, medieval, and takes Sahl as a primary source.

Masha'allah and Abu'Mashar would be earlier sources, ones even more focussed on the moon, if that's what you're looking for.

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Unread 01-22-2015, 03:39 AM
jbunti jbunti is offline
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Re: Six Planets Retro, One Stationary, Mystic Rectangle

Thank you for answering so quickly.

Lilly was one of our texts, along with Bonatti and Sahl. Which is the source of my confusion. None quite give you a step-by-step Horary on a Natal Chart plus they all disagree with each other. The assignment does not ask a Question. I am asked to present an example in which one or more accidental dignities or debilities are necessary in order to understand an important facet of the chart, also an example of one or more Part of Fortune were necessary in order to understand an important facet of the chart, and also an example in which the Triplicity or Term ruler of a house was necessary in order to understand an important facet of the chart. I can present as many charts and they can be natal, mundane, horary, or electional. I was able to locate a natal, historic figure that I felt fulfilled the requirements. The teacher is interested in the quality of the interpretation which is the reason I spent so much time on it. I believe I have put in more than I need. I thought I needed Elements, Polarity, Oriental, etc.

Currently I have 13 pages of delineation that has many of the elements included. I used Polarity and I am told that is modern,I am told elements has nothing to do with what I am asked. So, I am thinking I should delete everything that not directly related to the question. Just present the chart with references to essential dignities and nothing more. Instead of presenting the entire chart and with my conclusion supporting the questions at the end of the delineation.

The more I think about it I should start from the summary of why each item is important and only include what is required and leave out any references to Burk. Just include the references I used from the required readings.
Somehow I thought the ancients delineated the entire natal chart first, from what they looked like, etc. and it was something I should also do in order to answer these questions.
And as I did the delineation I was referencing certain aspects I thought supported the requirements as I did each planet and house.

I have asked the teacher for guidance and no response other than the original negative feedback. It is a Self-directed course with no support or clarification on each segment. Just pay the tuition and you get a list of readings, etc, no handouts, and an assignment. Not what I expected.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Below was the required reading for Class 1 to explain the period.
Readings related to each topic:
Essential dignities:
Lehman, MAHA (Martial Art of Horary Astrology): pp. 318-319
Sahl: pp. 3-5
Lilly: pp. 101-105
Lehman, J. Lee. Learning with Lee Series. #1 Essential Dignities (
Lehman, J. Lee. MP3 Audio Series. #4 Essential Dignities (
Lehman, 1989, Essential Dignities: entire.
Bonatti (Dykes): pp. 50-60, 64-73
Accidental dignities:
Lehman, MAHA: pp. 320-321
Sahl: pp. 6-11
Lilly: p. 115
Applying and Separating Aspects:
Lehman, MAHA, p. 323, 52
Sahl: pp. 11-12, 13-14
Lilly: pp. 105-110
Bonatti (Dykes): pp. 62-64
Hugo (Dykes) Judges: pp 53-55
General house rulerships:
Lehman, MAHA, pp. 33-38
Lehman, Book of Rulerships: as reference
Lilly: pp. 47-56
Bonatti (Dykes): pp. 91-145
Hermann of Carinthia: pp. 52-57, 99-102
General planetary rulerships:
Lehman, Book of Rulerships: as reference
Lilly: pp. 57-86
Bonatti (Dykes): pp. 49-50
Hermann of Carinthia: pp. 75-77, 70-90, 102-107
General sign rulerships:
Lehman, MAHA: pp. 45, 47-50, 54-55
Lilly: pp. 86-90, 93-101
Lehman, Book of Rulerships: as reference
Bonatti (Dykes): pp. 46-49, 60-62, 74-90
Hermann of Carinthia: p. 79
Antiscia/Solstice Points:
Lehman, MAHA, p. 322
Lilly: pp. 90-93
Lehman, CAML (Classical Astrology for Modern Living): Chapter 9
Planetary hours:
Gadbury: p. 238
Lots/Arabic Parts:
Lehman, MAHA, pp. 321-322
Lehman, CAML: Chapter 8
Lehman, MAHA, pp. 12, 25, 36, 76, 95
Lilly, p. 387
Bonatti (Dykes): pp. 215-220
Fixed Stars:
There are plenty of references on fixed stars, but the obvious question is just how many does the typical horary astrologer need? Generally speaking, the list of the thirty brightest stars, plus Vindemiatrix, is sufficient.
Lehman, MAHA: pp. 21, 33, 41, 48
Lilly, pp. 130, 131, 537-538, 620, 623, 648-649, 665-668, 677-679, 689-691, 701-703
Lehman, MAHA, pp. 40-44
Sahl: pp. 12-28
Lilly: pp. 110-114
Bonatti (Dykes): pp. 353-368
Hugo (Dykes) Judges: pp. 51-56
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Unread 01-22-2015, 03:50 AM
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Re: Six Planets Retro, One Stationary, Mystic Rectangle

Check your private messages, please.
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mystic, mystic rectangle., planets, rectangle, retro, stationary

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