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Unread 12-31-2006, 04:07 AM
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Why is NN ruled by Scorpio?

Nodes of the Moon domicile in Western Astrology.

I remember in a thread that some people were asking why Scorpio is the domicile of North Node.
( The discusion disappeared, but I still want to talk about it )

In Western astrology North Node has domicile affinity to Scorpio, while South Node at Taurus. Note to say that in vedic tradition, North Node is called Rahu and has it's domicile in Gemeni, while South Node is called Ketu and has it's domicile in Sagittaurius, but there are several factors that western tradition is very different from vedic. Vedic astrology uses different mythology, houses systems, zodiac system ( sidereal, mostly 23* degrees sidereal mode correction ) etc. Since western is different from vedic, that does not mean it's incorect, it's just a different perspective.

Now.. why western astrologers chosee Scorpio for NN? many wonder, but here is a good explination to it, in a ezoteric way.
Chakras have the best explination to it, there are 7 of them:

( Links to what are chakras ):

To see it astrological, astrologers use nodes to find what planets that influence a certain chakra. South Node is Muladhara or the root chakra or the base chakra or chakra one, it reprezents the physic plane, earth, instincts, material security, survival, body etc. North Node is Sahasrara or the crown chakra or chakra seven which reprezents wisdom, understanding, spiritual connections, lore etc.

Chakra seven or Sahasrara is said to reprezent the constellation Scorpio, so it's highly logical that North Node to have Scorpio as domicile.
Scorpio has 3 animal forms:
The First is the scorpion, this creature has strong survival instincts, that always lives in deserts, dens, pits, dark places.
The Second is the snake, much wiser than the scorpion, but still it's crawling on the earth having strong instincts.
The Third is the eagle, the most wise of all Scorpio forms, it's not crawling anymore, it flies and can see all whit it's eagle eye, is not as instinctual as before, not depending on the earth since it can fly.

These animals have powerfull symbolism. Scorpio needs to evolve and always transform, fight against it's own impulses, instincts, vindicative nature to become more wise, more intelectual. To become the snake and even the eagle a scorpio has to take many spiritual experiences, which are not so easy, but worth it. In ezoteric astrology, these 3 forms on animals are reprezented by the planets. The traditional ruler of Scorpio is Mars/Pluto ( Scorpion ), the ezoteric ruler is Mars ( Snake ) and the hierarchical ruler is Mercury ( Eagle ).

Since North Node reprezents the path in life we must take for a evolutionary growth, while South Node reprezents our karmical experience and past, but with little growth. Whit the explination above we can now tell easily why North Node has domicile affinity to Scorpio and South Node in Taurus.

Astrologyweekly has the chakra system in a astrological perspective, but without Sahasrara, cause it's right the place where Node North is.

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Unread 12-31-2006, 05:42 AM
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Re: Why is NN ruled by Scorpio?

that's interesting ... i'm no expert on the nodes, but for a ruler, i kind of like the scorpio/taurus axis for the nodes ... since we are presently in the age of pisces, taurus would have been our most recent completed past age, hence the affinity of past accomplishments of the south node. so, that makes sense ... as for scorpio ruling the NN ... besides the obvious polarity that one would have to make and there may be the reasoning in that alone, i'm going to have to think on that one for a bit.
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Unread 01-09-2007, 07:38 PM
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Re: Why is NN ruled by Scorpio?

my preference is the NN rule gemini and the SN rules scorpio.the inconjunct best describes the illusive nature of the nodes influence.
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Unread 01-09-2007, 11:42 PM
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Re: Why is NN ruled by Scorpio?

i place the SN in scorpio for 2 is the image of the SN,dragontail.this fit the symbols of scorpio.the second is through the eight house scorpio rules past lives and many describe the SN as deeds or powers accomplished in the past.
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Unread 01-10-2007, 03:00 AM
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Re: Why is NN ruled by Scorpio?

I've been taught that the Crown chakra (Sahasrara) is associated with Mercury. Mercury is the exoteric ruler of Gemini and the hierarchical ruler of Scorpio. So, this would fit with Gemini as Rahu mentions and Betelgeuse mentions as Vedic. And it fits with Scorpio.

What doesn't make as much sense to me is the South Node chakra association. I've been taught the esoteric associations of the chakras. That the Root (Muladhara) chakra is associated with Saturn. Saturn is the exoteric ruler of Capricorn. I don't see how this fits with either Scorpio, Taurus or Sag (as mentioned by Rahu and Betelgeuse).
I have no traditional information to quote. However, both Gemini and Scorpio are associated with "Twin flames", "Twin souls", "Soul mates" - whatever terminology you want to use. It has to do with the ability to communicate honestly, allowing to "agree to disagree"(Gemini) and the ability to enter into true "Oneness" with another - emotional bonding - which is one of the most positive, yet overlooked qualities of Scorpio.

As to Capricorn, and the root chakra...... The spiritualized version of Capricorn has mastery over the physical realm - spiritualization of matter, etc. The root chakra has to do with our feeling "grounded" and feelings of safety and security. So mastery over the physical realm gives us our material needs being me - security (Taurus), and the ability to believe our needs will be met without having to hoard and be selfish - living a life of faith - (Sagittarius). This enables one to use the root chakra energies ( I think kundalini is located here) in the way it was made to be used.

However, there is a connection between the two - crown and root. The two have to work in harmony.. The crown chakra has to do with spiritual communication, which is the connection to faith. And faith works by love..... so the two give you mastery over the physical realm - security - the root chakra issue.

I was just kinda typing this as it came to me. It makes sense to me. Any comments from all of you?
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Unread 01-13-2007, 02:23 PM
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Re: Why is NN ruled by Scorpio?

This is the first I've heard or read that the Moon's node is ruled by Scorpio. Even Llwellyn's A-Z lists Gem/Sag for the dignity/exaltation of nodes. One thing that stands out to me is the glyphs being the same as mathmatical symbols. The U is the symbol for the union and upside down U is the symbol for intersection. The union is where both parties have all things in common and the intersection shows where each has some things in common and others that are not. The intersection is what they share. So in this way I would connect with Scorpio. But the problem there is that the 8th and Scorpio isn't just where are things are in common, this is what belongs to the other, the skills they have that we don't have with blend well with our skills. If I was going to choose a sign where the north node would be exalted, it would be Pisces, complete union where we realize that each one of us is a necessary part of the whole.

I've also never heard that the south node hasn't had much growth or is underdeveloped, just the opposite. If that side is underdeveloped why would we be magnetically drawn to the north, uncharted territory? In my case, I'm good with the south node issues but prefer the north node. It's like, been there, done that too much, at least until I completed a certain amount of growth in the north node area. Now that I'm in midlife, I am beginning to want to bring in the south node again and it's naturally happening. When I was forced to do both nodes at the same time when I was younger, it wasn't comfortable at all, for me or myfamily. But at the right time, they need to and will be a complete circuit, full energy flow.
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ruled, scorpio

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