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Unread 10-09-2018, 07:08 PM
mlledarcel mlledarcel is offline
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Talking 6 Planet Stellium in 1st House & Saturn Return

If I were to summarize anything about me or my life, it would literally take pages. I've had a wild ride so far mentally, and with some events in my life. It's my return of Saturn and I'm home, working on myself and redirecting, fixing up my old childhood home. I have also returned to astrology, and I'm not skilled enough to really get a whole picture so I can know which parts are important in my chart.

I want to know, in your opinion, what needs a closer look and research? What stands out? I have a 6 planet Stellium in my first house, which I guess is a thing? HALP. ILU ALL. So happy I found an astrology forum!
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Unread 10-10-2018, 01:22 AM
kshantaram kshantaram is offline
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Re: 6 Planet Stellium in 1st House & Saturn Return

sat 2.5 yrs transit natal sat-venus own cap asc,
growth through artistic aptitudes, event management, mechatronics, etc etc,
sat cap elevated aspect libra 10th for career;

ketu separative SNode 1.5yr transit sun-mer acq first,
pain-injury-surgery head-legs-sciatica etc to care;

in case this offers relevant insights, share ground feedbacks,

wishing well, kshantaram
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Unread 10-10-2018, 01:29 AM
kimbermoon's Avatar
kimbermoon kimbermoon is offline
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Smile Re: 6 Planet Stellium in 1st House & Saturn Return

Wow this is definitely a dramatic chart!

So you've made it to your first Saturn return and this is a strong transitional point in life. Working on yourself and redirecting are very much in keeping with this cycle. This represents the true Threshold of Maturity for you. During the first cycle, we are busy gathering experience according to the patterns of the chart. In undertaking the 2nd cycle, this is about incorporating and utilizing what we have learned. By learning our necessary lessons in the first cycle, we can often experience the rewards of our efforts at the Return. However the lessons that haven't been learned will return to haunt us all over again. The need for Patience is the keynote during the Saturn return, for haste makes waste.

In it's transits Saturn demands the keynotes of discipline, practicality, responsibility and wisdom. In this phase, we struggle to make sense of our past so that the future may unfold unencumbered. At this stage, it is about taking an overall assessment of what worked, and didn't work in the past and often requires a thorough analysis of how we were moulded and imprinted by the family and relatives. With Saturn in the first house, the lessons are typically about dealing with how we project our persona into the outer world and the effects that has on our relationships and interactions with others.

By fixing up your old childhood home this is a perfect activity to be doing, symbolizing 'reconstructing the past into something more effective and meaningful.'

The highlights in the chart focus on the first house stellium of course, involving Uranus, Saturn Neptune and Venus, plus the conjunct of Mercury and the Sun in Aquarius. Since you are dominant earth, you naturally are drawn to matters connected with the physical and material aspects of life; this serves to reinforce your Saturnian nature in the way you present yourself to the world. Conflicts from your past childhood experiences are highlighted by the square of Moon in Libra to your Capricorn Rising sign.

While the Sun in Aquarius relates to your true sense of Identity connected more with the influence of the father, the Moon in Libra represents the past conditioning and imprinting in relation to the Mother and your own later mothering instincts. Since these two are harmonious, the suggestion is that the parents worked together quite well in their parenting of you. The afflictions of your Moon though suggest that there was emotional tension or intensity relating to the influence of your Mother. In turn this will often create difficulties relating to your sense of self-esteem and worthiness which affect the way your project yourself into the outer world.

The combination of Sun, Moon and Rising Sign combine together to form your general personality; relating to the past influences of the parents, and how you then create an outer mask of persona publicly, which is often merely a characterization of the true Self. The Sun represents your true sense of Identity, while the Moon relates more to your inner self influenced by your emotional chemistry. Then you need to consider how well you integrate the Capricorn and Aquarius energies as part of your persona.

In turn, you also have to consider the aspects of each of these planets, as well as the houses they rule. Do you feel you have achieved a consolidation of these various patterns internally and externally?

Other features that need evaluation are;
-the aspects of Sun/Pluto as well as Sun/Mars, which strongly affect your sense of Identity.
-the influence of the more positive Grand Trine involving Sun/Mercury + Jupiter + Moon,
which also extends to include Neptune/Venus as well.
-consider also that you have no Fire energy, suggesting an elemental imbalance.

You can research these features on your own, or I would be happy to help you begin deciphering them. Feel free to message me privately.
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Unread 10-10-2018, 10:29 PM
Frisiangal Frisiangal is offline
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Re: 6 Planet Stellium in 1st House & Saturn Return

Originally Posted by mlledarcel View Post
I've had a wild ride so far mentally, ............I'm not skilled enough to really get a whole picture so I can know which parts are important in my chart.

I want to know, in your opinion, what needs a closer look and research? What stands out? I have a 6 planet Stellium in my first house, which I guess is a thing? HALP. ILU ALL. So happy I found an astrology forum!
Does using the icon mean that you feel alienated from others because you seem to be different to them?
When saying the above, are you referring to an actual mental health issue (Mercury in 1st house, ruler 6th house)? Or; that your thoughts, ideas, and motivations are on a different wave length (Sun-Mercury in Aquarius) to those around you? This can make you appear argumentative, bringing on an (unexpressed) anger that, literally, makes you hot under the collar (Sun-Mercury square Mars).?

Did anything traumatising occur during your 9-10th year (secondary progressed Sun square natal Pluto) that saw the onset of an obsessional ( and secretive) side to your nature and possible tendency towards self harm? Did this effect your 'mental patterns' that resulted in a specific professional diagnosis around your 12th year (s.p. Mercury square natal Pluto).

In the 'Astrology and Psychology' section of the Natal Chart board, there is an ongoing discussion around ADD/ADHD and similar mental health patterns that you might find interesting enough to share your experiences.

The 1st house says much about the physical constitution and Capricorn is heavily tenanated. With Uranus-Neptune breaking down and dissolving those parts of character associated with it, an individual can leave itself wide open to the effect of outer forces/substances upon the immunity system. It is therefore particularly necessary for Saturn in its own sign to stay strongly focused, in order that the individual 'acts' in taking care of, protecting, and becoming responsible for him/herself.

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Unread 10-15-2018, 01:24 PM
mlledarcel mlledarcel is offline
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Re: 6 Planet Stellium in 1st House & Saturn Return

I have an odd mental condition that many doctors disagree with each other on; my main symptoms being odd sleep patters and a black out once every 2ish years where I try to kill myself and have to "come to" and find a phone or someone to call the hospital on myself. Just some insight, not to make anyone uncomfortable.


I am an artist! Been too depressed to really create much, but slowly digging myself out of that hole.

I have a myriad of health issues and over 5 doctors coming together with lifelong hospitalization information to try to figure out what my symptoms mean, main problems are my mind, neck, hips, ankles, and immune system.


LOL my life is so dramatic, not even going to lie. I am definitely going through the life lessons and getting major insight to myself recently. I had to leave graduate school to focus on my health so I figured I would let myself rely on others for once for some support to figure it out here at home.

My parents were great with me, but yeah, my mother and I have a history of hating each other. It's taken years of therapy to be able to communicate effectively. I was a "gifted" only child and she was very strict with high expectations, the pressure did a number on me and my self esteem.

Thank you so much for the detailed suggestions for research! I really appreciate it! I might message you later on, especially regarding the absence of fire energy.


Oh totally, I used to draw myself as an alien and refer to myself as one as a child. I still always feel rather misunderstood by the general human population.

And yes as well to having different thought patterns. I have a lot of trouble with thinking linearly and not in branches instead. I have very complicated mental issues that started when I was about 9-10, which was when I was sexually assaulted for the first time by a family member, and in came self hatred, eating disorder, perfectionism, etc. I was diagnosed for the first time (lol been diagnosed like 10 times since with different things) when I was 13. I definitely have ADHD as well. Haven't found the right med combination yet though. And as for physically, I just got back on taking care of myself after about 20 years of ruining myself by over working, over drinking, self harm, eating disorders, etc. My immune system has definitely taken a hit.
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Unread 10-15-2018, 01:54 PM
SunConjunctUranus SunConjunctUranus is offline
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Re: 6 Planet Stellium in 1st House & Saturn Return

Saturn conjunct neptune, actually describe your life. Good luck bro.
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