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Unread 07-01-2015, 04:01 PM
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Mars and Exercise / Sports / Fitness Routines

Seeing as prevention is better than cure, how does everyone here channel their Mars to keep fit and active?

I have a 1st house Scorpio sun square a 3rd house Aqua Mars. Aqua is intercepted (i.e. not on any house cusp) but widely sextile Uranus. My energy levels fluctuate wildly and most of the time I procrastinate and feel lethargic. The one good thing is that I can be good at reflex type activities or things which require short bursts of energy. I think I accept that the above configuration does not confer stamina. Trying to harness the supposed power of the square but so far unsuccessfully.

Because of the third house and air sign influence it is difficult to be physically active, but I am good at yoga - good for airy nervousness. I will be trying to swim more and do weight training and sprints as these require short term bursts of energy. The 3rd house rules arms and Aqua is quite leg orientated so weights and sprints seem apt.

Wondering if games would be good for energy levels given the mental element.

Any suggestions? What is your Mars configuration and are you proactively trying to "unlock" it?

[moved thread from medical as question relates more to natal than medical astrology - moderator]

*Witty Comment*

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Unread 07-04-2015, 11:56 AM
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Red face Re: Mars and Exercise / Sports / Fitness Routines

Well, you shouldn't see sport as a prevention for something that could happen but rather go for it only if you feel and make a pleasure out of it. We fortunately overcame the need to be physically active constantly in order to survive or else we get eaten by something faster, stronger and more alert, which means we can handle exercise so that it fits our liking.
Even with the influence of an erratic Uranus square you can build stamina unless you have an actual physical impediment which i believe is not the case. The air sun influence (and air signs generally) are in fact pretty physically active (but then again it's the suns we are talking about) as this also enables some kind of nervousness release.

I personally do not like anything to do with gym and weights for extended periods of time. I can't see the pleasure in working alone with metal objects each destined to a certain group of muscles, and then i associate it with weight loss and body building mostly, which will not help with any kind of actual stamina which basically denotes real healthiness. Then again this is a personal opinion. My idea of ideal sports (as i have seen their effectiveness on myself in terms of emotional balance, personal growth, agreeable people & etc) include swimming, horse riding, archery, karate (by the sea-side, in the waves, man) and if only i could try climbing. This summer I'll go diving for the first time, but hey, i am a great nature lover too. Funnily enough, i went to dances when i was younger but i did not enjoy or care for them too much to continue after the first stage representation.
On the other hand, gymnastics and meditation are very good for me too. I also quite enjoyed stuff like Qi-Gong, but my liking as far as these go (especially as i try them for the first time) depend on the degree of the teacher's understanding/proficiency.

Then again, I have a 1st House Mars in Capricorn, conjunct ASC, Mercury, Juno and Neptune. He sextiles MC and is sextiled by Saturn from the 2nd House (it's a triangle of sextiles: mc - asc,mars,merc,juno,neptune- saturn and Sat. trine MC). Only Pluto decided to semi-square mars from the 10th house of Scorp.

However, be it Neptune's influence or also a heavy uranus presence in my chart, or my 12th House Sun, but i have long periods of inactivity too. On the other hand, i already had stamina since i was younger and it does not truly decrease regardless of my "vegetative periods", but it runs in the family . I also have a problem with spending a bit too much time on internet sometimes, but seeing as this has always been basically my only "addiction" (no smoking, drinking, using others as emotional sponges, etc...) and it provided me with the info/people i loved to be in touch with, i kinda spared it. Sports have been in the family for some time now, so it must be genetic too. We also share a couple of other similarities such as back problems from my father's line -he's a cappy too- (then again, both my grandpa and father had this amazing immune system and only caught a cold like 3 times in their lives...)

You could try running, basket, swimming. Where is your Mercury placed and what is Mars' final dispositor? The mindset provides stamina too, so maybe you would enjoy a group sport even more.

Not everyone has to necessarily be that physically active though. Are you more proficient in mental pursuits? Even though i mentioned my above experiences, i can say that i need to/use my mental energy more. Basically I also need to paint and draw too. And on top of having my life and college and etc i am also highly drawn to astrology& the branches as i have been reading about them for 4 years now in my free time, and I am 19. I was born in a pretty cynical context as far as occult things are involved so you see, you have to watch your inner clock as it will be more powerful in the end. It's just what i have seen and analysed that proved me not everything is what it seems and scattered actions and emotions. My mind flies in many places (Merc out of bonds hehe). Hence the sport must catch my interest, as after the "meh, i have to do it for the sake of doing it" recipe it won't do the trick.

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Unread 07-17-2015, 09:15 AM
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Re: Mars and Exercise / Sports / Fitness Routines

For me it is a topic of a great mystery in my case, I really loooove sports but its harder for me to become good at a sport than for the average person usually.... lets break down to the details, normally I am very lazy kind of person my mars is in leo but my moon in Aries which is the ruler of the chart it is common for me when I am bored either go to sleep or hit to the gym,sometimes I even sleep with my gym clothes and then weak up and go straight to the gym and perform great,by the way I have an amazing endurance in everything not only sports its like the more I do something the more I can go on but if I stop then I maybe fall asleep.
About my preferences in sports, although normally with my sign someone would assume that I prefer games or competition (leo and Aries prominent) and I do enjoy a tennis with a friend but mostly I love the lonely sports in the absolute silence that are about technics and endurance,like marathons and snow skiing. My biggest dream is to run alone a sahara marathon - if there is such a thing.
When I was a kid I remember my mom asking me to choose a sport and hoping to hear something like a ballet - I am a very girly type of women all over pink and makeup and barbies- but not when it comes to the sports I went with a kick boxing for good and never regret it. But as I mentioned before I am a sport stupid I believe that I have made my tennis trainer cry and took me almost 2 years to learn waterskiing. Fortunately I never give up no matter how bad I am at something, sometimes I think that my leo stellium in 2house works like a very much Taurus personality in me,although I do not have anything in Taurus it is quite common to be mistaken for a Taurus sign.
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Unread 07-17-2015, 10:12 PM
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Re: Mars and Exercise / Sports / Fitness Routines

^ Similar to me I have 3 of my 4 libra planets in the 12th house so I feel and may seem really Pisces-like. My mars is one of those planets in the 12th house, super debilitated in Libra+square neptune & uranus, so my drive & stamina can really suck, same with confidence I mostly enjoy mental & creative outlets than physical. I despised gym class in school!!! The only physical activities I've grown to really enjoy is walking, light jogging, water sports (scorpio asc), yoga, and meditation* (kinda doesnt count for physical activity but it's certainly a 12th house theme). I also feel that dance (especially ballet) or even playing musical instruments could be beneficial for people who have their mars in a venus ruled sign. Also, people with their mars in Taurus or Libra, I feel it is essential for them to partake in fighting sports! Gotta get that aggression OUT instead of being physically lethargic and letting anger boil within. I've always wanted to take kickboxing or anything of the like...I bet I'd enjoy it
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