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Unread 06-12-2009, 07:22 PM
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Chart for My Nutrition-Related Project

I launched a project back in the first of March. It is an advanced metabolism calculator. It's a program I created for a bodybuilding forum.

I decided to do a project chart for it. This one is based on the date and time when the official name of the project was announced.

Here's some analysis on it.

It has a Virgo Ascendant, which is the same as my Ascendant.
Virgo tends to be health conscious and analytical, and this project relates to health and nutrition. It has an analytical approach concerning energy metabolism.
Therefore, the rulers of its houses are the same as that of my chart.

There is a stellium of planets in Aquarius in the 6th House.
The ruler of the chart is in this 6th House.
6th House is said to relate to health, and that's the category that this project falls under.

Sun and Saturn are on the angles. Saturn is conjunct its Ascendant, and the Sun is conjunct its Descendant.

The chart is a bucket shape with Saturn as the handle. So, Saturn is its singleton planet.

Overall, I find Saturn to be strong and prominent because:
Saturn is in an angular house, the 1st House, conjunct Ascendant
It's the Singleton planet in this bucket configuration.
Sun is Opposition Saturn
Moon is Trine Saturn

So, Saturn in Virgo here will be the taskmaster when it comes to body composition as one that Virgo rules the human body and its relationship with Earth, the planetary body we rely upon for our existence.

I also find the Sun to be strong because:
It's at an angle, the 7th House, conjunct the Descendant

The Moon and Mercury are also significant because:
The Moon is in its exalted sign of Taurus.
The Moon is Sextile the Sun.
The Moon is prominently aspected
Mercury is ruler of the chart
Moon is Square Mercury
Planetary Ruler of that hour was Mercury

There is a strong Uranian influence in the chart also because:
Four major planets are in Aquarius
Its North Node is in Aquarius, with is Trine my North Node in Gemini
The ruler of the chart, Mercury, is in Aquarius

In my chart, I have a strong Uranus because:
My Moon is Trine Uranus.
It is conjunct my IC, in the 3rd House.

The 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses of this chart have air signs over the cusps, and its Midheaven is in Gemini, as they are in my chart. Some of the things that Gemini is associated with are communication, writing, and computers.
I have found that this program is a demonstration of my computer skills as I have always been good with computers, and others have always suggested that I should get into computer programming. This project, I believe, shows some computer programming skill. Since Gemini is involved with writing, that can also mean writing computer programs, and this program involves a lot of time spent writing functions and formulas.

Although Venus is in detriment in Aries in this chart, it is well-aspected. It's placed in the 8th House.
In my chart, Venus is also in Aries and in the 8th House.

There is an abundant of fixed signs, mostly air. The Moon is placed in a fixed sign. I read that, for projects, fixed signs are good for something that you would like to last for a long time.

In this chart, some of the aspects are similar as ones in mine:
Sun Opposition Saturn, except this one is mutable, whereas mine is fixed.
Moon Square Jupiter, except this one is fixed, whereas mine is cardinal.
Moon Semi-Sextile Midheaven; mine has a Moon Sextile Midheaven
Mercury Semi-Square Pluto; Mine has an out-of-sign Mercury Opposition Pluto
Moon Square Mars; Mine has a Moon Sesquiquadrate Mars

Some other particularly challenging aspects I found in this chart are:
Saturn Opposition Uranus over the 1st and 7th House axis.
The Mercury and Mars conjunctions to Neptune in the 6th House

The Neptune conjunctions are a bit of a problem, I feel, since one of the things that Neptune tends to be associated with is confusion, and confusion with the usage of the program has tended to pose a problem to some users, though this has been improving with each new version release.

Jupiter is placed in the project's 5th House, and I believe this is indicative of the creativity put forth into the project as I've been told that the layout and everything is very detailed and shows a high amount of creativity based on some of the feedback I've received on it.

Some of the members who have used this program have commented that it's quite an advanced one of this type. This is shown by the Aquarian influence in the 6th House as Aquarius has the nature of adopting new things and ideas.

Here, I have attached the chart for this project and my natal chart along with it.
Attached Images
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File Type: gif robby chart.gif (27.3 KB, 9 views)

Last edited by Mist Knacker; 11-19-2010 at 04:29 PM. Reason: Removed official name of project
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