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Unread 02-07-2016, 01:21 PM
Atanaska Atanaska is offline
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Being at a crossroads

Dear good people,

I have been having a really hard time lately. Mainly since my progressed Moon entered (or even started entering) Cancer - I developed a severe mental disease, I was working several jobs until last year (now I'm working a job I don't particularly like), I managed to fail my higher education, I had (and still have) dramas and problems with all my relationships, that is family, partner and friends, which basically left me feeling very lost and lonely.

However, on top of everything, now is the time I need to decide what I want to do with my life, and this may be the only moment to actually do that, due to external factors. I need to decide whether to go on with my current relationship, I also need to start learning a job skill that wouldn't leave me penniless, and finally, to sort out my emotionally soaked family relations before I leave the country.

I have managed to identify all aspects of my progressed Moon and I've done a substantial amount of work on my chart, but I guess I need advice on what to look for. My main question lies in the health aspect - am I going to successfully recover from my mental illness? What points to having a mental illness in the first place? Subsequently, if anyone could provide me with any guidance on my career path or my relationships, it would be highly appreciated - would I have a good relationship with my parents, would me and my partner manage to resolve all our negative energy and differences?

Apologies for the long post! I look forward to your responses!


Someone looking for their life purpose
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Unread 02-07-2016, 08:27 PM
katydid katydid is offline
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Re: Being at a crossroads

I can see why you are standing at the crossroads now in your life. Your Sun, @ 20 Libra , conjunct the Midheaven, is being barraged by outer transits. You have a square from Pluto in Cap in your first and an opposition from Uranus in Aries from your IC. That is life changing upheaval for sure.

I cannot answer all of your questions because the situations have not yet been resolved. This will be an ongoing process for the next year or so. These two transits are mid-crisis. But knowing about them and their inner purpose will help you to resolve them.

Your Sun, which is getting much of the onslaught, is in Libra and exactly conjunct the MC. The ruler of the MC and the Sun is in Virgo in the 9th. So you may be your own harshest critic, along with your parents/bosses/ The Sun conjunct the MC feels very much in the public eye and under constant scrutiny. You may feel that your parents do not cut you a break? You may feel that they have impossible expectations that are not able to be met and they are disappointed without cause.

The square from Uranus/Neptune in your first may cause inner tensions and send urges that you want to cut free from family that judge you unfairly. The Neptune may cause a distorted view and you may not always see things clearly. Neptune rules the 3rd, and it might affect ones communication skills. Neptune ruling the 3rd affects how we hear things others tell us. It affects how we perceive the situation and how we explain ourselves. It can be very muddy and confusing. Our loved ones do not understand us or our motivations. And when we try to explain it gets foggier and not more clarified.

Transiting Pluto, which gets intensely into the depths of the matter, is sitting on your Uranus/Neptune conjunction in the first house. It will demand that you learn to explain your self better and actively listen to others. You will be forced to learn to be more compliant and compassionate and flexible during this time.

I know that you want answers now and want to make life affirming decisions at this time. But I am not sure it is entirely possible. Things are still up in the air and a bit chaotic.

Uranus is in Aries and is opposing your Sun and will be opposing your packed 10th house for awhile. That will have an affect upon your mental health diagnosis, most likely. You have Sun square Uranus/Neptune which can be erratic and confused, sometimes manic. And your Mercury is squaring Saturn, along with jupiter and Mars. So it may indicate some level of depression at times. Mars square Saturn can involve anger and explosive disorder if one feels out of control or helpless. Uranus transiting in opposition will shine a light on these behaviors and bring about some change. How it does so is not determined at this time. If much of it comes from you personally, being willing to change things that are not working, then it can be a positive transit overall.

Your life purpose will reveal itself as you mature. Learning to relate to others in a balanced, productive way is a big step in the overall scheme of things though.

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Charon (02-07-2016)
Unread 02-08-2016, 01:36 AM
katydid katydid is offline
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Re: Being at a crossroads

Your Pr Moon is plugging into the natal square between Sun in Libra and the Uranus/Neptune in Cap. It is making it into a T-sqaure and your Libran planets become the midpoint/apex. It is like being in a vice. Lots of added pressure. You need to learn to de-stress and relax, in spite of the pressure you feel. Anyone would feel the same pressure given the transits/progressions so give yourself a break. Take the time needed to sort out your issues. I know you have extenuating circumstances but don't make rash or irrational decisions because of perceived time limits/ultimatums.
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Unread 02-08-2016, 04:11 AM
kshantaram kshantaram is offline
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Re: Being at a crossroads

rahu true node sag 11th,
ambitious, impulsive, gains from foreigners

ketu separative node gemini 5th hyper-analytical,
paralysis by analyis, good at information processing,
but confused decision making.

sun debilated libra 10th, good at public relations,
wavery decision making,
mars lord of elevation for sun over own scorpio 10th,
debilation sun cancelled,
gradual pace of career growth-success-recognition.

venus 10th lord negating to 9th virgo, debilated,
seeking ease in career, retired attitude,

moon-venus virgo 9th, artistic aptitudes,
inclined to teaching-advisory careers, university roles,

jup lord of elevation for venus over 10th libra, jup asc lord,
inclined to conceptual leadership, advisory roles,
debilation of venus cancelled, moreover lord mer over 10th,
again gradual pace of luck-career growth,

mer 7th inimical for sag asc,
stress-dealay in career support and relationship/marriage,

inimical mer over 10th, stress-delay in career matters

10th stellium indifferent-detached attitude
towards career perhaps,

mars own scorpio 10th, mar-mer scorpio,
research-occult aptitudes,
management of research-investigative-forensic projects,
mer lord 9th for luck too.

venus virgo, highest deg, personality factor,
moon-venus, artistic, venus self-centred in approach,
moon 9th lord over 9th, luck after marriage,
gradual pace/venus debilated, debilation cancelled

asc lord jup 10th, 2nd highest deg, vocation factor,
conceptual leadership roles, advisory services,

progressed jup over natal jup.
transit jup over moon-venus virgo 9th,
but jup-rahu virgo prone to vitiate judgment,
tending to rise-fall yr ahead to care,
rahu transit 9th tending to foreign travels, pilgrimage,
jup-rahu transit moon-venus tending to relationship-marriage,
and conceptual-teaching-learning-advisory roles now.

natal sat retro acq 2nd, tending to earnings in distant lands,
tech-reform-innovative aptitudes, retro sat delayed results,

sat now transit sag 12th for foreign lands,

come March 4-5m sat retro towards
enemy sign scorpio 11th
affecting health-friendships-income-gains etc.
while could promote research-occult aptitudes.

jup now retro leo 8th, spiritual explorations,
trine own sag 12th promoting foreign lands,

jup-sat opp leo/acq tending to
miscalculations, misjudgments, missed opportunities
in family-financial matters to care,

may be things better 5-6m down the line
when jup-sat direct again over virgo and sag.
rahu transit moon-venus virgo foreign travels,
ketu transit pisces 3rd impulsive, sensitive,
accident prone to care, seeking transfer.

natal retro sat as lord 2nd retro towards cap first house
negating family-relationship aspecting cancer 7th for relationship,
aspecting scorpio 11th restraining income-gains-friendships,
prone to urological health issues,

mars 11th lord negating to 10th good for gains from career
but again tending to negate friendships,
mars-mer scorpio secretive, sentimental, suspicious,
gemini 7th inimical for sag asc, stress-delay in relationships.
rahu sag 11th tending to foreign relationships and gains.

separative node ketu over gemini 5th, hyper-analytical,
affecting romance-children-position, tending to hyper-anxiety.
prayers to Christ offering red flowers tues mornings.
prayers to saint of your faith offering yellow flowers thurs morn
for jup blessings, jup asc lord.

may be inclined to university teaching-research-consultancy roles,
in arts, analytical-psychology/pharmacy/textile chemistry, etc

sag asc, ambitious, philosophical, optimistic, sportive, impulsive.

pars fortuna over 11th for gains, rahu 11th gains through foreigners.

sun-jup-mer-mars 10th, leadership-advisory-research roles,
debilated planets, debilation cancelled, gradual pace of growth,
artistic, research, teaching, aptitudes,
stress-delays in relationship, career,

all planets between rahu-ketu practically,
rahu transits at birth and every 18yrs clouding things,
darkness below the lamp,

ketu transits uprooting things, detaching relationships, during
planetary transits, every 18yrs, prone to pain-injury-surgery,

rahu transit now revisiting moon-venus virgo 9th
tending to foreign travels, foreign relationships, perhaps.
ketu transit pisces 3rd seeking transfer/change,
jup-rahu virgo prone to vitiating judgment to care, rise-fall,

hope better when sat direct sag again 5-6m later hopefully,
jup now retro leo opp natal sat now
tending to miscalculations-missed opportunities to care.

hope generic observations enable reflect further, pick relevant,
share specific pointwise ground feedbacks, useful insights.

virgo-mer 9th settling at 32+ thumb rule,
venus debilated virgo v, debilation cancelled,
venus lord 9th from moon too, gradual luck-growth.
gemini-mer 7th inimical for career-relationship,
inimical mer 10th stress-delay in career matters too.
mer 9th lord over 10th good,
mer-mars scorpio research aptitudes.
ketu gemini 5th hyper-analytical, anxiety.

wishing well,

Donate to your Delight!!!

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