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Unread 04-09-2011, 04:07 PM
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My Purposal Of New Calendar

As I began to track time with an ephemeris as opposed to a Gregorian calendar, I began to see rhythms in my life surprisingly correlate to the cycles of the planets. I think the calendar perversion that maps our minds by the man-made holidays makes this natural flow a secret. Even the Hebrew luni-solar is a couple days off bringing in Nisan days after the new moon, and weeks after the equinox. Right about when Mercury went retrograde I began to see that Iím following the same study habits I did when Mercury was retrograde back in December. I havenít found a single calendar that maps time by day to day energy cycles that gives insight into the time. I think a calendar with a linear perspective such as the one that says this year is 2011 almost tells a lie or hides the story of what a calendar is purposefully could be.
So I woke up this morning and I came up with a proposal for a new calendar that takes into account all the planets. It starts with the phase of the moon and then the sign of the moon because the lunar cycle is the quickest of all the satellites.
N for New Moon, X for Waxing, F for Full Moon, and G for Waning
Then since today the Moon transfers from Gemini to Cancer and the Moon is Waxing, Iíd write
The symbols to represent the signs are: A for Aries, T for Taurus, G for Gemini, C for Cancer, L for Leo, V for Virgo, Y for Libra, Z for Scorpio, S for Sagittarius, U for Capricorn, Q for Aquarius and P for Pisces.
The next takes into account the sign and degree the Sun is in after a hyphen, today would be
Then very simple we order the solar system, using lower case r for retrograde, s for shadow periods of the retrograde
Since Mercury is in Aries retrograde
XG/C-19A Ar
Then Venus is in Pisces, Mars is in Aries, Jupiter is in Aries, and Saturn (Y) is retrograde in Libra. So far we have a date
And then of course a hyphen then the planetary day of the week
S for Sunday, M for Monday, T for Tuesday, W for Wednesday, R for Thursday, F for Friday, and U for Saturday
Today would be
Lastly to keep track of generations, seeing that we just began a new one with Uranus and Neptune taking new signs, and also Pluto, it would make this the generation APU
So todayís date instead of being April 9, 2011 which is very abstract and tells absolutely nothing but its linear place behind the 8th of April. Wohoo! It would be very rich in information.

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Unread 04-10-2011, 12:54 PM
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Re: My Purposal Of New Calendar

Mind if I copy your symbol system and try this out myself? This looks pretty neat! Nice work!
What is is what must be. Richard Adams
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Unread 10-11-2014, 04:12 AM
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ScorpioMinistry ScorpioMinistry is offline
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Re: My Purposal Of New Calendar

I want to bring this back to the front. I decided to shorten the system a little and get rid of the moon symbol as I have gotten better at realizing where the moon is in relation to the sun by the signs. I started using D for Scorpio instead of Z.

Today would be T-Y YrYSLD APrUr

Is there a way to automate this system so that it would switch as it does in an ephemeris and it could be used as a time snap in a Word program? The original post was an Aries heavy time and now it's a Libra heavy time.
Mysteries in My Stars

The Sun was in 0 degrees Scorpio, Mercury was 1 degree Scorpio, and Venus was 28 degrees in Libra all in close conjunction

The moon was on my descendent in 29 degrees Sagittarius and it was in close conjunction to Uranus at 5 degree Capricorn and Neptune at 12 degree Capricorn

Gemini was rising at 28 degrees where the bright giant Betelgeuse was in conjunction with the horizon and also retrograded asteroid Varna

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Unread 10-11-2014, 04:44 AM
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Re: My Purposal Of New Calendar

Hi. I agree that the civil calendar is virtually void of any reference to the qualities of a given day, with just the sign and degree of the Sun (and thus the annual seasonal cycle) loosely inferred.

However, I wanted to mention a few things which came to mind as I read this thread.

Firstly, it might be better if you use the internationally agreed abbreviations for the signs, eg. AR, TA, GE, CN, LE, VI, LI, SC, SG, CP, AQ, PI.

Secondly, the system is very restricted in the amount of information which can be intelligibly presented. The same can be said of a birth chart, but the latter - being more pictorial rather than simply alpha-numeric - can display so much more. For instance, a chart shows that Uranus and Pluto are in square aspect at the moment.

Also, in your system, a celestial body may change sign during the course of a day, so it does not record time in one-day increments. I think its important to have a civil date and also to have ways of recording planetary position, but these things are already covered by calendars and ephemerides/charts respectively.

I'm not criticising your system, and if it works for you and others that's great - its good to look at things differently. But I thought I'd share those comments anyway.
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