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Unread 10-09-2015, 07:59 AM
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Will I Get Paid from my Last Job? (Result Known)

I was quite fed up with my last job (earned income) and had little patience left with my former boss who I considered to be fairly incapable. The parting wasn't terrible, but it wasn't very pleasant either. I hope she doesn't obstruct, delay or try to pass on my final payment.

Querent: 2nd house is Leo, Sun
Quesited: 7th/8th is Aquarius, Saturn

I'm not entirely clear which is the best significator. I thought all bosses would be 10th. Would I look to their income, the 11th? Partners and clients is 7th, their income is 8th. I went with 7th and 8th.

ASC is 0 degrees. Too early to tell? Or something else?

Sun, does nothing. No dignity, in Fall in fact. Oh o. No aspects.

Moon and Venus are in the 2nd house of earned income. Moon seperates from square to Saturn, past tension maybe. Venus is applying to square Saturn (obstacle?) from her Fall sign of Virgo. I don't know what the Fall part means.

Disposing the Sun, is Venus. Venus aspects Saturn. Disposing the Moon is Mercury, Mercury strongly applies to sextile Saturn. So both dispositors say yes. Also, the Sun, 2nd ruler is in the sign of Saturn's exaltation. What does that mean?

If boss is 10th, Moon applies to Mars immediately. Her money, 11th house is Taurus. Venus is about to perfect a square to Saturn.

Too many guesses on the significator here! Any help? Thank you!

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Unread 10-13-2015, 08:06 AM
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Re: Will I Get Paid from my Last Job?

It's been very difficult getting a hold of my former boss but we have communicated a bit. Result known.
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Re: Will I Get Paid from my Last Job?

The significators are:

You = Sun (ruler of 1st, 2nd) and Moon (co-signifier).
Boss = Mars (10th ruler).
Wages = Venus (11th ruler, the money from the boss).

There is no aspect between Sun and Venus, so usually this would mean NO.

The Sun in the sign of Venus, in his fall, ruled by it shows that you are expecting this money. The fall can be taken as the Sun dependant on this money.

The thing is that, I believe your boss may not really have any money to give. Given that Venus is in her fall, it would imply that your boss doesn't really have any money. This is further implied by Mars, also in the sign of fall of Venus.

So my answer to the chart would be that no, you won't recieve any money from it. Mostly because the boss may not have much to give, so it is unlikely he or she may give you money out of the goodness of his/her heart, and most likely will try to avoid paying up (you may have to sue).

However let me point out that the chart does have an early Ascendant. So it could be possible that you may get some of the money you are owed if you get things moving to do it. The early Ascendant may mean the situation is still developing, and may be pointing out to the fact that you may be "expecting" for your boss to pay up.

Perhaps if you do something about it and get things moving, the outcome may be different (like taking him to court, or at least talking to him).
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Unread 10-14-2015, 05:54 AM
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Re: Will I Get Paid from my Last Job?

Thanks Dirius for taking a shot at it.

Well, I had some issues with money with a former housemate a year ago and I was concerned that it would turn into another situation like that.

I will put it delicately, but this job was still 'casual'. I was eager for a contract but it hadn't happened. So, I was also concerned that she could potentially hold the money, and particularly with my short time left in Canada, I may not get it back.

I was very troubled by the Sun with no aspects. Quite right, I was dependent on the payment. It was a 'gap' between income sources. I just thought I would have to 'go through her' to make it happen. I contacted her each day pointing out that I had completed everything she needed done.

She paid in full just after midnight (12.35am Vancouver, Canada) this morning. Phew. (She initially emailed at 12.06am indicating that she would pay).

That's fascinating that she may have been broke herself. I used the wrong significator so made the wrong calculation. She certainly could have been. That would explain the delays...Almost 2 weeks since my last pay cheque and she pays me weekly. Well it's done!

The Moon and Venus in the same sign. Did that put us somewhat 'on the same page'? I wonder. We did, normally get along quite well even personally. Well something worked!


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