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Unread 10-23-2020, 08:54 AM
hexakosioi hexakosioi is offline
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Sun Opposite Saturn

Hi, how would you describe my Sun Opposite Saturn configuration in my chart? Is it hard aspect in my chart?

I have always had issues with money and I always hard on my self meaning I end up lessening my worth.

I would appreciate if others can analyze that part of my chart.

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Unread 10-23-2020, 04:06 PM
katydid katydid is offline
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Re: Sun Opposite Saturn

Your Sun is in an applying opposition to Saturn in sag in the 2nd house of self worth and financial stability.

As you say, it can mean one may lessen their own worth by being critical of oneself, thus impacting their financial worth.

Sun/Saturn can often be traced back to one's relationship with one's father and one's authority figures. Often, the native may have felt they didn't measure up to the expectations placed upon them by their father or their teachers or their lineage.

Sun opposed Saturn brings difficult people into our orbit, forcing us to learn to compromise, or even buckle under at times.

We meet ourselves as we once were, in our previous incarnations, but we do not recognise it as our prior selves. Doing so might help us to resolve these difficult situations more easily.

Obstacles and difficulties are frequently manifested through the father and/or governmental authority.

These kinds of difficulties can make you feel frustrated and powerless until you find your strengths and are able to battle lack of self confidence issues.

The good news is that your Sun is in Gemini in the 8th of personal power. That gives you a strong intelligence and an urge for personal freedom and a rebelliousness against rules and regulations that inhibit you.

You may get some enjoyment from breaking stupid rules and saying what you want to say and doing what you want to do, in spite of the restrictions set forth by the Saturn in the 2nd, which tries to limit you ethically and morally.
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Unread 10-23-2020, 04:33 PM
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Harmelia Harmelia is offline
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Re: Sun Opposite Saturn

Originally Posted by hexakosioi View Post
Hi, how would you describe my Sun Opposite Saturn configuration in my chart? Is it hard aspect in my chart?

I have always had issues with money and I always hard on my self meaning I end up lessening my worth.

I would appreciate if others can analyze that part of my chart.

In my experience, Saturn in the 2nd house does not mean a person will have trouble with money. Clint Eastwood - famous actor, director - had Saturn in the 2nd and he's rich and famous. There are usually a number of things in a chart that can cause difficulty with money.

Saturn holds your karma. Being in Sagittarius, it can hold judgements you have of yourself as well as an over-valuation of yourself (superiority or inferiority or both). There are strong ideas about who you are - your beliefs about what is good or bad right or wrong. It's in the house of self-concept and self-worth as well as money. Holding either way positive or way negative valuations of yourself can affect success with money. Saturn can feel limiting, but it can also hold the seeds of wisdom and maturation. Usually, it slows things down and makes you work for the positives of the sign and house it's in.

Your South Node in Libra, 11th house suggests that you have defined yourself by how others have perceived you - or by the influences of the people close to you. It's likely you put too much stock in what others reflect back to you - as to who you are. The North Node in the 5th in Aries is saying - you need to cultivate being more independent of what others think of you or looking to others for affirmation. Aries doesn't care what other people think. It just IS. The 5th house is about creative self-expression - so you are to role play with your self-identity - have fun exploring yourself and following your impulses.

Moon in Leo, 10th - you really want to shine in the world. But Leo can be needy of getting applause from others - and this plays into the Libra South Node. Both signs tend to have this kind of dependency. But the 10th house is also Capricorn's house - and - this is saying, you need to shine from the inside out - to know yourself from the inside out - to shine in service as a mature player in the world.

Your Sun is conjunct Chiron in Gemini in the 8th. Chiron always points to a wound. The 8th house is about inner investigation - and the Sun there says you need to explore yourself to understand your wounds. In Gemini - Chiron could indicate you think too much or obsessively - or you talk to much - or there's something you need to heal that has to do with how you perceive yourself or your thought processes themselves.

Mercury and Mars in Cancer are also in the 8th house assisting with self-exploration and add the need to understand yourself, nurture yourself and have compassion for yourself and others.

Pluto on the Scorpio ASC can be overwhelming to others. You are all about changing yourself while others are not so intensely engaged in that pursuit. It's nice you have Venus in Taurus in the 7th. It should help you be more gracious in your interactions.

I think you'll make money doing something that is helpful to others - sharing your wisdom. If you are young yet, this may come later. As you work on yourself and mature, you'll be in a position to help others. For now, being very clear about who you are - your strengths and weaknesses - in a realistic manner, that will help you in whatever you endeavor.
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