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Unread 11-15-2007, 11:38 AM
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What are the Karmic Ties you see in our charts?

Could someone take a look at our charts, and tell me what you see as far as karma goes with this man? I am going through a lot of pain right now, and maybe it's just karma...maybe this isn't ever going to be a relationship. Here is the message I posted over on another topic area -

I am new here, so forgive me if I'm not in the right discussion thread. I am hoping someone can help me understand this man I'm seeing. I have been seeing him off and on for almost 18 months. I can't get him to pick it up to a "relationship" level where I see him on some kind of consistent basis. It's been weekends only, and then he drifts away for 3 months, where I will just get an occasional email from him. It just moved up to the level of "I would like to see you once a month" in September. There is always some reason why he has no time for, family obligations, etc. Basically he has no room in his life for me, no time for a real relationship. He's never actually said how he feels about me, it's more of what I feel when I am with him. And that is why I'm so confused, because when I am with him, it's so good. The physical chemistry is amazing, the intelligent conversations, the sense of humor, it just all clicks. It's all really comfortable and compatible. It seems so easy, like it fits. I feel this great sense of peace and belonging, like it's supposed to be. Like it's just meant to be. I guess that is why I am holding on to it. I won't see him for 3 months, and when I go back for a weekend, its like I've never been gone, it just fits like a glove. But then he's distant again. An email here and there, but no phone calls during that period. He keeps me at arm's length, at a distance. I want a life with this man, and I can't even get 2 weekends in a row. And I have cried over this man for 18 months, because he won't pick it up, but he won't let me go. And I haven't met anyone else that I feel this way about. I only know the basic stuff about our charts. I think a lot of this slow movement/ no movement is his Capricorn Moon, and his Saturn in Scorpio in the 5th house. His sun and venus are in my 7th house, so I guess that is why I feel more strongly than he does. The other thing I noticed is what looks like a triangle on the composite chart. Saturn/Sagitarius/3rd, Mars/Aries/7th, and Uranus/Leo/11th. Is that a Grand Fire Trine? Also, what are the indicators of karma, of our having a past life together? I think there is a Sun Trine Saturn in there somewhere, if that helps. He's got to be the Saturn, for all the pain this is causing me. Thanks for taking the time to help a newbie understand!

synastry chart =gw&sday=15&smon=11&syr=2007&hsy=-1&zod=&orbp=&rs=0&ast=

composite chart h=gw&sday=15&smon=11&syr=2007&hsy=-1&zod=&orbp=&rs=0&ast=

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Unread 11-17-2007, 12:45 AM
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Re: What are the Karmic Ties you see in our charts?

Hi valerie

I've looked at a number of things in the synastry and composite. There's definite attractors there, but those alone have no bearing on whether a relationship is karmic or not. More important is the composite chart, and it's very interesting. You have the vertex directly on the ASC, so this is a major learning situation for the both of you. The ASC and DSC are in late (29) degrees, meaning the situation can often be chaotic. You also have Pisces on the DSC, so Neptune rules your 7th house making the relationship often illusory, as you have well stated. Neptune is conjunct the Moon, so your feelings and emotions in this relationship are also often cloudy or unclear, but Neptune is also trine the MC, so this is as it should be.

The two of you have conjunct natal Venus which gives a powerful love, and your composite Venus is on the MC, so this love and feeling of security is important, but again, often unclear as to purpose or standing. I consider Moon/Neptune aspects to be karmic, but even more important are the Moon square Uranus aspect, which is very karmic. Unresolved emotional issues from the past, most likely concerning separations in the past, are still waiting to be resolved. The Moon is also in a weaker square to Pluto, another karmic aspect and indicative of the emotional transformation to take place, especially with the Moon in very powerful Scorpio and co-ruler of Scorpio, Mars, right on the 7th house cusp. Mars is in Aries in the 7th, so arguments or disagreements can be common, but the make-up sex can be fantastic, with the Mars/Uranus trine and the composite Mars in a fire sign.

The Vertex in my own history on the 1st house cusp has been a good indicator for marriage, as I've been married twice and both composites have the Vertex on the ASC. It doesn't necessarily mean it will be a stable or happy marriage, only that your combined energies, plus the karmic aspects, indicate a very powerful and important learning experience. The Node is the 2nd house, so issues surrounding security, property, and "whats mine" will play a large part in the learning experience. In my situation, the Nodes both times were in the 10th house, and my job in both situations took us to different parts of the country and I was gone often on business, which to no suprise, reflected the past karmic aspects of separations in past lives as well (we also had Moon/Uranus/Pluto aspects). The woman I will soon be marrying and I also have the Node in the 10th, and in this case it will be me this time making the move and changing careers for the relationship. We also have Moon/Uranus/Pluto aspects and our past life certainly did have an issue with separations, as this one as well (we are also fighting a long distance relationship, but I'm moving very soon to her neck of the woods).

You have composite Juno conjunct the Moon in Scorpio, and opposite Pallas, from the 2nd to the 8th. One or both of you will have to make concessions not only in emotional needs but property/security wise in this relationship. That could mean a move or sale of property in order to maintain the relationship. Pallas represents the ability to find solutions to problems and it's in Taurus, again reflecting issues with property and security, as well as sacrificing personal emotional and spiritual needs.

The biggest issue is communications. Your Sagittarius in the 3rd house is not only intercepted, but Saturn is there and intercepted as well. Mars, Uranus, and Saturn make a grand trine in fire signs, so arguments or heated discussions can flare up quickly, but no real communication or resolution takes place. Mercury is in Cancer and conjunct the Sun, so logical, practical discussions are often difficult. With the strong Neptunian influence, everything is still in the lofty, dreamy state, but no real practical solutions to how to resolve the situation are in place. Mercury is trine the Node, so this is an important lesson for both of you to learn. Transiting Saturn is currently in a hard square to the composite Saturn, so this will be a trying time for communications, and will be for several months. Transiting Uranus is in a trine to composite Mercury and the Sun, so new ideas or ways to solve this problem may come about right now, and with transiting Neptune trine the composite Sun, meditation and emotional work may bring out some of the karmic issues to the surface for healing. But the Neptunian influence will also make it easy for one to deceive or totally misunderstand the other, so always be careful. Also, with Sag intercepted, it also means that your 12th house is intercepted with the Vertex there, so clearing and resolving this issue will be difficult and take great creativity and work.

Transiting Pluto is just now hitting the 4th house cusp, this can often be an indicator of marriage or a movement into a longer lasting phase of the relationship. Pluto transforms everything it touches, and here, it can indicate a powerful change in the home (people moving in, out, having kids too, etc). Uranus is transiting the 6th and will enter the 7th in 3 years. Many people always consider negative connotations to Uranus when it hits the 7th or 10th, or makes negative aspects to the same, but I was married once when Uranus was square the MC, and divorced once during the same transiting aspect in the composite. So, Uranus can just as easily mean sudden or drastically changing situations, whether they are coming together or going apart. My current fiance and I met the very day that transiting Uranus was directly conjunct our composite MC, while my ex and I first got together when Uranus was trine my natal MC. We separated while Uranus was transiting the 7th house, but it had crossed the DSC a year earlier. Uranus only sets events quickly into motion, it doesn't care whether that motion is positive or negative, only that it be quick and sharp. If I'd been smarter then I would have made better choices. Starting now and going to the next 3 years, you will also have to make choices, and it is likely that either you'll attempt to resolve these issues through a more committed or at least together-in-the-same-place relationship, or you'll totally separate at that time. Either one can happen, it will all depend on your belief system and what you think and feel is truly possible. With Gemini intercepted in your 9th house of beliefs, you'll have the tendency to intellectualize your beliefs, rather than getting to the core of what you TRULY believe is possible in life and in this relationship, and that is the true lesson. How it ends up is solely dependent on what you two believe is possible and true.

So in summary, this is a major karmic relationship, and it will be some time before things are truly resolved one way or the other. Remember, karmic relationships are important because resolution is very important - you've come together for a purpose, and that purpose must be resolved, whether in this lifetime or another. And those learnings and resolution will directly affect the next karmic relationships that may be coming down the pike.
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