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Unread 10-14-2021, 07:13 PM
FranzSchubert FranzSchubert is offline
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What are the prominence of YOD's or midpoints in my chart?

It's recently been pointed out to me that these are present in my chart.

Life seems to become progressively more extreme as the years roll by, so I'm trying to figure out what the most extreme elements of my constitution are likely to be/how I could integrate them without dying and/or being the catalyst for something bad in another persons life lmao.

How much stake do you put into YOD's and/or midpoints generally speaking in your own personal chart-analysis? I'm finding a time being able to read for them in other charts. Also looking for just about any opinions on fixed stars, since there seems to be a lot of contention around them.

I am grateful for any and all input. Thank you.

Chart on Astro-Seek.

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Unread 10-14-2021, 09:30 PM
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IleneK IleneK is offline
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Re: What are the prominence of YOD's or midpoints in my chart?

Hi, FranzSchubert and welcome to this forum.

I'll just share with you that when it comes to creating a portrait of our psychological profile, I focus first on the relationship among the inner and outer personal planets, Sun through Saturn. Relationships [or not] between them would be illustrated in part, by aspects between them, more particularly by degree and more generally by sign. Planets also relate to each other based how they see the signs that other planets are in, that is, by their reception between them.

When it comes to which aspects I look at, I use the basic Ptolemaic five: conjunction, square, opposition, sextile and trine. The quincunx or inconjunct in traditional astrology points to a lack of relationship between the two planets in question. The orb needs to be tight, like a degree or two. But I personally think they point to no more than a lesser ability to integrate the two planets together into consciousness. Which is no particular big deal in my eyes as there is much [if not nearly most all] in our charts that is difficult to integrate into consciousness. And this is what becomes our personal work; trying to awaken to the lesser known energies that comprise us.

All that said [whew!] and now replying to your post, I don't see you having many inconjuncts. The formal traditional astrology definition of inconjunct ["not conjunct"] is two planets that are either 5 signs or 1 sign apart. Traditional astrology goes on to say that planets so positioned "cannot see" or regard each other. So I don't find your Moon Saturn as inconjunct because they are four signs apart. And so they trine by element/fire even if way out of orb. Mars and Saturn are disjunct, but they do relate by reception: Saturn likes Mars, so to speak. So there is something of a relationship between them for the psyche to integrate.

In addition to aspects and reception, then I might consider their relative strengths based on the sign and house they are located in. And just these limited considerations described here provide a treasure trove of info.

Some folks go on to look at aspects of their natal personal planets to the more recently discovered bodies which have been added to the modern astrology ephemerides: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. While there is important information there from the relationship of personal planets to these bodies, most often because of their transpersonal nature, the effects can not really be processed or integrated into our consciousness. So I tip my hat to their possible importance, but do not spend much time trying to factor them into our personal profile.
This is how I see the inconjunct/disjunction between Mars and transpersonal Pluto. It might point to a disconnect when you are in some kind of anger/rage thing. Perhaps it might be somewhat compensated for by your natal Sun in Scorpio tightly conjunct natal Mercury, although by placement Sun Merc is also pretty inaccessible or unconscious because of its being in the 8th house.

When I was learning about astrology, I was interested in everything for a while: midpoints, fixed stars and more. And they all have value in offering nuance to the natal chart. Sometimes very important nuance.
In your chart, a very important fixed star, I think, is the Royal Star, Regulus, the Heart of the Lion in the constellation Leo. Your natal moon is conjunct within a degree of your natal Moon. Very close, very influential. I would urge you to read about Regulus' symbolism to better understand your inner feeling landscape, your Moon.

So to me, looking at your chart, these are some initial things that jump out based on your post. I think overall you have a wonderfully rich and interesting chart. With Saturn in the 1st house and in its detriment according to traditional essential dignities, it suggests that learning and integrating patience into your conscious behavior is highlighted as a challenge. And well worth undertaking to look at how it works in you personally and in relationship with others. It is connected to your natal Venus in a wonderfully complex way, by aspect, reception and house position. When you are able to befriend this planetary configuration, which we might describe as a key chart signature, you will make a very good partner in relationships.

Okay, well enough musings here. I hope I haven't put you completely to sleep. Please let me know if you have questions and remember keep practicing patience with what life is giving you in the moment. That is what we all have to do, whether we like it or not. And when we really get that, allow it, our response to what is unfolding before us, good or bad, extreme or ?, is utterly transformed.

So, hang in there.

I am truly wishing you the best. Take care.

"You gotta have heart..." Richard Adler 1921-2012

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Unread 10-15-2021, 08:56 AM
katydid katydid is offline
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Re: What are the prominence of YOD's or midpoints in my chart?

Go to Extended Settings, just below your chart. Look at ‘minor aspects’ and check the box for 150 degrees -quincunx

That will show you the inconjuncts and your Yod.
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