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Solar returns Talk about your experience with solar returns in predictive astrology.

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Unread 06-19-2011, 09:44 AM
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I attempted to do a Career and Love SR analysis, can someone help?

What stands out to me immediately:
  • New Moon - almost exact, falling in the SR 9th house and natal 7th house.
  • Venus Return - falling in the SR 9th house, conjunct the New Moon in my natal 7th house
  • Mars Return - falling in the SR 7th house and natal 5th house
  • Natal house brought to the SR AC/DC axis - 11th house/5th house
  • Ruler of the SR 1st house - Jupiter
  • Ruler of the SR 4th house - Neptune, which is also located in the 4th house of the SR
  • Ruler of the SR 7th house - Mercury
  • Ruler of the SR 10th house - Mercury, which is also located in the 10th house of the SR
  • Rulers of the SR 1st house and SR 7th house are trine.
  • Ruler of 1st house, Jupiter, squares my New Moon/Venus combo
Also: SR AC is conjunct SR part of fortune (don't know if that counts, eh, I am optimistic)

Important things according to other astrology sites on Solar Returns:
  • SR Moon is in Leo - creativity, fun
  • SR Ascendant in Sagittarius - optimistic, jovial, lucky (fingers crossed!)
  • SR Ascendant trine Sun/Moon/Venus - good overall mood
Okay these are my issues for the upcoming year:

Career and money - okay, so SR MC is opposite Uranus, which is interesting because my natal MC is conjunct Uranus. So I hope I am not changing my mind again. I thought I had made it up, deciding to go into education this year.
  • SR 6th house - Jupiter is located here and it is ruled by Taurus but Jupiter is square Venus (yikes). So will this be another icky job year?
  • SR 2nd house - Pluto is in there. A transformation would help money-wise actually. Of course, it is ruled by Capricorn and Pluto is square Saturn so that pretty much is awful. Although it is trining Jupiter and also...
  • SR 10th house - Mercury is there. My goal is to teach at a preschool or an elementary school level. Mercury (10th) forms a grand trine with Pluto (2nd) and Jupiter (6th) so hopefully a teaching job will come easily. Also, my natal ascendant is brought to the SR 3rd house so hopefully more grade school luck.
What I am thinking might happen just adding these all together: I think that I will find a job (grand trine) but it might not pay as much as I think, or I might overspend as a result of overestimating my pay (Jupiter sq Venus) and need to budget, do a complete overhaul type of thing (Pluto sq Saturn).

Does this match up natally?:
I have the tendency to overspend and under budget with Moon in Libra sq Venus in Leo, SN in 2nd house in Pisces.
I have signs of teaching ability, with Moon conj Pluto in the 9th house trine Mars in the 5th house, whose ruler is Aries which rules my 3rd house. Mercury is also conjunct Jupiter natally.

Love - since I am turning 32 I will be having my Venus return and Mars return at the same time as my Solar return. This is made more interesting because of the New Moon. All of these things fall into my love/marriage/romance houses as well. N Venus is conjunct N descendant, N Mars is in my 5th house and my Sun is in the 7th house, where the New Moon will be exact (my Sun is at 7deg20 Leo and sources are saying that the New Moon will be at 7deg16 Leo).
  • I am cautiously optimistic though, because of the SR Jupiter square to SR Venus, Sun and Moon. Will I overdo it with my current beau? Am I overly optimistic about him? He is foreign after all, but he is a Leo too and his name asteroid in my SR (I know, boo to minor asteroids!) is right in between that Sun/Moon conjunction.
  • Also, Mars is in my SR 7th. However, my natal 5th house falls into my SR 7th. So maybe this dating will lead to more? SR Mars is having an icky relationship with the other planets though, so, I don't know.
  • SR 5th house - Uranus is there, conjunct the IC. My man has asked me to move in with him but the timing has been so wrong for both of us. Maybe the time will be right this year? I mean, Uranus does rule my natal Asc and it is trine the lovely New Moon/Venus Return combo in the SR 9th house, which is my natal 7th house...and did I mention, this man is a foreign Leo?
Does this match up natally?:

Well, pretty much everything is at a return point so it does match up quite well. The only thing is that N Uranus actually squares my 7th house planets but in the SR Uranus is a friend to them. Maybe this will help get something moving. Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are in my 7th natally and the man I am dating is well, you know, plus his rising sign is Virgo.

How does last year’s chart compare? (A.k.a. why I believe in these charts):
  • I had Libra rising, which brought my natal 9th house to the SR ascendant. Last year I got my graduate degree and my two significant relationships were with a lawyer and the man who I am still seeing, who is from another country originally. This is very significant because I am not a huge dater at all and when I was told that with Libra rising I'd have the overwhelming urge to couple up I thought "yeah, sure". Not that I didn't want to, I just haven't had a lot of luck. I actually met the lawyer-ex 2 days after my birthday. I met the exotic man about a month after the lawyer break-up. Sometimes astrology is that literal!
  • Venus, ruler of my SR AC, was in my 12th house. The relationships were actually kind of hidden and private. Not for illicit reasons, but because of past disappointments (and current stalkers), I didn't want to put my business out there, at least until I was completely sure that the relationships would work out (SR Venus in Virgo). Only one person in real life knows about my relationship with the lawyer (as well as thousands of anonymous astrology board readers) so I kept it pretty under wraps. The relationship with the exotic Leo is still hidden as well. Again, not because we are doing something we aren't supposed to be doing but because it is slightly long distance and we have crazy, crazy work stuff going on and we have both learned not to get too many other people involved in our lives. In our synastry, my Sun and Venus and his Sun and Mars are in his 12th so it kind of matches up. Also, SR Vertex was conjunct SR Jupiter in the 7th last year. Our crazy career/job stuff will actually be ending mid-July, and not by choice, this kind of happened out of the blue...Which brings me to career last year...
  • Sucked. That is all I have to say about career last year. I didn't know what I wanted to do (I actually considered going to law school, funnily enough) and I went on about a dozen interviews, send out hundreds of resumes and I got nothing! I was taking crazy action too (SR Mars conj SR Saturn in SR 1st house) but I did not get anywhere thanks to that scary cardinal t-square. I did manage to find a yucky and slightly dangerous job where I did actually manage to get injured twice (SR Mars and Saturn opp. SR Uranus) and where my physical pain/abnormalities/problems were exacerbated. Interestingly, I got injured while my lunar return matched most with my solar return (April 15th, around there).
  • My SR Sun was in the 11th house. Surprisingly, I actually made some friends. I know I am making myself out so sound like some Dickinson-esque recluse but it is rare that I "chat people up" and "have a drink after work". I actually saw people from the past and exchanged numbers with them - very odd considering I avoid my old contacts like the plague. So that was interesting, I forgot about that until I looked at my SR from last year actually.
  • SR Pluto in the 4th house. I wanted to move SO BAD but I just couldn’t. That cardinal t-square is something else, I’ll tell ya. 2010 to 2011 was just awful…
Can anybody help me out? What does this year look like to you?Thank you for your help!

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Unread 06-24-2011, 10:00 PM
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Hoping someone will help me with this interpretation...

I guess having the squares to Jupiter are better than having an unaspected chart ruler floating around.

More on Romance:
I am hoping that the N 5th house being brought to the SR 7th house will bring some good news on the committed relationship front. There have been some discussions but I don't know the details exactly. SR Juno is also conjunct my SR MC - although it has been in previous years and nothing has come about. However in those years there was no established relationship for me to get excited about, and the orbs were not as tight. N Juno is conjunct my SR descendant though with an orb of 3 deg.

More on Career:
I am encouraged by the earth sign grand trine in the career/job/earned money houses. I am a little worried about the squares and oppositions to and from the SR MC. Also my MC is at 29 degrees. I wonder if that means an ending of some sort. Since my SR MC is opp SR Uranus I am actually hoping it means an end of the confusion/conflict of having MC conj Uranus natally, at least for this year. Maybe it will just add to it, which is fine as long as there is some movement on the job front.
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Unread 09-27-2011, 09:38 PM
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Re: I did a Career and Love SR analysis, I need some help!

Hello everyone!
My birthday was a couple of months ago but I am still finding my solar return chart to be very intriguing. I am no longer seeing the guy I talked about and we broke up about two weeks before my birthday (wasn't working out). Nothing is really happening, on the job front or the love front, and this is strange because last year’s solar return caused so much to happen right away with very minimal effort (same as now). I mean, the action started literally two days after my birthday last year...

Does anyone see if things will change or get better?

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Unread 10-08-2011, 10:09 PM
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Re: I did a Career and Love SR analysis, I need some help!

The things that jump out at me are the node - Pluto in the first say major changes. Uranus in the forth suggest a change of address. The biggest thing is the loaded ninth with the sun, Venus and moon. Suggesting foreign travel or perhaps going back to school. I can see love with a foreigner. With Jupiter in the fifth squaring the big three it looks like a lucky years but you tend to over spend.

It terms of career with Saturn in the 10th squaring Pluto does not look good. Over worked with few rewards.
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Unread 10-19-2011, 01:47 AM
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Re: I did a Career and Love SR analysis, I need some help!

Thank you RenaissanceMan!

Any other readings would be greatly appreciated...
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analysis, career, love

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